Monsters Known

This page contains a listing of all the monsters/creatures the party has encountered or has knowledge of. This list serves as a history of monsters and creatures previously encountered. Intelligent NPC's/Player Character races are not (typically) included here. They are in listed on the Who's Who page. Here you will find a listing of the creatures, and a short paragraph detailing the parties collective knowledge of the monster in question.

Creatures Known/Encountered
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Abishai, Black: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: These creatures look like humanoid bats.  They are medium-sized chaotic evil outsiders.  They resist damage from any weapon that is not magically enhanced, and they regenerate any damage that they do suffer.  They are immune to fire and poison.  They have a stinger which causes acid damage when they hit an opponent with it.  They can summon other outsiders like themselves.  They resist damage from cold and acid, and they can see perfectly well in the dark.  They can communicate telepathically.  They are vulnerable to holy water.

Aboleth: The party knows very little about this creature. Having never encountered them, their knowledge is limited to the following information: These huge aberrations are revolting fishlike amphibians found primarily in subterranean lakes and rivers. They use their tentacles and spell-like abilities to kill, dominate and subjugate other creatures.

Adherer: This creature looks like a mummified corpse, but in fact it isn't undead or dead. It's skin hangs in loose folds all about its body. This creature has several glands that constantly exudes a powerful adhesive. Because of this 'glue' nearly anything that comes in contact with them becomes permanently attached to the creature (presumably, they can remove these objects through some enzymatic process). Their preferred method of combat is grappling.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
This creature closely resembles a mummy. It has whitish, wrinkly skin and secretes at will a strong glue-like substance through its skin. Weapons coming into contact with it will become stuck. These evil creatures are immune to all but one 1st level spell. That spell is magic missile. They are extremely susceptible to this spell as well as fire.

Air Elemental: This creatures appears(?) to be an amorphous, visible, disturbance in the very air. A shifting, shimmering, distortion; looking something like a wispy, tenuous, cloud. Darker bits of semi-solid vapor form features suggestive of eyes and a mouth. These swift, agile creatures hail from the plane of air, and rarely venture forth - Unless summoned. With an extremely high rate of movement, air elementals dominate the battle-space. flitting about and attacking numerous opponents at will. Air elementals are also capable of transforming themselves into large whirlwinds/mini-tornados. In this form, they're capable of lifting opponents into the air, and forcibly transporting them to a location of the elemental's choosing. While the whirlwind spins about, it kicks up a dust cloud that obscures the vision of creatures near it's base.

According to Mutteran:
In general missile and melee weapons appear to do reduced damage to it.  Some air elementals have the spring attack ability.  (“Solmar must have an affinity to flying. During both air elemental encounters he was sucked into their tornado form.  Unfortunately, he needs to work on his landings as each time he crashed into the ground.  The larger air elemental jumped around in combat like Grenco used to; attacking and moving away.  It also seemed to have an outrageously long combat movement – all of us standing in the distance attacking found it capable of attacking us where normally no melee threat would have been possible!”)

Algoid, Sewer: These creatures represent a living colony of algae that has developed some semblance of intelligence and mobility. The algoid appears as a 7-foot tall, green humanoid with coarse, rough features. They look a bit like a "X" shaped figure. Moving about on all four limbs until they attack. Typically these creatures inhabit temperate and warm forests, marshes and sometimes they can be found in dank underground caves. Here, in the 'sewers of oblivion' they've managed to survive without succumbing to the ever corrupting taint of this place. The variety in these sewers is notably stronger than the typical variety. Imbued with damage reduction, spell resistance, plant immunities, some weapon immunities (half damage from piercing and slashing), and a total immunity to fire and electricity.

All those resistances make the creature difficult to kill. Compound all that toughness with the stunning one-two knock out attacks that these creatures wield and you'll quickly learn how they manage to survive amongst the long damp corridors of this underground hell.

Allip: These creatures are a medium sized form of incorporeal undead. Capable of flight, and movement through any solid. Allip are the spectral remains of someone driven to suicide by a madness that afflicted it in life. It craves only revenge and unrelentingly pursues those who tormented it in life, and pushed it over the brink. An Allip cannot speak intelligibly. The babbling, constant muttering and whining of an allip creates a hypnotic effect to all sane creatures within 60 feet. Those who fail to resist this effect find themselves hypnotized, in a babbling state on non-responsive stupor. Contact with an allip (through its touch) results in the loss of Wisdom. As the allip drains wisdom, it gains hit points.

According to Dynnera:
Incorporeal undead with a vague humanoid shape trailing wisps of fog behind it.  Constant babbling attack which can cause the weak willed to be mesmerized (at least until attacked or resisted). Their attacks do not cause physical harm, instead reducing wisdom. These creatures are created and remain near the decaying remains of their bodies; in life madness prompted their suicide.

Allosaurus: The party saw this beast devouring the remains of some other slower, less aggressive dinosaur. A large flesh-eating dinosaur that inhabits warm area. It eats both mammals and smaller dinosaurs. At 36 feet long and weighing one and a half tons, this is one of the larger carnivorous dinosaurs out there. It has a long tail which it uses to counter-balance it's large head. It has a heavily muscled "S" shaped neck and bulky body. It has powerful hind limbs with clawed feet and short, strong, three-fingered fore-limbs with impressive claws. The top of it's head has bony ridges and bumps, while it's mouth hold several serrated, blade-like teeth.

Amoebic Crawler: A wriggling shape pulses forward, at least ten feet in length. It is a nauseatingly textured translucent worm whose head gradually narrows into two ominously long questing tentacles. The translucent ooze attempts grapples opponents, attacking (up to ten feet away) with it's acidic touch. The touch of this thing is otherworldly, and fills the minds of its victims with terror.

Duracell's description:
A wriggling shape slid down the mountain towards us. A mindless translucent worm with dark tentacles. It looked like a giant had blown it's nose up against the side of the mountain - Eww! A Boogerworm! The creature grapple members of our party with a vile touch sending it's victims into spasms fits of screaming terror.

Aranea: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: This creature appears to be a monstrous spider, but it has two small humanlike arms below its mandibles. An intelligent, shape shifting spider with sorcerous powers.

Ashworm: These magical desert dwelling beasts are large (horse sized) animals with a chitinous exoskeleton and a stinger at the end of their tail. The stinger is typically removed on domesticated ashworm. They are capable of moving through/under/beneath/above the sands at the same speed. They are neutrally aligned. The larger/adult ashworm can be ridden as mounts. They typically attack when hungry, and have a poisonous bite. A man who sold one to the party indicated that they typically get bought, then return to his corral on their own if their owners die or go missing. Trained ashworm accept basic commands (stop, go, right, left, down, up) and a herd of them will sound like thunder.  Ashworm secrete a pheromone that attracts dogs to them (ashworm will eat dogs if they come close enough).

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Banded Lizard, Giant: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling monster while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following: Huge prehistoric looking lizards which prowl the wastelands in search of prey.

Barbazu, Half-Troll: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: If this medium-sized extraplanar creature hits an opponent with both of its claws at the same time, it automatically deals extra damage in addition to what it dealt from hitting the opponent, and its beard also automatically hits the opponent and infects them with a disease called Devil chills.  It can use the following spell-like abilities at will: animate dead, charm person, command, desecrate, magic weapon, major image, produce flame, and suggestion.  It can induce fear in an opponent with just a touch.  It can teleport without error whenever it wants.  It can summon other creatures like it.  It knows how to use an ordinary glaive to cause a wound that continues to bleed until it is bound.  It recovers from wounds very quickly.  It can see perfectly in the dark, and it can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 ft. that understands any language.

Basidirond, Sewer: A fungus/plant based creature. This particular variety has evolved within the environment of a tainted sewer, under the influence of background magical radiation. Who knows how much varies from it's more typical variety? This medium sized fungal creature is found in damp sewers and dungeons. Its body is leathery and orange. Its 'head' is an inverted cone shaped umbrella perched above a trunk like body. The creature has 4 - 6 stems hanging down from just below the crown of its 'head'. Root like appendages sprout from the base of the trunk, and despite its fungal nature, the creature moves quite rapidly.

The creature attacks or defends itself by spraying spores at approaching creatures. The creature is capable of spewing a line of spores from the end of each stem-like tendrils (the one encountered by our heroes had five stems). The spore attacks can reach opponents up to 50' away. These spores are extremely dangerous to any creature that breaths, as inhaling or contact with the spores (fortitude save) infects the creature struck with a disease which desiccates the creature from the lungs outward; causing asphyxiation and rapid death by respiratory arrest.

In addition to attacks from a distance, the basidirond has a close-in defense technique which combines a defensive cloud of spores with a crushing slam attack. The creature is capable of releasing a hallucinogenic cloud of spores within a 20' radius. Any creature entering within 20' (and each round thereafter) of the basidirond must save versus fortitude (if susceptible to poison) or be affected by the hallucinogenic spores. The results (for those who fail their save) vary, but generally result in a 'helpless' state as the affected opponent is occupied with sensory perfect hallucinations.

These disease and poison based attacks are not the only defense wielded by a basidirond. The party also noticed that these creatures are just as immune to any mind and will based spells as any other plant. In addition, they seem to be immune to cold, acid, sonic based attacks and resistant to some forms of physical attack.

Basilisk, Dread, Sewer: Basilisk are multi-legged reptilian creature that petrifies living creatures with its gaze. Coloration varies from species to sub-species, and this particular variety is uniformly grey with black mottling. While typical (non-sewer varieties) grow to 6 feet in length (medium), the sewer variety grow to 10 feet or more (large). The sewer variety easily weigh in at over 500lbs.

The party's encounter with this beast was punctuated by much concern over its gaze attack - Which can turn victims to stone. Despite the deadly gaze attack, these creatures have other weapons at their disposal. One characteristic of note is their foul breath. So bad it causes vomiting, weakness, tears to obscure the vision and a reduction in the constitution of any who wander too close (adjacent) to the beast.

The party discovered, upon first-hand experience, that this creatures warm blood will revive petrified victims. If the warm blood of a slain creature is splashed upon a solidified target, the body will soften and reanimate within a matter of minutes.

The beast is quite capable of rending its prey with a series of vicious and poisonous claw attacks. A bite and two claw attacks from this eight legged creature can be quite devastating. So, while you're avoiding its gaze, don't forget that it can ruin your day with its full attack and powerful knockdown combo.

Bat, Fiendish, Dire: A large (man sized) magical beast with a wingspan of appx 15 feet. These extraplanar bats are sometimes summoned to serve arcane spell casters. These evil creatures are capable of smiting good characters and creatures once per day. These bats have an ability to use echolocation to pinpoint the position of any opponent within 40 feet. This 'blindsense' ability is quite useful against opponents obscured by darkness or invisibility. Physical obstructions will block the blindsense ability.

Bat, Fiendish, Dire: A large (man sized) magical beast with a wingspan of appx 15 feet. These extraplanar bats are sometimes summoned to serve arcane spell casters. These evil creatures are capable of smiting good characters and creatures once per day. These bats have an ability to use echolocation to pinpoint the position of any opponent within 40 feet. This 'blindsense' ability is quite useful against opponents obscured by darkness or invisibility. Physical obstructions will block the blindsense ability.

Bear, Dire: This hulking bear has bony brow ridges and claws like sickles, with a wildness and destructive gleam in it's cold, piercing eyes. A typical dire bear is 12 feet long and weighs as much as 8,000lbs. They attack by tearing at opponents with their claws.

Duracell's description:
A hulking gigantic bear with claws like a giant's scimitar. This beast charged us with a destructive gleam in it's piercing eyes, and drool dripping from it's immense teeth. Weighing in at over a ton, the ground shook as it charged towards us. Thankfully, we killed it before it had a chance to infect anyone with it's rabies!

Beetle, Bombardier, Giant: A large species of beetle. Up to six feet in length, these immense beetles feed primarily on carrion and offal. They gather huge piles of the stuff in order to build nests and lay eggs. These creatures can be very dangerous if they spray you with their acidic vapor. When their food supply runs out or moves, they may migrate en masse.

According to Mutteran:
These beetles were very large - Six feet or longer. They spray an acid vapor and move as quickly as a Human. The HALLOWed Knights avoided any conflict with this migrating swarm of giant insects.

Beetle, Fire, Giant: A large species of beetle. Up to two feet in length, these creatures are called Fire Beetles for the fire-like lights that adorn their bodies. Three glands near their eyes and abdomen create a fire-like glow. The beetles are relatively easy to defeat on their own, but they attack anything they encounter as a group.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
These large beetles prefer to attack by grappling and biting their opponents. We had no problems dealing with them.

Behir, Sewer: A sewer Behir is a huge armored creature that lives in the sewers beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz. Behir appear to be a hybrid between snake and dragon. An immense beast, capable of running on it's dozen legs, or slithering through smaller openings on it's belly. When it's legs are folded tight against it's body, the creature can easily outrun the fastest of bipeds, and it's multiple legs have highly dextrous claws that allow it to grasp virtually any surface. So nimble that it can walk inverted upon the ceilings of this accursed sewer, the Behir easily becomes a deadly threat to many inhabitants. Standard Behir have a lightning bolt breath weapon, a constricting attack, the ability to rake opponents with it's multiple pairs of clawed legs, and a propensity to swallow prey whole. The sewer variety are deadlier still; with damage resistance, spell resistance, spell reflection and immunity to several forms of attack. Another novel attack is the creature's ability to roll up into an impenetrable ball, and roll over and through all opponents. The creature can use this tactic like a charge, to attack. Or, it may use the technique as a way to escape powerful opponents. When it targets an opponent with this tactic, the crushing impact causes severe damage and a resounding sonic blast to all within 10feet of the target.

According to Mutteran:
A Behir is a 40ft, 4,000lbs armored snake with a dozen legs, claws, horns, an electricity breath weapon, and a mean attitude.  This one seems also to have damage resistance, spell resistance a spell rebounding effect, and immunity to acid & electricity.

