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My web site has grown considerably since I first started writing HTML pages for this project (back in 1996). I knew when I first set out on this project that I would eventually have to write an index. When the site grew to a certain size I started planning, researching, and laying the groundwork for an index. I considered numerous methods of creating an index, and this is the method I decided on. It's simple and direct. Find the subject you are interested in. Click on the link, and the appropriate page will load.

The indexes are presented in a subject oriented, hierarchical manner, based on the themes presented at the "Front Door" to my web site.


This index is basically separated into two parts. One part is an index of FRPG (Fantasy Role Playing Game) campaign related materials. If that's what you're interested in, you might be able to track down what you're looking for by using the first index. The second index is an index of everything else. If it's not related to FRPG's it's probably in this second category. Check out the second index.


+ The Role Players index a collection of materials suitable for any FRPG campaign. I use these materials in my Dungeons & Dragonsª campaigns.


+ The everything else index. Personal stuff, crazy theories, media collections, books, web page stuff. Basically Everything Else at Rob's World!. If it's not FRPG related, you'll probabally find it here.

Note: These are not complete, or comprehensive indexes. I did not attempt to list all the pages at my web site - Only those I felt most relevant, or important. Some I left out intentionally, so as not to be spoilers, or bypass certain intro pages. If you still can't find what you're looking for, you can try a search with your favority search engine. My web pages are indexed by webcrawlers from many popular search sites. With Google and many similar sites, you can limit your search to "Rob's World!" using the delimiter '' in the search parameters.

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