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Calendar A fantasy calendar, date & time keeping.
Calendar, definitions calendar.html Rob's World Calendar. The calendar, date & time keeping methods I use in my campaign
Calendar, useable calendar1.html Fantasy Calendar. An actual calendar using 10 day weeks.
Lunar calendar - 1 rwcal1.html Lunar calendar where year is divisible by four with remainder of zero (i.e. Leap year)
Lunar calendar - 2 rwcal2.html Lunar calendar where year is divisible by four with remainder of .25
Lunar calendar - 3 rwcal3.html Lunar calendar where year is divisible by four with remainder of .50
Lunar calendar - 4 rwcal4.html Lunar calendar where year is divisible by four with remainder of .75
Campaign pages Pages which describe the campaign that I run.
Campaign page cmpgnpg.html Introductory page to my AD&D campaign materials.
My campaign mycmpgn.html The main page of my AD&D campaign materials.
Quotes saywhat.html Quotes from players in my D&D campaign.
Hero's gallery.html A listing of characters from the Rob's World! campaign; past & present.
The realms realms.html A description of my campaign, and the lands it encompasses.
Kelvarig Peninsula peninsula.html Access to the maps of Kelvarig peninsula.
Kelvarig 1 fullmap1.html A map of Kelvarig peninsula, with annotations.
Kelvarig 2 fullmap2.html A map of Kelvarig peninsula, without annotations.
3E Campaign 3ecampaign.html My "face to face" (f2f) 3rd Edition D&D Campaign is underway. Here are links to that campaign.
Journal ajournal.html An adventurers journal,written by a bunch of different players and characters.
Weapons weapons.html A weapons listing for the players in my 3rd edition D&D® campaign. Here are all the statistics in HTML format, with links to weapons descriptions, rules, and downloadable data.
Weapons preface 3ewpnpfc.pdf 3rd edition weapons preface in pdf format. Description of statistics/columns on weapons list.
Weapons list 3ewpnlst.pdf 3rd edition weapons list in pdf format. Statistics for most of the weapons available in the campaign.
Weapons text 3ewpntxt.pdf 3rd edition weapons text in pdf format. Detailed description and explanation of each weapon on the weapons list.
House rules 3ehsrls.pdf House rules for the 3rd edition (3E) Face-to-Face (f2f) campaign.
Who's Who? 3ewhoswho.html Here you will find a list of all the Players & Characters in the 3rd edition f2f campaign.
Players players.html Who are the players in our 3rd edition f2f campaign? Here's a photo of our group.
Where Now wherenow.html This is a listing of places in the Rob's World! Face-to-Face (f2f) D &D® campaign.
Monsters monsters.html Here is a listing of all Creatures/Monsters Known and encountered by the players.
Index card itemcard.html House rules for keeping track of equipment. Using 3 x 5 index cards to record items.
Stone Gnome stonegnome.pdf House rules for a new player character race. Capable of turning to stone at will, but turns to stone when exposed to sunlight.
Character sheet An AD&D Character Sheet for use with your campaign.
Character sheet chrsheet.html A character sheet for your AD&D campaign
HTML character sheet htmlcsht.html An HTML character sheet for use in your campaign.
currency Coins and currency in a FRP campaign.
Coins coins.html A dissertation on the standardization of currency minting/exchange.
Teeth & Claws convert.html How to use teeth and claws as currency.
Trade bars tradebar.html A merchants alternative to a million coins. How much is 1 pound of pure Adamanite worth?
Debate A series of discussions on contentious rules.
Rules lawyer rulesl.html Discussions of various contentious AD&D rules.
Character points cpvsslts.html Character points vs Slots. Differences and discussions.
Fighting with two weapons ftw2wpns.html Discussion and explanation of the rules regarding two weapon fighting style.
Equipment The complete equipment guide (on-line).
Equipment equipment.html The Complete Equipment List.
Table of contents equiptable.html Complete equipment table. The primary equipment listing index/table of contents
Ammunition equipammo.html Ammunition and accessories.
Clothing equipcloth.html Clothing and apparel.
Composites equipcomp.html Composite suits of armor.
Livestock equiplive.html Livestock, animals, and pets.
Miscellaneous equipmisc.html Miscellaneous items.
Parts equipparts.html Individual armor parts.
Services equipserv.html Food, services and NPC costs.
Suits equipsuits.html Full suits of armor.
Tack & harness equiptack.html Tack and harness.
Transportation equiptrans.html Vehicles and modes of transportation.
Weapons equipweap.html Weapons.
House Rules A series of house rules for use with your campaign.
House rules 3ehsrls.pdf Every serious DM has a set of house rules for his or her campaign. Here's mine. All the rules we use in our 3rd (3.5) edition campaign. It's a pretty big document, but you know you want it, so download it now!
Armor deterioration deteriat.html What happens when your armor is struck by a mighty blow?
New Characters newchars.html Rules covering the creation of New characters in the middle of an ongoing campaign.
Clone insurance insurance.html Clone insurance for the wealthy adventurer.
Letters letters.html A letter to my clone. Be sure to leave clear instructions.
Defensive rating defensive.html Defensive/Protective ratings. An alternative to the 'To Hit'/THAC0/Armor Class method.
Guilds guilds.html Rules regarding various guilds in my campaign.
Player knowledge knowledge.html How to compensate for player knowledge. i.e. Does your character know what a 'Mind Flayer' is?
Mixed chart mixedchart.html Rules to obfuscate the results of a saving throw.
Alignment & Divinity aligndivine.html House rules covering the permitted alignments in the campaign, the play of evil characters, deities that characters may select, and some rules regarding divine intervention.