Beholderkin, Beholder: Beholderkin are a whole race of monsters. Creatures that resemble gigantic floating eyeballs. The Beholder (like other Beholderkin) resembles a floating orb (8 feet across) of flesh with a large mouth (in the lower hemisphere of the orb), a single central eye, and ten smaller eyes at the end of short (appx 4') stalks which sprout from the top of the orb. The creature moves about using a form of levitation. Although their maneuverability is good, the speed is surprisingly slow.

These highly intelligent aberrations are evil creatures (usually Lawful evil) with a mean streak. Though they lack much physical prowess they are formidable foes due to the magic they wield. Each of the monsters eyestalks is capable of casting a separate spell. Some of the spells known to be used are 'Charm Person' and Finger of Death'. The central eye is also capable of generating a magical effect. Each stalk operates independently, and the beholder wields each quite effectively. The spell level is quite high, and each effect seems to be geared towards optimal attack/disruptive effect.

Beholders are aggressive and overbearing, often subjugating or charming other creatures to serve as slaves or servants. They hate all creatures that are unlike them.

Beholderkin, Spectator: Beholderkin are a whole race of monsters. Creatures that resemble gigantic floating eyeballs. The Spectator is just one of the sub-species. The thing was a large round (4' diameter) floating ball. It had one large eye in the center of its body. Below this was a large slavering mouth. On the outside of the body were four stalks with another eye at the end of each. The party struck up a conversation with the creature, and it identified itself as Ill, a guardian of the Beholder species. This monster is often summoned as a guardian, or so it told us. Based on the party's conversation with the spectator, it appeared to have moderate intelligence. We also believe it wasn't there of its own free will.

The Spectator is not evil, it is usually passive in nature, and prefers to speak truthfully in all matters. Although the party never learned all the powers of this peculiar creature, it was evident that it's smaller eyes could emit a deadly 'ray' of some sort, and it also tried to bite some tentacles that attacked it. This encounter left the party with plenty to think about should they ever encounter another Beholder.

Bhuka: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling creature while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following:Bhuka are intelligent humanoids who live in the wastelands and deserts of the Dry Steppes. Goblinoids evolved and adapted to living in desert climates. These creatures have large ears and a colorful neck frill. Both of these they use to regulate perspiration, heat dissipation, body temperature and moisture collection. Bhuka have large, flat feet that allow them to skip and run across shifting sand without sinking or slipping.

Black Beast of Bedlam: Foul and horrifying, the Black Beast of Bedlam constantly melts and reforms, seeming to take on shapes from the nightmares and fears of those around it. It maddeningly shifts through dozens of monstrous forms before solidifying itself into a slithering blob of ebon goo. Covered with spines, tentacles, claws, and odd shaped appendages. The creatures surface is riddled with countless eyes and gaping maws filled with broken teeth. Open sores and strange orifices emit a constant stream of odd fluids and ichors. Floating above this pulsing glob of black flesh is a disembodied skull, which cackles and screeches.

According to Dynnera:
A horrid abomination – Outsider that appears undead due to its use of previous victim remains.  Blob-like body with tentacle/claws reaching out, and through its magical prowess (using the skull remains of its victim) to cast spells.  Only those with good-aligned weapons, and sufficient melee prowess (and luck) can survive.   Too horrible to further describe as I hope to never encounter another one!

This creature is an evil outsider. It was either summoned for some nefarious purpose, or it crossed over into our world of it's own volition. In either case, it doesn't belong here. A large creature, with a ten foot reach, it threatens a considerable amount of space, and it's extremely agile. Moving twice as fast as a typical Human, it's capable of climbing walls as easily as it crosses the ground. In addition to it's rapid rate of movement, it is also immune to otherwise impeding obstacles such as webs, quicksand, ropes, etc.

Immune to several attack types (criticals, electricity, flanking, light-effects, mind-affecting spells, paralysis, petrification, poison, polymorph, sleep, sonic, and stunning), this monster is resistant to acid, fire, and cold. When it comes to spells, opponents find that it has a spell resistance.

The Beast has a variety of physical, extraordinary, spell based, and supernatural attacks at it's disposal. These include: Claws, bits, a breath weapon (cloud-kill), spells (enervation, desecrate, and others), unholy darkness, and the screeching skull. It's physical attacks have two side effects - Corporeal instability (victims may loose their own form. Becoming an amorphous enraged blob, which attacks anything in range) and Taint (one point per hit). In addition to these attack forms, the beast also has several skills and feats that it can draw on.

A creature from the 'Far Realm' this creature's primary goal is chaos, confusion and insanity. It attacks any intelligent creatures it encounters, taunting them, spreading it's unholy madness, and attempting to corrupt all that it encounters.

Black Shine: As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

Black Shine is a large flying construct. A metallic Minotaur like creature with a poisonous stinger tail. The party witnessed two of these creatures landing a short distance away. We examined them through Enola's telescopic/spy-glass and decided to avoid them. We spoke to them as we flew by: "We're just moving through the area, have a good day!". These creatures did not pursue or attack us.

Bladeling: Xenophobic humanoids that hail from another plane. This creature has a skin of a dull metallic hue, spotted with patches of metallic spines. Their eyes gleam like shards of purplish ice and their blood is black and oily. They sometimes use an unusual tactic when attacking opponents. They can launch their metal spines away from their body at high velocity, creating a blast of shrapnel which damages anyone within 15 feet. They are sometimes employed by powerful evil creatures.

Blink Dog: A canine sub-species. This magical beast has yellowish brown fur and large ears. Initially, it seems very similar to most dogs. That's before it disappears in the blink of an eye and instantly reappears in a different location. Highly intelligent, good in alignment, dedicated, and faithful, blink dogs don't make friends easily, but when they do, you can count on them.

One of the party members liberated a Blink Dog pup from captivity, and he's been working to create a relationship of trust with the animal in the hopes that some day it will become a faithful companion to him and the party.

Since the loss of Fang, Flash has taken to Zeddishous. Rescued from exotic pet peddlers by Grenco, this intelligent creature has formed a friendship with the party. After Zedd's recent loss, Flash has come to realize that Zedd is a friend of the four legged. Zedd's compassion for Fang, and grief over his parting, has proven to Flash that Zedd is a worthy companion.

Update: Unfortunately, Flash was slain by a powerful foe on the 24th of Augot, 1003. Due to the extremely dangerous nature of the situation, the party was forced to flee, leaving Flash bleeding to death on the field of battle!

Bloodrot: What appears to be a large pool of slick, dark blood with patches of more viscous fluids, suddenly surges forward like some disgusting slug composed of coagulating blood. An ooze like undead creature. This monstrosity appeared as two pools which surged forward, joined together and attacked the party with a long tongue-like pseudo-pod. Easily 20 feet across, it grappled the strongest of our fighters and slowly crushed the life from his lungs. Seemingly immune to weapon based attacks. It took a long time, and a lot of magic to defeat this monstrosity.

Tanar's Creature Notes:
Appears as a large pool of congealed blood with the ability to move portions of its body.  Undead immunities; damage resistance; piercing or slashing weapons will divide creature into multiples; anyone enveloped has the possibility of catching blood fever – if untreated within minutes in can reduce person’s health (constitution) to the point of death, with the body dissolves into a pool of liquid.

A later encounter in the Sewers of Oblivion introduced the party to a 'Sewer' variety of this creature. Like many other creatures found in the Sewers, it was much tougher than it's typical variety. Not only did the creature attack the party with a brutally bashing barrage of slam attacks, each successful strike also spread taint like a disease and this time it resisted damage and spells. The only thing that didn't change was how slow the creature was. As dumb as a brick and slow as molasses. Most creatures seek escape by running. Unfortunately adventurers can't pass up a good fight. Hopefully they've got enough sense to avoid a repeat encounter.

Bloodworm, Giant: Immense (Large 2 squares long) leech-like creatures that inhabit sewers and subterranean lakes. They dwell in the muck and dampness of cavern pools, sewers, lakes and slow flowing streams and rivers. These huge creatures can breathe air, but they are most comfortable in water, dragging themselves along the floors of these shallow pools with their powerful bodies. The underbelly of a giant bloodworm is a sickening umber color, which fades to speckled green and gray towards the top of its body (+8 to hide in water (+12 for sewer variety)).

A giant bloodworm is usually content to lie on cavern floors and feed on the local fauna. If disturbed they attack, trying to fasten a sucker-like mouth onto its victim. This initial bite attack inflicts no damage, but is nearly impossible to escape. If a giant bloodworm hits with its bite attack, it starts a grapple with its opponent as a free action. If the grapple check is successful, it can drain its opponent's blood and strength. Removing an attached giant bloodworm requires an opposed Strength check. In addition to the standard blood-sucking attacks, the sewer version of this beast has another form of attack. A ranged spit attack. The creature is capable of ejecting a spurt of acidic saliva (line attack) out to a distance of 60 feet.

The variety living in the 'Sewers of Oblivion' (Giant Sewer Bloodworm) have a few tricks up their sleeve. They're immune to physical attacks. All weapon attacks except those from blunt weapons; against which they have some resistance. They are immune to acid, critical hits, and flanking (no specific internal or sensory organs). Evolution in this area of low level magical radiation has provided this creature with partial resistance to magical attacks (spell resistance).

Giant bloodworms take double damage from all fire attacks and have a -2 penalty to save versus fire attacks. The sewer variety is vulnerable as well (-2 to saves), but they don't take double damage from such attacks.

Bluespawn Ambusher: The ground trembles, and a blue form bursts forth amongst a shower of dirt and stones. The creature has the shape of a giant badger, but it bears the thick scales, sharp horns, and gnashing teeth of a blue dragon. Suddenly its body crackles with electricity as sparks leap and arc across its scales. Thick-bodied, burly creatures, typical specimens stand appx 3ft tall at the shoulder. Its body is about 4ft long and nearly as wide. With its dense muscles and thick scales it weighs nearly 350 lbs. Capable hunters, these creatures often operate in packs to take down their prey. Burrowing beneath the ground as easily as most people walk upon the ground, they lay in wait for prey to approach within striking distance. Attacking with electrical bursts and physical attacks, the Bluespawn ambusher is a deadly magical beast with the blood of blue dragons running through its veins.

According to Dynnera:
Firestorm Peak must once have a dragon birthing ground or domicile, as this is at least the second dragon hybrid we’ve encountered. A spawn of Tiamat, it appears to be a medium sized creature - Half blue dragon and half badger. Encountered in a group setting. They acted accordingly (e.g. coordinated ambush attacks using a bull-rush tactic and electricity strikes). They have the spell-like ability to cast electrical charges at opponents, and likely have swimming abilities (unless they only wanted to send the charge through the water). The have burrowing capability and supposedly speak Draconic (we did not engage them in conversation).

After an encounter with a group of these creatures, Dynnera carved a piece of hide from one of the slain creatures: "This souvenir could be of some interest to future magical research, or at least help me perfect the needed color tint for my monster tattoo portfolio. Many customers request unique dragon creatures."

Bluespawn Godslayer: As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

An enormous blue-scaled creature wielding a huge sword. This creature's head looks like something prehistoric - a mix between a dinosaur and a blue dragon. It wielded a enormous sword and skull shaped shield. As it attacked, small electrical sparks jumped from its mouth and weapons. The creature seemed intent on destroying our party, but thankfully our physical attacks were more impressive than it's electrical sparks. Surrounding the creature with all our martial prowess we quickly beat it into a pulp. We assumed it was immune to lightning, and I'm certain that it must have had some level of damage resistance as it took far more damage to defeat than any typical creature of its size.

Bodak: Undead creatures, created from the remains of Humans who've been touched by absolute evil. These pale gray creatures are hairless, gaunt, with the visage of sheer terror impressed upon their staring white eyes. Although these creatures are capable of common speech, the one our party encountered uttered not one word. They abhor sunlight as the touch of it causes their undead flesh to burn. Like other undead, these creatures are immune to disease, poison and most conditions. The deadliest effect of a Bodak is it's deadly gaze attack. The Bodak has the ability to gaze directly into the soul of any nearby creature (within 30'). This attack can kill if the target fails a fortitude save. Anyone killed by the gaze of a Bodak will become a Bodak within 24 hours.

According to Azura the Dragon Shaman:
Skif says the bodak we fought was a special kind of undead construct called a “Spell-Stitched” which made it a lot tougher and much more dangerous than a normal bodak. There are runes carved all over its skin and it had spellcasting powers which, while not really powerful spells (web and silence), did a good job of splitting us up and delaying our attacks until its gaze attack could kill some of us. It was definitely created by someone really powerful, like a dread necromancer or a lich or something like that. I think it was at this time that we started realizing that we were in some real trouble, because if we have something that powerful after us, not everyone is going to make it.

Boneclaw: A large skeletal humanoid with claw like fingers. This creatures 'claws' are two feet or longer in length. Slender, knifelike, and fully retractable, the creatures bony claws contract and extend from moment to moment; sometimes reaching lengths approaching 10 or more feet, the claws are a deadly and unique weapon. The boneclaw is a large, intelligent, skeletal undead creature. Exercising exceptional control over it's bizarre claws, this creature derives great joy from it's ability to attack enemies at range. Surprising opponents by extending it's bony claws to a length of up to 20 feet. Combined with a resistance to turning and damage reduction, this undead creature is a deadly threat to most adventurers.

Mutteran's Creature Notes:
Eight foot tall skeletal undead humanoids with two foot long claws on their hands.  Claws can extend out to 20ft. They attack with both claws which extend/contract upon attack.  They are fast to act, and have the combat reflex skill.  Weapons other than bludgeoning types produced reduced damage, and they seem to have a good defense against fire spells.  We were fortunate that although hardy, they were not greatly skilled in their attacks.

