Pyrceval Dryke


Pyrceval (Perl) Dryke:
Half-Elven, Bard - Played by Kevin McGhee Sean Branham, now an NPC.

The party knew very little about Pyrceval. He was first encountered on the trail, while the party was venturing south, seeking a Dragon, in a quest to help the citizens of Deepwood.

Physical Description
All we know about Pyrceval's physical description - He's a good looking Male, Half-Elf. He's capable of passing for an Elf. He can, and does pass for a Female (as Perl) on occasion.

Homeland (Country/City)
Pyrceval hails from the Dragon Coast. He calls Teziir home. The party knows virtually nothing about Pyrceval. Accepting him into the group on trust alone, the party has displayed a great willingness to accept the unknown. To embrace the uncertain, to tempt fate and dare the odds.

Background / History
The party first encountered Pyrceval at the Merchant's Inn in Teziir. He was performing for guests of the Inn. Dressed in drag, Pyrceval performed as Perl in order to draw a bigger crowd. His ballads and songs are quite stirring, and his looks quite stunning. Jusarian was a bit heart-stricken when he learned of Perl's 'secret'. [Top]

Pyrceval's departure
After confronting Solmar over an ethical matter, Perl attempted to prevent Solmar (A Paladin and the group's leader) from slaying the leader of a Kobold tribe. The chief of this tribe had knowingly led the party into a watery trap that could have killed the party, instructed other Kobolds to cooperate in his plan, and admitted to obeying/consorting with the orders of a Demon. After the confrontation (where Pyrceval accused Solmar of being an evil and corrupt paladin), Pyrceval left the party. [Top]

Note: Kevin (Pyrceval's originator) left our group (a second time) in Nov of 2010. With this departure, I sent out invitations, and eventually found a recruit in the 'waiting list'. The new player (Sean B.) played Kevin's character for one session, before he found an opportunity for a dramatic (but not fatal) departure. Kevin's character has departed, Kevin's looking for a new job. Hopefully, we'll see Kevin back our table in the future.


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