Renown reknown.html How well known is your character? Is he famous or infamous?
Saving throws savethro.html An alternate saving throw system. Michael's way.
Spell rules spellrules.html A series of alternative spell casting spells. A workable spell point/mana point system.
Strike Number strikenr.html An alternative 'To-Hit' system. Did you hit the evil Draconian minion?
Treasure treasure.html How do you split up the treasure. Here is an attempt at fair distribution of booty.
Experience experience.html How are experience points acquired and expended? These rules cover all the fundamentals. Experience point accumulation, as well as time and costs associated with gaining a new level.
Vitality vitality.html An alternative to 'Hit Points'. How much damage can your warrior withstand?
Weapons & Armor weapnrmr.html House rules on the selection and use of weapons and armor by various character types.
Magic Items A series of original magic items for your campaign.
Magic items mgcitems.html A series of unique magic items for your AD&D campaign.
Apparatus of Zane itema3.html Magical headgear. The Apparatus of Zane the mad ninja.
Bookshelf itemb1.html Bookshelf of the portable library.
Cloak of flames itemc3.html Xanyth's cloak of flames. Fashionable immolative attire for the adventurer.
Can of worms itemc5.html Can of dehydrated giant worms. Sick em' worm, Get him!
The 'Claw' itemc9.html Karthandials' claw. Whack your foes with this emaciated bony arm.
Pieces of flame itemf1.html 10 pieces of flame in a container. Light up somebodies life!
Playing aids A series of documents for use in your campaign.
Playing aids playaids.html Access to the playing aids.
Charter charter.html Adventurers Charter. A charter of incorporation for your group.
Concordium advencoc.html Adventurers Concordium. An adventuring groups constitution and bylaws.
Account, corporate caccount.html Corporate account. A bank statement for a group that's been chartered.
Account, personal paccount.html Personal account. Why hide your coins under a rock when it can earn you interest in a bank?
Character Sheet chrsheet.html An AD&D Character Sheet. Highly detailed. Multiple pages. Available in PDF format.
Fighting styles ftgsttbl.html Combat skills table. A table containing the numerous combat skills available to an AD&D character, as well as costs, pre-requisites, and references
Player responsibilities keyplayr.html Key player responsibilities for your AD&D campaign.
D&D books dndbooks.html My collection of books, accessories, supplements, boxed sets, modules, etc. I've collected quite a stack since 1974. Here's a list of my collection. Wondering how many books is too many? Check out my collection.
Play by eMail A play by eMail campaign administered by Robert L. Vaessen
PBeM campaign files.html PBeM files. The Play By e-Mail files area.
Essential files pbemfilz.html A download directory of house rules and references for players in my PBeM campaign.
Equipment equiplst.html A listing of the equipment carried by the characters
Monsters known mnstrskn.html A listing of monsters known or encountered in the PBeM campaign.
Maps pbemmaps.html Maps, drawings, and schematics. Maps for the PBeM campaign.
Shopping list shpnglst.html A list of equipment that the players plan to purchase.
Who's Who whoswho.html A listing of all the Player and Non-Player characters in the PBeM campaign.
Proficiencies Original proficiencies and skill for use in your campaign.
New skills proficiencies.html A listing of new skills, talents, and non-weapon proficiencies
Proficiencies profskst.html An attempt to explain the various skills, styles and talents presented with/by the AD&D Player's Options rules.
Escape art escape.html The skill of escaping from bonds.
Mathematics math.html Mathematics proficiency. Can your character calculate wild magic probabilities.
Quick draw quikdraw.html This skill is ability to draw/ready an item or weapon and use it in the same phase
Strategy & Tactics strattac.html A skill for the true warrior. Use your brains, not your brawn.
Zoology zoology.html "Wait a minute! Why would your first level thief know what a 'Hungracthiot Tharboid' is? Knowledge of monsters can be a powerful thing.
The Refuge An online adventure (Still under construction)
The Refuge refuge1.html Intro, disclaimer, and license for my online adventure.
Table of contents refuge2.html A table of contents for the Refuge.
Background refuge3.html Detailing the 'History' of the Refuge and 'Recent Happenings' in the town of "Newland Greens"
Level 1 refuge4.html Room and trap descriptions for Level 1 of the Refuge. (Incomplete)
Level 1 traps refuge5.html Technical schematics of Traps on 'level 1' of the Refuge. (Incomplete)
Level 1 Map refuge6.html A detailed Level 1 Map of the refuge. (Completed)
Level 2 traps refuge7.html Technical schematics of Traps on 'level 1' of the Refuge. (Not started)
Level 1 monsters refuge11.html Details regarding the Denizens on 'level 1' of the Refuge. (Incomplete)
Spells Campaign unique magical spells
Spell rules spellrules.html A series of alternative spell casting spells. A workable spell point/mana point system.
Spells spells.html A selection of original spells (Both Wizard and Priest) for your campaign.
Gunter's Healing Handful p2spell1.html A healing spell with a range.
Rings of fire p3spell1.html The priest is surrounded by rings of flame.
Natural darkness w1spell1.html A 1st level wizard spell that creates normal, natural darkness.
Continual natural darkness w2spell1.html A 2nd level wizard spell that creates permanent natural darkness.
Llorriannes hand of Fate w2spell2.html A 2nd level wizard spell that allows the player to influence the outcome of certain events.
See in the Dark w3spell1.html A 3rd level wizard spell that allows the recipient to see in the dark as if it were day.
Daggers of Eldarath w3spell2.html A 3rd level wizard spell that creates magical daggers which the wizard may attack with.
Luck w4spell1.html A 4th level wizard spell which alters the recipients aura, making them very lucky.

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