Boneleaf: In the midst of the swamp stands a copse of plants that look like small trees and stiff vines. At first glance, the leaves appear pale but otherwise normal. Closer inspection reveals their color to be off-white with a green tint. The vines writhe gently, even though no wind blows. The party encountered these carnivorous creatures, which look like trees, while traveling a mountain trail.

Tanar's Creature Notes:
“BoneLeaf” – Tree-like; pale color leaves with green tips (on closer observation some/all of the leafs are sharpened); Large in size (~10’) striking with their boughs and grappling on occasional successful strikes.  Fearful & easily hit with fire. (Tanar’s opinion only)

Bonesnapper: We encountered this large lizard-like creature; standing approximately five feet tall on it's hind legs and weighing close to five hundred pounds, chained inside the entrance to the naga's lair. Apparently, it was intended as a guardian and it pulled at its chain, snapped its jaws, and hissed as we approached. We were able to bypass it when our Troglodyte guide threw it some rotting meat, which it immediately devoured, ignoring our party.

Breathdrinker: An evil air elemental, the Breathdrinker appears as a mist-like creature shaped like a mirror image of it's intended victim. It's glowing red eyes are a marked sign of the malevolence within, and it's gaze can paralyze victims with fear. It feeds on air extracted from the lungs of living creatures.  It is single minded, and once it chooses a victim, it will not rest until the victim is dead.  This creature has air mastery and other elemental traits (including invisibility).

According to Dynnera:
Some form of evil air elemental, with glowing red eyes that cause paralyzation.  The party confirmed it has damage resistance during melee combat.  It seems relentless once having paralyzed a victim, as it continued to attack the victim even while the remaining party members attacked it.  Its main attack drains vitality or health from its victim.

Bulette: The party knows very little about this monster. They've never encountered any, but they heard about them during one of their adventures. Supposedly, they're gigantic burrowing creatures that roam vast plains of the interior.

According to Mutteran the magic user:
Bulettes are larger than a horse (wagon sized) and they can move through the ground as easily as a fish moves through water. We did not encounter this creature, only acquired some information provided by Constable Mitchell in Gormvere village.

Update: 02 Jun, 1004 - Upon encountering a Wemic hunting party, our group learned more about the Bulette. One thing they learned was a nick-name for the creature. Apparently, it is sometimes called a 'Land Shark'. According to the Wemic, bulette are not intelligent, just aggressive.  They usually stick to hills.  They're attracted to movement. Thankfully, they're usually solitary creatures. No weapon is more or less effective against them. Their skin is very hard.

Update: 06 Jun, 1004 - The party encounters and fights a bulette. We encountered a group of Wemic and thudhunters. A hunting party; it seemed as if they had the hunt well under control, so we tried to continue on our way - We had other things on our mind. Unfortunately, a bulette erupted from the ground directly in our path, and it wasn't in the mood to have a discussion. The battle began immediately. Fortunately, the bulette wasn't quite as tough as we thought. Well, I think the one we fought was a juvenile... They consider anything that moves as edible, but don’t like the taste of Elves.  It can jump in the air for more body attacks, and it's attacks on Solmar were quite impressive.

Burrow Root: As the party started to cross an ash field, they were surprised to see a ripple of movement as it converged on their position. Ash and some quantity of dirt burst into the air as the ground erupted before Enola. Before her loomed an odd serpentine form. The massive fibrous mass resembled a twisted tree trunk, girded with thorns, topped with a gaping maw of shredded wooden slivers. The creature attacked by biting with it's woody maw, and the wounds kept bleeding beyond the initial damage. When the party had done enough damage, the creature actually split in two. One of the smaller plants continued to attack, while the other made it's escape.

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Carrion Crawler: The stench of putrid flesh surrounds this multi-legged creature. Slithering forward on a segmented, 10 foot long body, it moves as effortlessly down the wall as we walk across the ground. It has eight writhing tentacles protruding from it's head. The tentacles sprout from just beneath a clacking set of mandibles, and tooth-filled maw. These large aberrations can weigh up to 500lbs, and grow to more than 10ft in length. Usually found in groups, they are scavengers with a well developed sense of sight and smell. The touch of their tentacles can cause paralysis.

Celestial Emissary: A messenger of the gods. This particular creature was sent as a messenger by the deity Menelmacar. The creature appeared as a four armed humanoid (much like a Hakheerian), standing approximately seven feet tall. One unusual feature was his draconic head. Not the head of a Dragon mind you, it's just that his head was somewhat scaly and it had horns and smaller hornlike projections about the chin, eyes and ears. The creature also has a pair of birdlike wings protruding from his back. The wings were jet black and must have covered a 20' span easily.

This creature appeared to the party on a cold windless night in order to take possession of the Sword of Nth for his master - Menelmacar. Who knows what would have happened if they'd tried to resist?

Centipede, lightning bolt: (aka huge sewer centipede) An immense variety of vermin. They sure grow big in this sewer. At Thirty feet long, this armored creature has the segmented, multi-legged body of a standard centipede, but this creepy crawler has a vicious bite. In addition to a blazing fast movement, the ability to run along walls and a poisonous bite, this creature is capable of breathing a bolt of lightning every round. With a range of 120', the confines of this sewer make this creatures special attack an extremely dangerous proposition. Of course, it's immune to electricity!

Centipede, Megalo, Sewer: Another large variety of vermin. Despite its name, this creature isn't quite as large as one might think. At only 10 feet long, this super-sized (It's still quite large compared to your bathtub variety vermin) insect has the segmented, multi-legged body of a standard centipede, but it's got more than a vicious bite to take down its prey. In addition to a blazing fast movement, the ability to run along wall and jump forward 20ft, it's arsenal includes: Pincers (not poisonous), a nasty poisonous bite (that kills weaker prey!), and the ability to attack opponents with a projectile glob of acidic spit. The centipede can target a single opponent up to 40 ft. away with the highly acidic attack. Not only does the acid cause a large amount of damage, it also has the tendency to stun the victims struck.

Like many of the sewer creatures, this one is equipped with many defenses. It's got damage resistance, is immune to magic, and acid. The best tactic for dealing with these centipedes? Stay away, far away.

Centipede Swarm: A glistening, squirming mass of voracious centipedes that can climb over obstacles to get at their prey. Capable of devouring the largest of creatures with amazing efficiency and speed, this swarm of creepy crawlers is something an adventurer should fear. Like most swarms, the combined attack of this group of monsters is distracting to the point that it causes nausea to those with a weak constitution. As a swarm, centipedes need not attack individually. Instead they inflict automatic damage each round that their prey remains within the swarm.

According to Dynnera:
Annoying little creatures that swarm over living creatures, or creatures with edible components (such as a war-forged golem).

Change-O Creature: An incredibly bizarre monster. This creature started out as a Gorgon, and then proceeded to transform into an entirely different creature each round. Most of the forms it took were totally unfamiliar to the party. Each round that it changed, it reformed completely whole and without wounds. Seemingly bent on the destruction of all it encountered, it's attack was unrelenting, simply switching means from round to round. If it hadn't been for the fact that it seemed to have a singular purpose, one might think that the multiple forms were separate creatures. Deadly in all the forms it took, the party was only able to slay it when it took up a form that was weak enough to slay in a single round of combat. They were lucky!

Chaos Crystals: One of the deadliest creatures our adventurers have ever encountered. These beings were encountered in Hellgate Keep, a ruined outpost of the Ancient Elves of the High Forest. Chaos Crystals are a life form from the Far Realm. These alien creatures have a tiny body composed of some sort of mineral or gemstone (when they die, they leave behind diamond shards shaped like teardrops). Tiny creatures with a 'Chaotic Neutral' alignment, who are normally invisible, they only become visible when they make contact with creatures on our plane of existence. No one really knows what their motivations are. Why are they here on this plane of existence? How did they get here to begin with?

The Chaos Crystal do not need food, water or air, and they are immune to critical hits. Despite the fact that they lack 'eyes', these creatures have darkvision and can see in any lighting conditions (using sound to 'see') up to 30'. They communicate using point-to-point telepathy with any creatures within one mile. They can 'speak'/converse in common and undercommon, but they have not mastered other languages yet. Chaos Crystals are immune to acid, fear, fire, poison and any mind affecting magics. These creatures are especially hardy, regenerating 5 points of damage every round. Despite their ability to regenerate, Chaos Crystals are susceptible to sonic damage. They cannot regenerate any sonic damage. Chaos crystals move in two different ways. They can glide along unseen lines of force at a speed of 60', or they can instantaneously (free action) execute a silent teleport up to 30'

While these creatures typically have 5d10 Hit Dice, they grow when they absorb the mental energy of creatures that they 'attack' (with a touch attack). Each successful attack results in 1d10 points of radiation damage (untyped/bypassing all DR). The radiation damage 'cooks' the bodies of creatures containing water from within. This attack form also results in a loss of intelligence on the part of the creature attacked. For every ten points of radiation damage, the affected creature takes 1 point of Intelligent damage (save vs Fortitude after 24 hours, or loss is permanent). When the Chaos Crystal consumes ten points worth of intelligence, it grows by 1HD. They are also capable of generating one 'Far Realm Effect' (FRE) each round. If they are unsuccessful in their radiation attack they will typically generate a random FRE. These FRE affects can be avoided if a save is made.

When they die, the Chaos Crystals explode in a blinding shower of energy and flesh shredding crystal shards. Within 30' all creatures take 3d10 damage and possibly end up blinded and dazzled. Within 60' the damage is less (2d10) and there's a chance of being dazzled. Creatures within 90' take only 1d10 damage and could be stunned. The damage and effects can be avoided if saves are made.

As described by Farroheena the fleet footed fighter:
These bright, shiny lights decided to put up a huge fight. The Chaos Crystals decided they could use our ideas to help them build a gateway to another far realm. To make it more convenient, the Chaos Crystals tried to rid us of our annoying meat containers. We attacked them with arrows and cold, until they burst into a beautiful arc of bright light. The stunning light blinded some members of our party faster than I could hitch a ride through Arco's magical dimension door! We took heavy damage, but we vanquished the Chaos Crystals in the end. These not-so-evil creatures also caused some interesting effects. We got turned inside out, and I heard some of the party members say that the Chaos Crystals turned into feisty food.

Chimera: A mythical beast turned flesh. This magical beast is a strange and deadly foe. With the hindquarters of a large goat, forequarters of a great lion, dragon-like wings, and three heads! One head is that of a horned goat, another is that of maneless lion, and the final a fierce dragons head. At nearly ten feet in length, the creature stands five feet tall at the shoulders, and weighs close to 4,000 pounds. Capable of speech, intelligent, and evil. These creatures attacked our group along a narrow cliff-side trail. They flew in and attacked with an acidic breath weapon.

An entry from Mutteran the magic user:
A large hybrid beast with the heads of a goat, lion, and dragon.  They are capable of flying and were intelligent enough to work as a group, although not intelligent enough to know when they were overmatched.   The dragon head had an acid breath capability that shot out in a straight line approximately 40ft in length.  They are capable of massive number of attacks with each head, goat horns, and claws.  Their ability to dodge attacks or avoid spell effects seemed unremarkable.  Our encounter with them probably did not do ‘justice’ to their level of dangerousness; we were not surprised and had a limited time to prepare for them.

Choker: Known by Kobolds as 'Grabbers'. The creatures are vicious subterranean predators that lurks in underground chambers. This particular variety is aquatic, dwelling in dark waters, the grab whatever prey happens to venture too close. It's hands and feet have spiny pads that help it grip nearly any surface. These creatures are vaguely humanoid in shape, but they're a bit on the small side - weighing approximately 35lbs. If it wasn't for the presence of their tentacles, they would be small for combat purposes. With a slightly higher than animal intelligence, these creatures are capable of speaking undercommon. Our Kobold guide described them as “Those are the Grabbers that grab the fish and the Kobolds.”

Dwelling in flooded underground labyrinths or dark lakes, these creatures use terrain features and lighting conditions to hide themselves from plain view. With their long tentacles they strike with surprising swiftness (taking an extra standard or move action each round) to catch their prey unaware. Their limited intelligence allows for group tactics in setting up ambush sites. With their long tentacles, these creatures attack to grapple and constrict their prey. When gripped by the neck, opponents cannot speak or cast spells with verbal components.

An entry from Mutteran the magic user:
Party encountered an amphibious variation.  This aberration has grasping tentacles with reach (~10ft).  This variant attempts to grapple and constrict an opponent and pull them under the water.  Chokers have a special ability to take an extra action each round (standard or movement).

Chraal: An 8 foot tall, powerful being seemingly constructed of magical ice. Jagged spurs and spines form icy ridges along its blue-black humanoid shaped body, and cold blue light leaks from its eyes, mouth, and joints. Its long muscled arms end in sharp talons, and its mouth opens to reveal a rows of wickedly sharp teeth backlit by an unearthly bluish light.

Elementals that originate somewhere between the planes of air and water, these creatures are sometimes created when particularly evil creatures die on either of these planes. Weighing nearly 2000 lbs, there creatures are ruthless killers that relish bloodshed. Instinctively attacking fire bearing opponents, Chraal can expel a 60 foot (or longer, as the party discovered in a second encounter) long cone of cold three times a day. Combined with the bone numbing cold that they emit and their damage resistance, Chraal are capable of dealing icy death to all they encounter. These creatures never retreat and they explode when they die!

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
These icy giants can crush stone, have multi-attack abilities, and fast movement.  They seem to be solitary creatures.

During a subsequent encounters with one of these creatures, the party discovered an unusual 'vulnerability' with the Chraal. They seem compelled to attack fire wielding opponents over all others. Focussing their attacks on the opponent wielding fire, they tend to ignore all other opponents until the fire wielding opponent is defeated.

Cockatrice: This avian creature is about the size of a large goose or turkey. It has the head and body of a cockerel, bat wings, and the long tail of a lizard. It's eyes glow with a dangerous-looking crimson sheen. An eerie, repulsive hybrid, these flying monstrosities infamous for their ability to turn flesh to stone. The party encountered these beasts as guardians to the lair of another monster.

