Amalis Kanquis "Kethri" Sehdrimme:
Raptoran Druid played by Nancy Clark and later by Stacy Ray
(Character illustration created using the HeroMachine character portrait generator)

A former member of the party's adventuring company. The party knew very little about Kethri. She was very reserved and somewhat secretive. Many party members wondered why a Raptoran would want to adventure with a group composed primarily of Humans. They judged her solely on the basis of a few conversations. Accepting her into the group on trust alone, the party showed a great willingness to accept the unknown, to embrace the uncertain, to tempt fate and dare the odds.

As you can see, Kethri was a female Raptoran. Being a Raptoran is not easy in the realms. Most people have no idea what Raptorans are all about. They're a mystery that most consider with a suspicious eye at best. Luckily, Whillip is a tolerant society. Seeing value in people despite the color of their 'feathers'. The party is a reflection of that ethos, embracing difference, and using diversity as a strength.

Kethri is accompanied by her faithful eagle companion, Naavain. Kethri left the party after they returned from their quest for the 'Sword of Nth'. After leaving the party she took up with the druid Yorgel, protector of Whillip's wild places.

Unfortunately, Kethri met a nasty end impaled on the spire of a tower in Whillip. She somehow got tangled up in a battle between a group of Elven supremecists called C.O.E.P.A.S. and members of the party's adventuring group. C.O.E.P.A.S. singled out Kethri in order to send a message to the party. I'm certain that this 'signal' will not result in the party backing down.


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