An excerpt from the journal of Grenco the Scout:
This flying abomination resembles a Goose / Turkey mix of pure evil. A creature with the head and body of a rooster, bat-like wings and a long lizard-like tail. It has red devil eyes and is able to turn flesh to stone with a single bite. They have wattles and a large comb; just like a rooster. These creatures typically weigh up to 25 lbs. and will attack anything that may pose a threat. They like to fly into the faces of the creatures they are attacking. They are also immune to their own petrification.

Corrupture: A hideous mass of living flesh that moves under its own volition. This disgusting blob of sickly, putrid flesh is covered with poxes, yellow boils and swelling pustules bursting with loud pops and disgusting spurts of corrosive fluids. These things seem to seek out moving objects or creatures. Attacking anything it comes in contact with. It dissolves flesh with its corrosive acid and seems relentless in its pursuit of prey.

The corrupture that attacked our heros was a massive flow of ooze that sought to engulf and consume party members. Not only was the acid a deadly threat, the creature itself was tainted, and any contact with the disgusting flesh caused infection with taint. It ignored Solmar after determining that he wasn't made of flesh. A true abomination, these sins against nature seek to dissolve and consume living flesh wherever they encounter it.

Like many oozes, this creature was resistant to cold and physical attacks.

Cranial Grub: The cranial grub appears to be a strange worm of sorts. White in color, soft and squishy, the creature is relatively defenseless outside the host. With tiny arms and antennae, they burrow into a victims brain through the ear. Once they are in your head, they attach themselves to your cerebral cortex. This has no detrimental health effect to the host, but it allows the adult form of the creature to control your actions at any time. It also gives the adult full access to all your memories.

Crawling Apocalypse: An immense multi-tentacled terror. This ancient menace is a centuries old creature dressed in funeral wrappings. It's tentacles are desiccated, shriveled and leathery. It's strength obviously derived from some unspeakable pact with an ancient evil of god-like proportion (powerful undead). Two large unmoving orbs set atop the barrel-like body seem to stare at you with an unblinking promise of never-ending annihilation. The gigantic creature stood watch over an entrance to the 'Sewers of Oblivion' a refuge of the ruined city of Lingice Enz. This creature presented quite an obstacle to our determined party of heroes. It's multi-limbed attack struck swift and mighty mortal blows, while it's aura of despair (paralyzing fear) left all but the most resolute of warriors standing. Every attack had the potential to inflict a supernatural form of mummy rot. A wasting disease that leaves living creatures shriveled and lifeless pawns under the control of the monster. With damage resistance and fast healing only the most massive of attacks were able to reduce this creature to a tattered hulk of harmless bone and skin. The one that our party fought was a corrupted variety. Each attack inflicted taint (2 points per successful attack) and instant depravity!

Crocodile, Giant: These creatures appear to be larger versions of your normal crocodile.  They are very aggressive, and very difficult to kill in their natural environment.  We first encountered three of them as we were crossing an underground lake in a rowboat.  They appeared to be about 15 ft. long, and they tore our boat to pieces in a matter of seconds. If we hadn't resorted to some rather unorthodox combat techniques, we would've all ended up in the crocodile crock-pot. Good thing there were only three of them!

Crocodile, Giant, Sewer: These creatures appear to be larger versions of your typical 'giant' crocodile.  Extremely aggressive, and very difficult to kill in their natural environment (the sewers beneath Lingice-Enz).  The party these abominations in the sewers beneath Lingice-Enz. As most creatures in the sewers, they were larger, tougher, and tainted. They appeared to be about 15ft. long and nearly 10ft wide. They quickly converged on the area where the party was wading through the fetid sewer waters. Nearly impossible to spot in the murky water, they attacked before the party knew they were there. With damage and magic resistance, it came as little surprise that they were also immune to electricity, could lunge forward to attack opponents 10ft. away and caused corruption each time they bit someone. They knocked a few party members down with their powerful tails, and they were quite good at grappling opponents in the water - Rolling and twisting and spinning their prey under the surface of the black fetid liquid - Swimming in that sewer water isn't something you'd enjoy on any day.

Crypt Thing: The Crypt Thing is an undead guardian which guards the tombs of devoted priests. The Crypt Thing appears as nothing more unusual than a skeletal figure in tattered robes. When active, its eyes glow with a fierce red light. The creature speaks common, and is capable of manifesting some type of green energy beam from its fingertip. The party doesn't know what this beam does. Thankfully they didn't find out, as the beam had no apparent effect on Thalidimar. Undead, but not evil. The Crypt thing guards the tombs of Tymora's priests in Orlane's temple. There is some speculation that the Crypt Thing may be capable of enchanting areas with various magical effects. Namely; Fear, Nausea, and Darkness.

Cube, Gelatinous: A gelatinous cube is a cube of transparent gelatinous ooze, which is able to absorb organic matter. Growing as large as 10' x 10', gelatinous cubes look like a transparent ooze of mindless, gelatinous matter in the shape of a cube. It slides through dungeon corridors, absorbing everything in its path, digesting everything organic and secreting non-digestible matter in its wake. Contact with its exterior can result in a paralyzing electric shock, after which the cube will proceed to slowly digest its stunned and helpless prey.

Reproduction is through a form of asexual 'budding', in which a smaller, stub cube is left behind in a side corridor to grow into a full-sized cube, although these stub cubes run the risk of being absorbed by their own parent on its next trip down the corridor. Scholars have determined that juvenile gelatinous cubes grow to fit their own natural environment, adapting their exterior proportions to the size of the corridors they most commonly sweep.

Gelatinous cubes typically live underground. Some legends whisper of monstrous, "legendary" gelatinous cubes in the deep and secret places beneath the earth that have grown to several hundred thousand cubic feet of volume.

An entry from Mutteran the magic user:
Huge aberration large cube of jelly-like acid, mindless creatures, can strike out with a slam attack; they can engulf creatures smaller than themselves.  Contact can cause paralysis.  They are immune to acid, electricity, mind-affecting, gaze attacks, visual effects, illusions, poison, sleep, paralyze, polymorph, stunning, and not subject to critical hits or flanking. The variety we encountered, a 'Corrupted' form; caused additional vile damage and a more difficult opportunity to resist paralysis.  Not a difficult creature to defeat even with these defenses. The corruption was likely caused by it's absorption of a Succubus' skeleton.

Cube, Sewer: A sewer cube is a relative of the more generic 'gelatinous cube'. This particular variety has evolved in a tainted environment infused with low levels of magic. Like gelatinous cubes, the sewer cube is a cube of transparent gelatinous ooze, which is able to absorb organic matter. Growing enormous in size, their size is limited only by their environment. Sewer cubes look like a transparent ooze of mindless, gelatinous matter in the shape of a cube. While their general shape is that of a cube, they can reform and reshape their body to fill virtually any shape; squeezing into or through any sewer passage (minimum 1'x1') in order pursue a tentative meal. Sewer cubes slide through dungeon corridors, absorbing everything in its path, digesting everything organic and secreting non-digestible matter in its wake.

Contact with the exterior of a sewer cube can result in paralysis as their bodies are covered in a secreted toxin. Not only does a liquid toxin cover their exterior, the cube is also surrounded (up to 20') by a vaporous form of this paralytic toxin. Anyone within 20' is subject to paralysis through the airborne toxin. You needn't breath the toxin as contact with exposed flesh is sufficient to cause paralysis.

If the cube's prey is unparalyzed by the toxins it emits, the creature is capable of attacking more resistant prey with four extruded pseudo-pods. These pseudo pods can be extruded from any surface of the cube, and reach out to attack opponents at distances up to 10' away from the body of the creature. As the sewer cube has evolved in a tainted environment, any physical contact with it's body causes one point of taint damage; this taint effect results when opponents come in physical contact, or the cube strikes opponents with a pseudo-pod. One point of taint for each instance of contact (successful physical attack). In addition to the taint, any opponent that comes into physical contact with the tainted cube is also susceptible to instantaneous corruption. Unless the opponents willpower is great, each successive infection of corruption is a more severe form of the affliction.

The sewer cube has evolved in an environment saturated with magical energies, and it has likewise developed defenses against various attack forms. In addition to the usual ooze related immunities, the sewer cube is immune to cold and electricity, and it's body is resistant to all physical damage that isn't blunt. In addition to the physical resistance and other immunities, the creature is also spell resistant. Both area effect and directed spells can be resisted. All spells/magical effects can be resisted. If the cube resists a magical effect (directed or area effect) it can be redirected or dissipated as a result.

These slimy cubes are extremely dangerous foes. Capable of devastating adventurers in no time at all.

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Dark Creeper: An unusual race of diminutive creatures which travel in groups, and are led by Dark Stalkers. Humanoids with a slight build, about the same height as a Dwarf, but looking more like very pale Gnomes. The Dark Creeper is also distinguished by it's fury goat like legs. These creatures dress in dark colored clothes, and avoid sunlight whenever possible. Possessing the ability to detect magic items, and skilled at thieving, these creatures sometimes plague large cities. Creating darkness to conceal their actions and movement, the Dark Creepers seek out and steal all manner of magical items. When killed, a Dark Creeper's body spontaneously combusts in a pyre of crimson flames, which usually destroys any magic items the Creeper may have been carrying.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
These stunted humanoids popped up right out of the ground and began to attack. Actually they appeared via trap doors in the floor. These small creatures were clad entirely in black and carried daggers. They appeared to be sensitive to light. One thing we found to our surprise was that these guys burst into flames when they die.

Dark Stalker: Enigmatic and rarely seen, the Dark Stalker is a leader of Dark Creepers. Basically human like with pale skin, the Dark Stalker sub-species does not appear to be racially related to a Dark Creeper. Like Dark Creepers, the Dark Stalker is an accomplished thief capable of detecting magic items and creating darkness. In addition to darkness, a Dark Stalker is able to produce a wall of fog which helps to conceal the Dark Stalker and his minions. When a Dark Stalker is slain, the body erupts as a blinding fireball in a 60' radius. The blast would kill any normal person, and most seasoned veterans of a small militia.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
Leaders of groups of death creepers. Medium sized and human in appearance. Like Dark Creepers, Dark Stalkers are also clad all in black to include hoods covering their heads and obscuring their faces. Rumor has it that they have lighting like reflexes; we however didn’t see this since it took major damage while still in the corridors below the floor. Again we got a rude surprise when we killed this one. He burst into a fireball on his death.

Deathcoils: An immense (Huge/up to 80 feet long) constricting snake capable of changing it's color to match that of its surroundings. The snake's color is normally dark-green with round black and brown markings, well adapted to the forest. When hunting or hibernating, they may adapt their coloring and markings to match their environment. When so adapted, its form is nearly invisible against any background. The only features visible while so disguised are the serpentine eyes, unblinking and yellow, they track its prey with cold precision.

Deathcoils are aggressive, relentless hunters. Excellent climbers and swimmers, those that live near water often drag their prey underwater to drown it. They usually save their poisonous breath weapon (which induces sleep) for defense against numerous foes, or to slay formidable opponents. Deathcoils have the intelligence to plan ambushes, and they often collect treasure from victims and scatter it near a cave or a good ambush area to lure prey off a trail. They have also been known to drive animals into ravines and over precipices, then leave their broken bodies for later feasting while they hunt other creatures.

According to Mot:
Huge magical beast, dropped from ceiling on Azura. They have a medium tough hide. The snake has a dark green form, becoming nearly invisible against their surroundings - good camouflage. Yellow serpentine eyes. Had about half or a bit more than half the life force we have. Constrict, improved grab, poisonous breath, good at climbing, tough. Aggressive relentless hunters, drown pray if water is nearby, Intelligent, EVIL.

Deepspawn: An aberrant abomination. Deepspawn are infamous horrors that give birth to many other varieties of monsters. A single deepspawn can make a vast underground cavern into killing fields for even the most powerful of adventurers. These creatures can grow to gargantuan sizes and they are known to inhabit underground lairs. Their bodies are fairly amorphous rubbery spheres, from which sprout a collection of six dextrous tentacles. While three of the tentacles are used for wielding objects, the others end in toothy maws. Dozens of retractable eyestalks sprout from the central body, giving the creature excellent visibility.

While deepspawn make their lairs in large underground caverns, they prefer to avoid combat, often set traps near their lair, and typically make good use of cover. As a primary defense, they spawn other creatures and seed them throughout their cavernous lair. They typically have an escape route planned in the even that intruders defeat or bypass their defenses. If forced to attack, they attack with all six limbs simultaneously. Attacking with weapons, bludgeoning slaps, and crushing constriction attacks. The creatures tentacled mouths can actually flank opponents!

Physical attacks are not the only threat that a deepspawn presents. In addition to the formidable physical prowess, they can also bring some spell like abilities to bear. Exhibiting spell-like abilities like a high level wizard, deepspawn can detect thoughts, breathe underwater, and heal itself.

According to Dynnera:
Round in body, sprouting several flailing tentacles reaching out farther than the height of a normal man. The tentacles are tipped with eyes and mouths.  This creature reminds us of stories about beholders.  My readings essentially say it can do almost anything – fast healing, detect thoughts, set traps, spell resistance, spell abilities, multi-attack, combat reflexes, etc.

The following information was confirmed in battle with the Deepspawn:
The creature has significant damage reduction, spell resistance, spell abilities (It healed itself!), tactically grapples its opponents, causes taint with every strike, has combat reflexes, and can set traps.  It has two types of tentacles; one that bites, the other that slaps.  The biters cause more damage but both might grapple you.  The spell resistance applies only on direct magical attacks; indirect magical effects damaged it (although reduced by its damage reduction).  Dynnera’s Suggested Motto – “See Deepspawn, Run Away”

Demon (Tanar'ri), Alkilith: Demons constitute a vast fauna of the Abyss. Their variety is broad and deep. There are various sub-species that many have seldom seen. Their appearances vary distinctly. Some are fascinating, even beautiful to behold, while others are frightening and dark. Then there's the sub genre of disgusting - The Alkilith clearly falls into that category. The Alkilith is a shapeless horror used by Demon lords for missions in regions where most Demons would hesitate to venture forth. The Alkilith's form is well suited to such hostile environments, but its appearance is despised and feared by most - including other Demons. These beings thrive in the most hospitable places of the Abyss. Their bodies are composed of polluted corruption and bubbling puss. This ambling blob of corruption is sentient and hateful of all other forms of life.

The Alkilith appears as a quivering globule of brown speckled green corruption, with a partially coagulated coating of cracked fecal matter. The outer coating is crisscrossed with cracks and lesions, constantly oozing, opening, crusting over, then splitting open again. Occasionally, unblinking blood-shot eyeballs are seen surfacing on the outer crust. Only to stare unblinking until they are coated over by a hardening skin of pustulant corruption. As large as a human, their bodies are amorphous and malleable, capable of squeezing through the narrowest of openings. They have even been known to decompose to such an extent that their body becomes gaseous, capable of covering vast distances in the shape of a noxious green cloud, capable of poisoning opponents while in this shape.

Despite their gelatinous composition, they are capable of rapid movement. Attacking multiple times in a round, their body extends pseudopods that strike with an acidic touch. This touch causes more than physical damage. In addition to their physical attacks, these powerful Demons are also capable of wrecking havoc with their spell-like abilities. Protecting themselves with a magic circle against good, and a stinking cloud, the Alkilith is also known to disperse contagion, desecration and a stinking cloud upon its enemies. With damage resistance, spell resistance and a handful of immunities, it's surprising that it didn't take longer for the party to dispatch this Demon.

Description provided by Farro the Furry-ous
This nasty little poop demon was sliding all over some refuse in one of the rooms we cleared out.  It was a pulsating mess of crusty, brown stink on the outside and slippery, slime green, acid insides.  It moved pretty quickly too. Thank goodness Mot volunteered to dig through its remains, it was so bad he got taint every time he groped around in it. Eww.

Demon (Tanar'ri), Balor: The party knows very little about this type of Tanar'ri Demon. They first heard about it during an adventure in which they 'rescued' a Succubus Paladin? from a diabolical trap/prison. Apparently, the Balor is a very powerful type of Demon. A boss or commander of other Demons. These creatures, like other Tanar'ri, lives in the 'Abyss' an infernal plane removed from the 'prime material'. One step removed from the most powerful lords of that plane, Balor are charged as commanders of whole Demon armies. Luckily, the party didn't actually encounter a Balor when they learned about them. It would definitely be a bad day, had they been forced to deal with such a monster.

Update: As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

Several years after first learning about the Balor, our party (now 11th level) actually encountered one - fought one - and defeated it! The might Balor. Or so we thought, wasn't all that powerful. Perhaps the one we fought was 'drunk' or somehow incapacitated. Our all out assault on this creature lasted a mere three rounds. None of our party died, and only one character (an NPC) actually took any damage from the Demon!

When we encountered the creature, our combined knowledge of the creature revealed the following information: The Balor is Chaotic Evil (like other Demons/Tanar'ri). They can summon other Demons - This one didn't. It didn't have much time to do much of anything. They emit an unholy aura - That was basically countered by the Paladin of Pelor in our party. Thank you Lauralei! They have true sight, they're Large, they have wings - which didn't make any difference because we can all fly (well, all but the NPCs in our party), and the creature stood on the ground throughout the entire battle.

Our combined knowledge indicated that these creatures carry 'Vorpal' swords and some sort of magical whip. The one we defeated had two such weapons. A sword and a whip, but we're not quite sure what type of weapons these are. We don't have access to an identify spell at the moment, and we're hesitant to wield the weapons for fear that they might be aligned and or intelligent. The Balor has damage resistance and spell resistance, but it wasn't much of a challenge for our party. Once again, I get the feeling that this one was half dead, drunk, or somehow incapacitated when we encountered it. That didn't keep it from boasting when we first encountered it.

"I was told to stop you Prince, I'm glad you came this way - because I will enjoy destroying you!"

Demon, Carnage: Brutish fiends, these demons exemplify the chaos and blood lust of the Abyss. These destructive demons (not Tanar'ri) are some mutated evolutionary branch of Dretch. Attacking in numbers, these demons exist to rip, rend, destroy and die bloody, gory deaths. These demons prefer to pummel and grapple with their prey, before ripping it's head off with their massive taloned fists. Bloody red skin and massively muscled frames are nearly overshadowed by this fiends fanged mouth and immense claw tipped meat mallets. Somewhat vulnerable to silver, one wonders whether their is some devil blood flowing in their veins.

Demon, Deathdrinker: Not realizing how tough this Demon was, the party fought this fiend for three rounds before they threw in the towel and beat a hasty retreat. Deathdrinkers are massive creatures (the one our party fought was initially encountered as a large statue, but that statue animated and became a huge monster), as large as most giants. It's large antler-like horns sported skulls as ornaments in a testament to it's spirit. The creature wore an ornate suit of glossy black plate armor and carried a huge broad sword that only appeared after the creature transformed from statue to flesh.

This gigantic demon moved by levitating and instantaneously teleporting into range. It attacked with devastating force nearly slicing Solmar in half with it's might blade. Allurean related some of it's powers (powerful spell resistance, ability to dispel magic, and ability to drain the life from any creature within 10') but the Demon left our party reeling and they hastily withdrew. The creature stood waiting for the party to return. When it was clear that they were outmatched, it returned to it's pedestal and changed back into a spell reflecting statue.

Demon (Tanar'ri), Dretch: The least of Demons. The pathetic creatures make up the lowest caste of Demon society. As you can imagine, they're not very happy with their lot in life. These small (4ft tall, 60lbs) outsiders (chaotic & evil subtype) are weak demons often summoned to do the bidding of more powerful demons. They attack with two claws and a bite. Both attacks are evil-aligned. They also have a few spell-like abilities (scare & stinking cloud, once/day). When they're on their native plane, they can summon more of their kind. They have damage resistance against physical attacks (bypassed by cold iron and good aligned attacks). They are immune to electricity and poison and resist damage caused by fire, acid and cold. They have dark vision out to 60ft, and communicate telepathically.

Relatively weak on their own, they rely on their numbers to overwhelm opponents. They typically flee at the first sign of danger - unless they're bound by or intimidated into staying in the fight by a more powerful demon. They fear their overlords and more powerful demons more than they fear death itself.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
These are squat hairless humanoid creatures. They have small mouths full of sharp teeth. Zedd had an instant dislike toward them – probably since they are Evil Outsiders. They belong to the Tanar'ri family (Demons). While small, they have some extra-ordinary abilities. Some of these include telepathic speech, summon more of their kind, spell like abilities, and damage reduction (Use good, cold or iron weapons to bypass the DR). No encounter took place which may have been good?!

Demon (Tanar'ri), Glabrezu: This creature is as tall as a giant, with a broad, muscular body. Its four arms end in weapons—two with clawed hands, two with powerful pincers. Its doglike head is topped with horns, and its muzzle drips with sharp fangs. Its eyes have a cold, dark penetrating quality that suggests cunning and intelligence. Like other Tanar'ri, this evil outsider is capable of summoning others of it's kind, casting spells, and resisting various attack forms.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
I’m glad this one was on another level. We came head-to-head literally with a large,15’ tall, muscular creature. It had 4 arms – 2 ending in pincers and 2 with clawed hands. It had a dog like head, horns, and a mouth full of fanged teeth. One could just look at him you could tell he is very shrewd and cunning. This creature is evil and has damage reduction (good aligned creatures bypass these defenses). They also possess significant spell-like abilities. There is one odd thing with this one—It appears to be in some sort of stasis, and is holding a silver box in two of its outstretched arm. Personal Note: What could be so valuable that it would be left in the care of such a powerful guardian, and how do we get the box?

Demon (Tanar'ri), Marilith: A very powerful demon - Nine feet tall, with six arms and a snake like body which makes the creature nearly 20 feet long from head to tail (weighing appx 4,000lbs). Capable of wielding weapons in each of six arms, constricting with its tail, and casting spells, this demon is an extremely deadly foe in physical combat. An extremely intelligent opponent, which thrives on grand strategy and army-level tactics. Thankfully, the demon our party encountered was more intent on settling affairs with a group of Kobolds, so we were spared from engaging it in full combat. It summoned 24 Dretch (lesser demons), then disappeared with a 'Bamf' as it teleported away to deal with the previously mentioned Kobolds.

Demon (Tanar'ri), Maurezhi: A hideous Demon that feeds on the flesh of corpses, the Maurezhi resembles a Ghoul. Its hunched and gaunt body has the pallor of death. Its ears are long and pointed, and its mouth is full of serrated teeth for rending flesh. Its elongated fingers end in wicked claws. Its muscular legs, which resemble those of a big cat, allows it to run quickly and pounce on its prey.

The claw or bite of a Maurezhi can instantly paralyze its victim. Once a Maurezhi consumes a victim, it gains all that victims skills and feats. The Maurezhi can assume the appearance of any victim it has eaten. The creature can also cast numerous spells at will. In addition to all these abilities, the Maurezhi can also summon normal Ghouls.

Demon (Tanar'ri), Myrmyxicus: This devastating and terrible creature is among the most powerful of all Tanar'ri. They are feared and respected by most anything they encounter. A Myrmyxicus is a truly terrifying sight. Its greasy green body is eel like, measuring nearly 25 feet in length. A tall row of spines runs down its back, and the tip of its tail is adorned with a slavering lamprey mouth. The Myrmyxicus has a powerfully muscled humanoid torso with four arms arranged symmetrically around the chest. Six octopoid tentacles are arranged in a similar manner around the creature's waist, where its torso turns into its long eel-like tail. The head of a Myrmyxicus resembles that of a prehistoric sea reptile, with a fanged snout and tiny black eyes, but with the addition of three pairs of curling horns like those of a ram.

As chronicled by Farro the Street Fighter:
Another day; another fight. In all my years of brawling on the streets, I haven’t come across anything like this massive, crazy-looking fiend. We discovered it was a Myrmyxicus; one of the largest type of Tanar’ri…. Or river demon.  It was bigger than it appeared at first, because it hid in an empty river trench. It turned out to be over forty feet long as it crawled out of the diverted river-bed. The first thing I noticed were its razor sharp greenish spines. They covered its eel-like body and glistened in the late afternoon sun, making a sword impactable. 

The Myrmyxicus also had a mouth full of hideously pointed teeth that were bigger than my head, six squirming tentacles and four powerful arms that it used to hold an assortment of weapons with ease. Plus, it had a lamprey mouth where its tail should have been.  The smell was awful. Decaying fish would have been preferable to the death-filled stench this thing created.

The first thing it did was glide towards us and breathe an inky black wave of darkness in our direction, while grinning malevolently. The wave seemed to be full of some kind of poisonous taint, and hung about instead of dissipating. Only three of us managed to escape it.  Everyone else got sicker than a dog, and couldn’t even fight for six rounds! We managed to distract the River Demon until the rest of our party felt better and were able to attack it. 

The Myrmyxicus kept threatening to take our souls back with it when it fought. As if! I was disappointed that my 2+ composite bow didn’t do anything against it-the hide was too tough. Its Armor Class seemed to be around 34 and it resisted our magic.  Electrical force damaged it though, and arrows eventually sent it back to the plane it came from - For now...

Demon, Whisper: An insubstantial, ghostly, demonic creature. Though humanoid in shape, it has distorted features. It's brow looms over it's face, and it's long chin thrusts forward. It's flesh is mottled green, and it's body is non-corporeal.

Here's what Solmar the paladin had to say about this demon:
Although this creature is incorporeal, it is an evil outsider and not an undead creature. As if using its deadly touch attacks while hiding out of reach within walls or solid objects didn’t make it deadly enough, it also uses maddening telepathic whispers to confuse all nearby enemies.

An evil outsider, the Whisper Demon is capable of moving through solid objects (such as walls and floors), just as we move through open air. It attacks both physically and telepathically. It takes great delight in the self-inflicted wounds that it causes to it's victims.

Deinonychus: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: This dinosaur is a lean, long-legged, bipedal creature has wicked-looking claws on its feet and a brightly colored hide that reminds you of a tropical bird. It stands about as tall as a human, and its outstretched tail makes it at least twice as long as it is tall. This fast carnivore is sometimes called a Velociraptor, though that name properly belongs to a much smaller creature.

Derro: These humanoid creatures (that live in the vicinity of Therno pass) are very short in stature, standing less than 5' tall. The ones we encountered had coarse white hair, and long drooping moustaches. They wore leather armor, and seemed a bit mad; constantly mumbling to themselves, and apparently speaking to people we can't see. They have a slender yet sinewy build, pale blue-white skin, and large oval shaped milky white eyes, with no pupil at all.

They displayed such an abhorrence to light, that they were willing to cast and fight in the middle of a darkness spell, as opposed to risking exposure to indirect sunlight. In this encounter we were confronted with crossbow bolts rattling off the walls all around us. Is this their weapon of choice? We also found mining picks that have been modified to function as melee weapons as well. At least one of the monsters possessed the ability to cast darkness spells. Is this an innate ability, or do the Derro have spell casters in their ranks?

Devil (Baaetzu), Barbed: We don't know very much about Barbed Devils. Ashedyn has a pair of magical gloves made out of Barbed Devil skin. The gloves are highly resistant to heat, so we're assuming that Barbed Devils are used to the heat.

Devil, Hellcat (Bezekira): Silent, invisible, graceful, powerful. These devils (Evil, Extraplanar creatures from the nine hells of Baator - a Lawful Evil plane of existence) move about silently, and invisibly (during the day). Large, lion-like creatures with evil intent and uncanny intelligence. These fierce devil-cats (also called Bezekira) are adept at ambush and stalking their opponents. These hellcats are powerful enough to hold their own in combat, thanks to sharp claws and wicked fangs. It prefers to leap upon opponents, just as a lion does.

An entry from Mutteran the magic user:
Bezekira are transparent lion creatures (In my recollection, it has a faint outline in dark areas) with bite, claw, and rear raking attacks.  An outsider of Lawful Evil alignment.  The creatures remained invisible to us even after they attacked; providing it great protection against all directed attacks (spell, melee, or missile).  They have great natural hiding ability, whether still or moving.  Solmar indicated that at least one of the creatures used natural telepathy to taunt him during our encounter.

Devil (Baaetzu), Pit Fiend: Towering over most humanoids at 8 feet tall, this hulking monster has one central head of humanoid appearance (with extremely large horns), surrounded by six smaller heads on tentacle like necsk sprouting from the base of the primary head's neck. The Devil's body is covered by black scales seemingly composed of obsidian flakes and a whiplike tail with razor sharp tips menaces anyone who approaches within ten feet.. Each of the smaller heads is equipped with a fanged maw, and when the creature speaks, the voice emenates from all the heads just milliseconds apart, creating a discordant effect upon all who hear the creatures voice (30' range). This creature's legs and feat appear to be those of a goat, with the armored skin (black obsidian like scales) giving way to a thick white coat of fur about half way down the leg.

Pit fiends are the undisputed lords of the baatezu, masters of creating fear in mortals and devils alike. Despite rumors to the contrary, not all Pit fiends are identical in appearance. These wily and resourceful fighters, use invisibility to gain the upper hand and biting at foes seemingly able to see them. They don't hesitate to blanket an area with fireballs, and can call down the wrath of an inferno with meteor swarm. A pit fiend's natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields, are treated as evil-aligned and lawful-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

As chronicled by Farro the Street Fighter:
I can’t believe that after all our hard work in finding and returning him, the Prince turned into a freaky looking Pit Fiend! This isn’t just some evil, little outsider devil, it’s a 400 pound, eight-foot tall monstrosity with slimy scales, pointy ears, weird looking mouths covering its head, and nasty horns the size of my arms! We reduced it to a stinky pile of goo with our sacred items, but it just kept glomming back together…until, someone thought to use fire! After we finished making a spectacular bonfire, the idiot Prince-Fiend was turned into ashes.  It’s too bad, because the Prince was looking forward to being reunited with his people. I guess he should have thought twice before allowing himself to be possessed by a Pit Fiend! 

Pit Fiends are lawful-evil, have spell-like abilities, give you infernal wounds, and they only need to hit you once to make you continuously take damage.  They also are equipped with battle frenzy.  Pit Fiends like to summon their buddies for a blood fest on anyone they encounter.  They are resistant to fire poison, acid, cold, and they see really well in the dark.  Pit Fiends like to taunt you telepathically if they get the chance.  They are Infernal and like I said before, can regenerate.   

Devil Dune: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling monster while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: These animated sand dunes are seemingly alive and seek to envelope travelers.

Devourer: The party doesn't know very much about this large undead creature from another plane. It was one aspect of a Change-O Creature. This tall skeletal creature has strands of mummified flesh hanging from it's bones. Imprisoned within the creature's rib cage is a tiny humanoid figure, clearly in agony. This massive creature attacked the party, attempting to consume the life force of one of the party members.

Dharculus: The dharculus is an extraplanar aberration from the Far Realm. A dharculus inserts it's mawed tentacle ends into corporeal planes to feed, much like a bear scoops trout out of a stream. To corporeal eyes, a dharculus's six tentacles appear as a swarm of blind, snakelike creatures sliding through the air in a deadly school. A shadow of the creature's full body may be visible if the lighting conditions are right. On the Ethereal Plane or those in the Far Realm, the tentacle lips all come together in a fused, wormlike braid that forms the dharculus's body. To posterior end of the cylindrical body loops back towards the front like a question mark. The business end of the dharculus features a drooling maw filled with razor-sharp teeth. Several tentacles around the mouth end in eyes instead of grasping mouths. The creature keeps these tentacles safely in the border Ethereal as it searches other worlds for it's next meal.

Native to the Far Realm, it uses the Ethereal plane as a corridor to other worlds. While the main body resides in the Far Realm, the creature inserts it's tentacles - eyed and mawed - into the Ethereal; it then traverses the Ethereal while spying upon some other adjacent plane (possibly the prime material), as it searches for a meal. When it locates potential prey, it extrudes it's fanged tentacles into this bordering plane and attacks. In order to do so, it must pull it's primary body fully into the ethereal. This exposes it to full attack by Ethereal creatures. Any rift which connects the Far Realm with some other plane is a prime candidate for hunting grounds, as the dharculus can sense such rifts on their home plane.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the chronicles:
Dual plane creature (Ethereal and Prime Material) with six or greater tentacles and a large maw - always within the Ethereal plane.  Attempts to grapple its opponents and eventually pull them into the Ethereal plane.  Anyone within 10 feet of it will receive taint, and every touch (attack or in defense) also triggers the transfer of taint.  Has improved grapple abilities with all remaining tentacles hitting with one strike if a single tentacle maintains a grapple.  Multi-attack abilities, spell resistance, and very quick.  Interesting enough, it isn’t evil itself, only very hungry and powerful.

Displacer Beast: This savage and stealthy carnivore looks like a big leopard or puma or something (9 feet long, appx 500 pounds). It has dark purple fur, and it looks like it's about to starve to death. It has six legs, and two long tentacles growing out of its back. The tentacles end in a flattened pad covered with hooked barbs.

The creature had an astonishing ability to be somewhere else whenever a sword met the space where it was one second ago. Flashing briefly, the creature dodges blows by instantaneously shifting a short distance (5 feet or so) away from the attackers aim point.

Another disconcerting effect was it's speech! Yes, the big cat spoke to us. Taunting and enticing it mocked with sultry banter and lewd comments.

Dog, Death: A large magical beast. Resembling a large hound with undead features, this beast has two heads. While each head thinks and attacks independently, together their double-bark creates a fear effect in lesser creatures. An evil creatures which stalks the wastelands. It kills anyone it can manage to defeat. While the teeth and claws are dangerous, Death Dogs are also known for their disease ridden bite. They often bite prey to inflict disease, then retreat and wait for the victim to succumb to the deadly contagion spread by their bite. Those slain (and not eaten) rise as zombies under the control of the Death Dog. Sometimes employed by evil necromancers, demon lords and other powerful lords of evil. They can be trained to track and slay designated prey. Although they cannot speak, they can understand common and abyssal. Those who mistake them for simple evil beasts are often surprised by the cunning intelligence of this evil beast.

Doombat: A species of giant bat found in dismal underground caverns. This monstrous black creature has a wingspan of 25' and can pick up and carry off objects weighing up to 300lbs. At night it flies into the outer world to hunt, always attacking and seeking to to kill any living things. This monster also has a barbed tail which it can use to lash at opponents up to 10' away.

When attacking, these bats use their sonar to disorient opponents and disrupt spell casters. The normal bat's sonar yip has developed into a terrifying shriek (emitted continuously) of great sonic power.

Daylight (or magically equivalent effects) will keep a Doombat at bay, but it is undeterred by torch or lantern light.

Doppelganger: Our party first read about these creatures in an old book. Since then they encountered them during the adventure 'The Sewers of Oblivion'. The creatures were caged in a workshop of some sort. They appeared to be the subjects of some bizarre experimentation. The natural appearance of these creatures is seldom observed. Supposedly, they have long, gangly limbs, and pale, hairless gray skin. Despite their somewhat emaciated appearance; they have above-average strength and agility. Their eyes resemble those of an octopus; yellow with slitted pupils. Their facial features appear to be somewhat bland and smooth. Cunning and patient creatures, they're willing to wait as long as it takes for any opportunity. They have the ability to read the surface thoughts of nearby humanoids. This ability is used to help them mimic their target almost flawlessly. Their body changes shape, stature, height, skin color, texture, hair color, eye color, etc. The creature is capable of imitating physical features and mannerisms. They use this ability to discover information, to pass unmolested through dangerous areas, to confuse victims, to act surreptitiously, etc. This shape-shifting ability makes them excellent spies and assassins.

Dracolich: Our party knows very little about the creatures known as 'Dracolich'. All they know comes from their knowledge of a 'Proto-Dracolich'. They hope they never have to fight a full-blown Dracolich.

Dracolich, Proto: Our party has yet to fight a proto-dracolich, but they've learned about the existence of these undead creatures. One of the party members related the information after battling a real live Blue Dragon. After they fought and killed a rather dangerous Blue Dragon, it re-animated, became an unholy, undead version of its former self, and attacked the party again! After they defeated the beast a second time, one of the party members related some information regarding the 'Proto-Dracolich'.

A proto-dracolich comes into being when a dracolich's spirit possesses the dead remains of a large/huge reptilian creature (other than it's own corpse/undead body). A proto-dracolich has the mind and memories of its original form but the hit points and immunities of a dracolich. A proto-dracolich can neither speak nor cast spells. The proto-dracolich that attacked us had the ability to cause paralysis with its gaze and deal extra cold damage with its attacks.

A proto-dracolich will transform into a full-fledged dracolich in two to eight days. When the transformation is complete, the dracolich's form resembles that of its original body. It can now speak, cast spells, and employ the breath weapon it originally had, in addition to gaining all the abilities of a dracolich. A dracolich typically keeps a few "spare" bodies of a suitable size near the hiding place of its phylactery, so that if its current form is destroyed, it can possess and transform a new body within a few days.

Dracolisk: Encountered while exploring the labyrinth of sewers under 'Lingice Enz', this particular creature is a rare crossbreed of Dragon and basilisk. Dracolisks, in addition to their petrification attack, also have the breath weapon of their parent dragon, e.g., a dracolisk with a red Dragon parent would have fiery breath whereas a dracolisk with a black Dragon parent would have acidic breath. The dracolisk encountered down in the sewers was a large creature (with reach of 10') with a massive build. As was common with many creatures in the sewers, this beastie had damage resistance and beefed up attacks. A claw, claw, bit attack was augmented with a scorching acidic breath weapon which caused massive damage. The creature petrified one of the party members simply by looking at it, and the creature was surrounded by an obscuring mist which made it difficult to see. Whenever it fixed its gaze upon a party member the fog burned away and a visible beam of unearthly green light blazed out of the fog towards its target.

Thankfully, the party discovered that immersing a petrified victim in the creatures blood dispelled the petrification. They poured the blood of the dead beast over their party member, collected the claws and teeth and made off with a pile of loot. Another close call in the Sewers of Oblivion.

DragonDragon: The party did some research on dragons prior to one of their adventures. Skif spent a lot of time researching the subject in libraries of Whillip. According to Skif's research, the meanest, baddest, most powerful of dragons in the Realms are something called True Dragons; of which there are two types - Chromatic and Metallic. The chromatic (colored) dragons are evil, and the metallic dragons are good. This of course is a broad generalization, and there are always exceptions to the rule.

All dragons (in the Realms) are winged, reptilian creatures of ancient lineage. They are known and feared for their size, physical prowess, and magical abilities. The oldest dragons are among the most powerful creatures in Toril. These creatures, whether good or evil, are extremely fierce and highly respected by the wise. All True Dragons gain more abilities and greater power as they age. Dragons range in size from several feet when hatched to more than 100 feet when they attain ages in excess of 1000 years! Some varieties are larger than others, and they grow at various rates.

These fearsome predators have been known to scavenge at times, and they'll eat almost anything when hungry. A dragon's metabolism operates like some arcane furnace, capable of ingesting and digesting nearly any material, including inorganic materials. In fact, some dragons have acquired a taste for the metal of armor clad fighters.

Highly intelligent creatures, their motivations vary as widely as those of men and their kin. There is however one thing that unites all dragons, good and evil alike. These creatures are covetous in the extreme. Highly territorial, they love to dominate, collect and hoard treasures. Most keep large caches of material wealth. A mound of coins, gems, jewels, pieces of artwork and always, magical items. It is for these large collections that some misguided individuals quest. The dragons bed, his hoard, the treasure is always guarded, difficult to find, and never far from it's owners grasp.

In combat dragons wield a large inventory of tactics and weapons. The bite is fearsome, combined with claw attacks, most prey fall to these basic instruments. The wings of a dragon not only provide lift to lofty heights, they are sometimes used to attack airborne or land based foes. A dragon's tail slap can be a surprise to even the stoutest warrior. It can be used to bludgeon opponents or knock them off their feat. Some dragons are capable of crushing opponents with their entire body. Grapple attacks are sometimes used as a precursor to the most deadly attack of all - The Dragon's breath weapon. Varying in accordance with the color or tint of the dragons hide. All dragons wield a deadly breath weapon capable of reducing all but the mightiest foe to nothing more than memories.

Beyond the physical tools of destruction, dragons are often equipped with a series of mystical, magical and extraordinary abilities. There presence alone is capable of freezing people and animals in their tracks. Spell casting and spell like abilities are also known to these great beasts. All dragons cast arcane spells, and some have access to divine magics. As dragons age they acquire resistance (damage reduction) to physical blows and their physical blows acquire the damaging potential of magical weapons. All dragons are immune to sleep and paralysis, while some have immunities to other attack forms. Creatures imbued with magical power are often resistant to magic and dragons are no exception. As they grow older, their resistance to spells and spell-like abilities increase. Keen senses, skills, and feats round out the dragons vast array of offensive and defensive tools.

Anyone seriously considering a dragon as foe, or targeting the dragons hoard had best be mighty indeed. Might alone will not suffice. Knowledge may be your best defense, so take to the books before you lift the sword. Beware this mighty beast, lest you become a morsel to its feast.

Dragon, Blue: Thanks to some research conducted by Skif, the party knows quite a bit about Blue Dragons. The blue dragon is a dragon of the earth, and it's powers are grounded there. Often found in desert or arid environs, these evil dragons are blue in hue, as their name implies. The creature has dramatic frilled ears and a single large horn emerging from its snout. An earthy odor of ozone lingers around the blue dragons, and its azure tinted scales glitter in the sun.

These scales vary in color from iridescent azure, to deep indigo. Blowing sand and the elements polish the scales as the dragon ages, and the eldest dragons may blind opponents with the reflections of sunlight off their armored hide. As the dragon ages, its scales increase in size, thickness and hardness. As one approaches the beast, the faint crackling hum of electricity can be heard. This noise increases in intensity when the dragon beats its wings or rubs them against its body. When agitated, an increasingly strong odor of ozone is emitted along with the build up of static electricity.

Blue dragons are vain and territorial. Well adapted at digging, blue dragons sometimes excavate their lairs in the earth. Constructing intricate maze-like labyrinths to trap the unwary. They have also been known to cover themselves with sand or earth in order to ambush prey. Their lairs are also home to their hoards, which often contain large quantities of gems - especially sapphires, as the dragon is fond of its hue.

While the blue dragon lairs beneath the earth, they are also fond of flying, and are often found soaring about on the rising tide of heated mid-day currents. While most of the dragons hide is blue, the belly is often a different shade. One that blends well with the sky above. This makes both the ground beneath your feet and the sky above a potential vector for attack. Stay wary in the territory of a blue dragon.

While blue dragons prefer herd animals (such as camels or cattle) as their primary source of food, they have been known to dine on snakes, lizards and even desert plants to sate their hunger.

In combat, blue dragons attack from above, or erupt from beneath the earth to surprise their opponents. Older dragons use magical powers (hallucinatory terrain) in concert with well honed tactics to mask terrain and improve their odds. Being vain, this dragon will only run from a fight when they are severely damaged.

Aside from physical forms of attack, blue dragons have a deadly breath weapon. A line of lightning up to 100' long can devastate opponents that aren't agile enough to evade its reach. Blue dragons despise water and often use they power to destroy water or potions containing water. Excellent mimics, blue dragons can expertly duplicate any sound or voice that it has heard. Combined this mimicry with ventriloquism and the blue dragon is well equipped to lure prey into a deadly trap. The voice of a small boy trapped in a well may in fact be a ruse to lure lonely shepherds to their death.

Don't forget that blue dragons are also adept at arcane spell casting. An arsenal of many skills, abilities and feats make the blue dragon a formidable foe. Don't deceive yourself into thinking you can reason with this intelligent beast. It's a creature of evil. Intent only on its own hidden agenda, caring not for the petty concerns of humans and their kin.

Dragon, Coiled: Also known as 'Pan Lung' or an 'Oriental Dragon'. This Dragon is a guardian spirit, assigned by a celestial deity to protect a crypt, temple or sacred place. The guardianship of a specific location is passed down from generation to generation of pan lung, so a single family can maintain the same lair for tens of thousands of years. Our party of adventurers knows very little about the Pan Lung Dragon that they encountered.

A pan lung is a long, thin, almost serpentine dragon. The specimen observed by the party had glistening multicolored scales that changed colors as it rotated in the dim glow of an eerie glowing cloud cover - In vicinity of an erupting volcano. A multicolored mane surrounded its head and neck, with dark whiskers growing from its snout.

At nearly 30 feet in length (Huge), the creature rose up from the depths of a lake in no time at all. As it slowly coiled and uncoiled in a menacing pose above the calm surface of the lake we were amazed that it seemed to fly with exacting precision and no effort at all - Despite its lack of wings.

It spoke to the party through some sort of telepathy; as everyone in the party heard the same message inside their heads, in their native tongues.

According to Mot:
The creature that Azura called the "Kitty Snake" - Flying out of the water below us. Long thin serpentine dragon, deep green color, scales gleaming, multicolored mane around its neck and dark whiskers growing from it's snout. No wings but it flies. Clearly has good maneuverability, huge size, scales seem wet or oily, not colored nor metallic, from the Realm of Celedra. . . That's about all we learned as we ran!

Dragon, Blue, Undead: An undead variant of the normal 'Blue Dragon' Our party fought this monstrosity after killing a 'non-undead' version. The Dragon's corpse was animated by the power of a nearby 'Dracolich'. After slaying the living version, our party was horrified to see the hide peel back, decompose, and fall away. Left behind was an animate skeletal Dragon with glowing red eyes - Now undead, the unholy creature attacked us again. In addition to all the deadly capabilities of your standard Blue Dragon, this undead variety is also immune to many additional attack forms and spells.

Dragon, Green: The party doesn't know much about Green Dragons. Someone mentioned one once. Some farmers made note of a Green Dragon while the party was eating dinner in Orlane. Supposedly they fly, live near swamps, and eat cattle! They must be pretty big.

The party learned a bit more about one particular Green Dragon named "Foilsunder". Ramne told Ashedyn that he'd met the Dragon, and that Foilsunder has plans for ruling the area around Orlane, but there are some Giant Eagles that keep interfering with its plans.

Dragon, Red: The party doesn't know much about Red Dragons. The ghost of a long dead warrior regaled the party with a tale of woe involving a Red Dragon. Winged and vicious, the creature was over 100 feet long, and breathed great gouts of flame. Apparently, this Dragon, like others of it's kind, keeps a great hoard of treasure.

The party learned a bit more about one particular Green Dragon named "Foilsunder". Ramne told Ashedyn that he'd met the Dragon, and that Foilsunder has plans for ruling the area around Orlane, but there are some Giant Eagles that keep interfering with its plans.

Dragon, Sand: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling monster while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following:Known for raiding cattle in the nearby vicinity. Sand Dragons fly frequently across the desert.  The largest he’s seen is the size of the tallest building in Parlonis. Based on what they've seen that would mean they get 'Really Big'  They can fly and dive straight into the ground burrowing beneath those they attack.  The end of their tail is as sharp as a sword. According to a desert guide: Sand Dragons can detect vibrations in the sand/ground, and they're attracted to Ashworm.  He suggests grouping no less than 10ft apart and steps out of rhythm to avoid detection.

Dragon, Song: Instilling fear in nearly everything it passes, the Song Dragon is a medium sized flying reptile - a rare and mysterious race of Dragons that prefer life among humanity to the company of other Dragons. They can freely take on the form of a Human woman, and in this guise they live among humankind, revealing their true nature only in times of personal peril or great crisis.

In their natural form, Song Dragons are slim and splendid Dragons with iridescent silver-blue scales. In Human form they appear to be attractive women of 20 to 30 years in age. Lightning fast reflexes and an electrical breath weapon make these Dragons a fierce combatant. Luckily, they're not evil.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
(Note: The following is all hearsay since I happened to be cowering in fear at the time. Someone must have slipped something in my food, that’s for sure.)
While sailing along in a flying ship, a large iridescent Dragon with silver and blue scales decided to pay us a little visit. Apparently it was a young adult Song Dragon. These creatures happen to like being among humans and will utilize their ability to transform into an attractive female to facilitate this. They like to be actors or performers of some type. Like their draconic cousins, they have breath weapons as well as some spell casting abilities. This one apparently visited us for the purpose of obtaining a compass. See nothing to be afraid of there don’t ya think.

Dragonfly, giant: Physically identical to their smaller relatives, these Dragonflies are medium sized, and come with a much higher intelligence. Capable of wielding weapons, they travel alone or in small groups to act as advance scouts for large hives of giant insects.

Dragon hound, Fiendish: To be more specific: Black, half-dragon, fiendish shadow mastiff. These dragon-spawn are the result of magical experimentation in genetic cross-breeding. Shadow Mastiff and Black Dragon combined in the form of an extremely black dragon-like mastiff. A dog's body, the head and tail of a black dragon. These man-sized creatures have a powerful connection to the plane of shadow. In addition to their rapid movement (50 ft / 10 squares) for hunting, they also have the ability to teleport (as a move action) up to 30' in a straight line. When this creature howls or barks it rattles the soul of all but evil outsiders in a 300 foot spread with a mind affecting fear effect.

Equipped with a vicious bite attack they are also permitted a free trip attack whenever they score a successful bite attack. Their ability to blend in shadows gives every attacker a 50% miss chance unless the creature is exposed to bright light. Bright light also reduces their movement by half. With damage reduction and spell resistance, it's no surprise that these beasts are also immune to a variety of attacks - sonic and acid. With an ability to smite good, the hound uses an immediate action to detect good aligned creatures by scent. Due to the evil nature of these creatures, they are also susceptible to good aligned attacks, taking 50% more damage on any attack from good aligned weapons. Finally, crossbred with a black dragon, this beast has a breath weapon that it can use in place of any bite attack. The breath weapon is a line of acid with range of 60 feet.

Our party of adventurers has learned to associate these beasts with an intelligent master. In this case, their master is none other than Glan Sarin; a declared foe intent on finding Eivobrin's Incanabula to further his hidden diabolical plans.

Dragonkin: Humanoid creatures believed to be distant cousins to dragons. Standing 8 - 9 feet tall, these humanoids have dragon-like features. Scaled hides in a wide range of earthen hues. Occasionally accentuated with spots or bands. Their heads are decidedly draconic; with a elongated snout, thick leathery hair, small horns and a hornlike ridge running down the back of the neck. If they don't match their body coloration, the wings will be green, yellow or golden in color. Although they have long scaled tails, they can not use them to grasp objects or damage opponents. Their claws on the other hand - That's an entirely different matter.

Dragonkin are an intelligent race of creatures who band together in societal groups for survival and companionship. While some groups take up residence high among the craggy peaks of desolate mountains, others enlist themselves in the rolls of various dragon cults, evil wizards and giant overlords. They are known to take up training in the various professions of intelligent humanoids, and they take naturally to the barbarian class.

Our adventurers encountered a group of draconic speaking Dragonkin on their way to wage war in the North of these realms.

According to Dynnera: Mistress of the Journals:
Dragonkin are scaly humanoid flying creatures that are scaled and look to be a distant cousin of dragons. Seemingly disciplined in battle, since the advance group we encountered smartly retreated from us instead of engaging in battle. Khurshel or I recall that they have an innate ability to detect magic and are attracted to it. They are able to learn professions similar to ourselves.

Duergar of Firestorm Peak: Normal Duergar are player character races, and as such, their appearance here is a bit out of the ordinary. That's because these are no ordinary Duergar. Duergar are a deep dwelling variety of Dwarve, and this particular strain is a bit different from the standard Duergar. They have darkvision 120', they have spell-like abilities which allow them to enlarge or reduce themselves, they can meld into stone, and they can become invisible. Like several underground dwellers, they are sensitive to bright light. They are good at listening, spotting things and moving silently. They are immune to poison and phantasm spells. Their skin is grayish blue which gives them an uncanny ability to blend into their stone surroundings.

According to Dynnera:
These beings are Similar to normal Duergar, however their abilities to cast invisibility and enlarge are enhanced. Their clerical staff are capable of casting Meld into Stone spells (or it’s another inherent ability of all Duergar).

As defenders, they are well trained and disciplined. They fight in military formations, employ devious tactics, reach weapons and invisible caltrops coated with poison. They're obviously quite intelligent, and make good use of battle formations and fortifications.

There are two groups of Duergar in this area of the realms (in the Nether Mountains region). Both hail from within Firestorm Peak. One group lives within the mountain. They have been misled, led, and corrupted by an evil, dangerous, corruption for the last 640 years. The party has engaged in several battles with this group of Duergar, and it is generally assumed/accepted that they are opposed to the goals of our adventurers. The other group of Duergar are exiles. Refugees from the within Firestorm Peak. This group of Duergar originally left their home within Firestorm Peak 640 years ago, and formed a community within the ruins of a Dwarven surface community. Calling the place 640, (The name changes each year - perpetually marking the number of years that they have been exiled from their ancestral home) these Duergar, their offspring, and more recent refugees, are opposed to those forces which control the Duergar within Firestorm Peak. They work towards a goal of eventual reunification with the Duergar dwelling within the mountain. They work towards the overthrow and destruction of those corrupt, evil, and alien forces within their mountain home. The party has favorable relations with this group of Duergar Despite the fact that they are evil in alignment.

Dunewinder: An immense, aggressive version of the Ashworm. This sand dwelling beast is an enormous (huge) armored worm, covered with sharp chitinous barbs. It moves with astonishing swiftness and flings itself across the dunes towards a group of hapless camels. The reddish-brown coloring makes for nearly perfect camouflage; no wonder the party didn't see it until it moved... The creature moves rapidly across the dunes in a sidewinding fashion, is capable of moving through the sand as if it was water and attacks its prey by shredding it with the barbed bristles that cover its body. Not only are the barbs a dangerous proposition in their own right, they're also dripping with a greenish poison of some sort. While their maw is quite large, they prefer to tenderize their meals by shredding them using their barbs. If that's not enough, they use their breath weapon; a scorching ray of flame; to pre-cook their prey. Another aspect that one should never forget - When they finally die, they explode in a barrage of burning, poisonous, barbed flesh. Luckily for our party, they didn't kill the creature outright. As they moved away from the scene of battle, the creature bled to death. as the party reached a safe distance, the immense worm exploded!

Dungeon Bunny: A legendary beast of great might. Appearing in their native form as a cute, white, bunny with long floppy ears. The dungeon bunny is capable of generating frightening illusions of such strength that most prey are slain easily by their own imagination. Projecting powerful tactile, audible illusions with full odor and tremor inducing vibrations, it's hard to differentiate reality from illusion when confronting this terrible foe - Or so the stories go...

Dustblight: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling monster while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following: Evil wasteland hunters that dwell in the desert and surrounding wastes. Hybrid aberrations with a humanoid appearance. Supposedly they're composed of ash.

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Eagle, Giant : A huge bird, with a wingspan of 20', these creatures are enchanted beasts. They are not ordinary birds grown large. Protectors of the land, adversaries of Evil, and stalwart allies to good aligned Rangers and Druids. These highly intelligent birds can communicate in the spoken common tongue, or through a form of telepathy.

Ebon Terror: There are a type of creature, born of a far away realm. These creatures of the Far Realm were first encountered by our Adventurers while exploring the ruins of an underground complex near Fire Storm Peak. An unusual, other-worldly creature where up is down and down is up, the creatures physiology is as different as it's mode of locomotion. Preferring to travel on the ceilings of underground passages, these creatures appear at first to be some type of black stalactite. When dormant, they enter a type of suspended animation; requiring no food or water, they can maintain this stasis for centuries. While in this dormant state, they exhibit no outward signs of life; no respiration, no movement, and undetectable to most forms of detection, it is only when awakened (by proximity of other life forms) that they begin to stir.

Awakened from their slumber by the prospects of food or danger, the creatures reveal their true nature as ravenous devourers. Once awakened, their stalactite like body splits at the base to reveal three legs that are capable of rapid movement, decisive action and sure footing. While the creatures have no apparent eyes, they can unerringly locate their prey in even the darkest of conditions. As they move quickly towards their prey, they begin 'speaking' - a burbling, gibbering, incoherent yowling that grates on the sanity. This burbling reaches a deafening cacophony of madness within 30'; causing even the bravest of adventurer to flee in terror.

While they are only medium in size, they have a reach of ten feet. Once they reach melee range, the upper (top?) part of their body opens to reveal a three segmented maw lined with razor sharp triangular teeth along the surface of each jaw. From the gibbering throat they extrude three extremely long tentacles, which lash out at their prey. They tentacles end in blade like stabbing implements, used to slash and pierce the flesh of their next meal. Each strike from their snakelike tentacle carries with it the 'taint' of the Far Realm. While they prefer to engage opponents in this manner, they also have a ranged attack. Capable of spitting a black viscous fluid; our party of adventurers was lucky enough to not discover the effects of these projectile 'loogies'.

A description provided by Farro: The far out furry Cat Folk
Something about these creatures just makes me want to scratch them (cat instincts I guess).  It can’t be because they hang off the ceiling and are kind of long, black and squishy. Or, the fact that they have three tentacle-like arms that seemed great for yanking on.  Or, the annoying noise they made which started to drive me insane with fear after the last one turned up.

I do know that my sacred arrow made a satisfying thunk and damage when I nailed one!  I found out they had three feet, which made it possible to move all over the place.  Swords and cold didn’t seem to affect them much. Wish I could have lasted to the end of the battle.

These creatures are highly resistant to most physical forms of damage; greatly reducing damage from all but Adamanite weapons. Seemingly immune to nearly all forms of elemental damage (all but sonic and light based), their ability to withstand magic (spell resistance) is also quite impressive. Each and every spell cast upon them had a chance of reflecting back at the caster; but luckily our adventurers was spare the ignominy of having their own spells turned against them.

It is best to leave these creatures sleep if they encountered in a dormant state.

Effigy: Effigy are undead creatures that hate living things and lust after the life energy they possess. They seek to possess intelligent living creatures and take over their lives. Their possession doesn't last long, as the fires of their raw hatred immolates the body of the possessed. Effigy appear as translucent humanoids composed of multicolored flames. Capable of flying with perfect maneuverability, these quick moving undead are quite difficult to outrun. The outlines of a former skeleton can be seen within the confines of the raging flames, and the creatures eyes (without a face) glow white within the flickering fires of its insubstantial body. An effigy seeks to join its undead force with the body of a living host, which it then burns out from within. It need not be joined with a body to attack, but it often keeps its most recent body’s ashes animated within its fiery heart.

The touch of an Effigy can drain away the life essence of two levels with a single incorporeal attack. With each such level drained, the Effigy regains some vitality. If it absorbs more life energy than it normally holds, it stores the excess as temporary hit points. Failure to restore drained levels within a 24 hour period results in the permanent loss of levels. Resistant to spells, and all but magical weapons, their incorporeal nature means that their attack bypasses normal armor, and they're only 50% likely to take damage from corporeal weapons. These are very dangerous opponents. Warriors beware, you will definitely need some spell-power to defeat this menace.

A description provided by Farro: The far out furry Cat Folk
We had to travel a fair distance under a sinister-looking cloud, that was coming out of a volcano. It gave me the creeps. Especially, when a couple of medium-sized fire-creatures descended from it, called Effigy’s. Basically, they are undead, incorporeal beings that lust after living creatures, like us. I guess they were once humans, who pushed others into harm, in their haste to get away from the volcano fumes.  But, now, they are just annoying. The first thing they did, was try to touch us, so they could infuse themselves inside us and drain our energy. Until, our bodies were burned to bits! An effigy’s touch means you lose two levels of experience. And, you only have twenty-four hours to get it back, before it’s lost permanently. (If, you aren’t already dead!)

Elder Elves: While Elves are player character races, and as such - they wouldn't normally appear in this monster listing, this case is a bit special. No one can play an Elder Elve, because they no longer exist. An ancient sub-race of Elves known for their expertise in magic, especially summoning magic.  Decimated in a battle near Fire Storm Peak which resulted in the Charnel Bog in the area.  Believed to have originally created the Fire Storm Peak Gates and caves beyond it.

Elemental, Earth: Like a walking mound of dirt, this creature plods nearer on two featureless legs of rock and earth, its club like arms of jagged stone swinging at its sides, and its featureless head staring blankly in your direction. A monstrous mound of earth, seemingly alive - animated by an unearthly life force. These creatures are partially resistant to physical attacks.

Elemental, Fire: This creatures seems to be a living accumulation of flames. Its body is a constantly shifting mass of crimson flame, held together by eldritch wizardry. Bright white spots form features suggestive of eyes and a mouth. This swift, agile creature hails from the plane of fire, and rarely venture forth - Unless summoned. With their inherently combustible nature, Fire elementals are one creature you'd best avoid.

Elemental, Lava: The party learned about this monster by viewing an image of it in a magical book. They really don't know anything about the creature. This creature appears to be similar to an Earth Elemental, but the party's exposure and knowledge is limited to a picture they saw in a book. Maybe if they actually met one they might recall some beneficial information regarding the creature.

Elemental, Para-Magma: As reported by the DM (R. Vaessen). This monster description is based upon party observations (after Knowledge Checks).

The party encountered a group (12) Para-Magma Elementals while traversing one of several planes as the party followed the Prince of Constructs on his way to Acheron for some sort of battle. After encountering a 'Balor' - the party voted to depart this plane; the risks being too high. With a Demon Prince as a random encounter, it was quite evident that any tiny slip up would surely spell the end for the entire group.

After deciding to abandon the quest, the party set about looking for a safe place to spend the day before returning to the prime-material plane. While doing so, the ground began to shake - The border between the elemental planes of Fire and Earth is a dangerous place. Soon afterward the ground split open just beneath the party's feet! The party was separated into two groups by a gaping chasm filled with molten lava.

Flames shot skyward for more than a hundred feet, the earth trembled and knocked the party prone. Toxic gases displaced the oxygen and the party was left gasping for breath and stunned by the event. While they struggled to breath they saw lava oozing out of the gash in the earth and strange magma-like nodules emerging from the elastic but caustic lava flow. After a few seconds the nodules began to stiffen into humanoid shapes.

When the nodules began cracking, crackling, spitting and splitting the party knew that trouble was a' brewin'. The nodules broke free from the lava field and rushed towards the party. Living magma attacked in a slow-motion assault of sparks, heat and caustic gas.

The para-elemental is a synthesis of two different elemental forces, two primal forces of nature combined into one unpredictable and dangerous denizen. With a neutral alignment, we ended up fighting these monsters when they emerged from a lava flow. At first the party thought that they would be o.k., because everyone was able to fly, and these creatures were bound to the earth. Unfortunately, that didn't really help, as the creatures quickly began hurling molten globules of magma at the party.

Born in the heart of an extraplanar Volcano, magma paraelementals can erupt into violence without warning. A magma paraelemental is a hulking, humanoid figure composed entirely of lava. It is rock-colored across the chest, arms, and legs, where the lava has cooled somewhat, while the hands and feet are still fiery red. Two glowing embers sit where eyes should be, and the mouth is a gaping maw of flames. As an elemental, this creature is immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning and critical hits.

As the party had encountered a para-magma elemental previously, the party knew quite a lot about these creatures. They knew that contact with the creature (or it's hurled magma ball) could cause a person to start on fire! They also knew that the creatures were immune to fire and took more than normal damage from cold attacks. What they didn't know was the fact that these creatures could attack by throwing molten pieces of magma with great accuracy. Flying didn't seem to offer much protection against their attacks.

Elemental, Para-Magma, Elder: As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

We encountered an Elder Para-Magma Elemental while traversing one of several planes as we followed the Prince of Constructs. The para-elemental is a synthesis of two different elemental forces, two primal forces of nature combined into one unpredictable and dangerous denizen. With a neutral alignment, we ended up fighting this monster when it attacked our party without warning. The creature erupted from the molten surface of the plane we were traversing (good thing we can all fly (with Zodar and the Prince riding our flying carpet).

Born in the heart of an extraplanar Volcano, magma paraelementals can erupt into violence without warning. A magma paraelemental is a hulking, humanoid figure composed entirely of lava. It is rock-colored across the chest, arms, and legs, where the lava has cooled somewhat, while the hands and feet are still fiery red. Two glowing embers sit where eyes should be, and the mouth is a gaping maw of flames. As an elemental, this creature is immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning and critical hits. I seem to remember the creature speaking to us in common, but I can't remember whether it said anything of consequence or importance.

This creature charged at our party and grappled with us in an attempt to incinerate us with it's slam attack. After it grappled with me I caught on fire. That was no fun. I quickly retreated - extinguished the flames - and allowed our warriors to do battle with this violent opponent. Obviously it was immune to fire and took more than normal damage from cold attacks.

Elemental, Storm, Greater: An ominous storm cloud pulses with lightning and thrums with the dull rumble of thunder. The elemental incarnation of a living storm, a storm elemental displays the same sudden, violent nature as a tempest. It seldom leaves its home plane unless summoned or called, but when it does it is capable of great destruction. When not on the Elemental Plane of Air, storm elementals seek out natural squalls and are happiest in the midst of a raging thunderstorm. Storm elementals speak Auran but rarely choose to do so. A storm elemental's voice sounds like distant thunder.

Storm elementals are very hearty, yet they prefer to fight on wild, broken terrain where they can avoid obstacles by flying. They stay airborne when possible, remaining out of the reach of enemies. Their thunder and lightning special ability gives them a ranged attack that most other elementals lack.

As chronicled by Farro the Street Fighter:
While cruising around in the Black Jungle, we ran into a Greater Storm Elemental. Basically, it's an insubstantial cloud figure, that's an incarnation of a living storm. I think it liked hanging out near the volcano, because the winds are more favorable for storm conditions. And, it gave us hell. It was difficult to take down, because it was smart, had a Ranged Attack, Air Mastery and Perfect Flight, so we couldn't knock it out of the air. It could shock us with electricity from 10 feet away. And, sonic/electrical attacks just healed it! Plus it's one of those fun creatures that can be summoned.

Ephemeral Swarm: A ghostly collection of tiny creatures (in one encounter - they were rats) that suffered a common death. Having suffered a violent death, they linger on as a vengeful ephemeral swarm. This undead swarm is composed of the psychic agony and anguish of the swarm. A ghostly, hovering swarm of rotting and decayed rats, the swarm floats silently and eerily along the ground, creeping ever closer in its macabre procession of pain and suffering.

According to Dynnera:
An incorporeal swarm of undead rats with the ability to drain the strength of anyone it encounters. Its ability to avoid damage extended the battle – I would not want to encounter such a swarm singularly, but with our group abilities it was quickly overcome. It was very frustrating to see our magical and melee attacks thwarted while we had little defense as it came upon us.

Ettin: A hulking giant with two heads. Each head has a porcine face, a shovel like jaw, and protruding lower canines like a boar's tusks. The rest of its teeth are large and rotten. It's stringy hair is filthy, just like the rest of the creature. These hulking monsters are vicious hunters that stalk the night. Though they aren't very intelligent, the are cunning fighters.

Solmar described the creature thus:
Ettin are big strong creatures, but no sense of tactics at all.  Easily dispatched.

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Feldrake: Small, wingless Dragons that trace their origins back to the Mother of all Dragons (Bahamut). After helping a group of powerful wizards turn back a demonic invasion, Bahamut created the Feldrake to guard the Elves against future incursions. All Feldrake have the blood of Bahamut in their veins and are fierce, loyal, and good at heart. These impulsive attackers are aggressive combatants who seek to close with opponents immediately. Varied in shape and size (small to medium), these lizards are distinguished by the presence of many noticeable horns and the lack of wings. These minor dragons are immune to sleep and paralysis.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
While journeying, the party came across a number of creatures called Feldrake. Zedd notice them first but was unable to identify them. He was able to stop the party and notify them prior to the Feldrakes noticing us. These creatures were about 6’ long and resembled dragons, just much smaller. They also had large horns on their heads. After describing what Zedd had seen the Elves in the party had a pretty good idea of what they were. They just walked out into the middle of the path and started to talk to these guys in some language known only to them. The next thing I know we are throwing some of our rations to these creatures. Since they appeared to be enjoying our food so much we were able to just walk right by them. Later Eilownwy and Alcarenque told me that these were Feldrake and they are descendents of Bahamut. They were the guardians of Elves and were able to speak Sylvan. This allowed the Elves to talk them out of attacking us by providing what they were truly after. Food.

Fhorge: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: This large animal is a cousin to the dire boar that lives on the Outlands plane.  It is tougher, meaner, and deadlier than its cousin on the Prime Material plane.  It stands five feet tall at its shoulder.  Its mouth, lined with razor sharp teeth and a set of four tusks, is large enough to engulf a human.  When fighting, it simply grabs a victim with its mouth and shakes the prey until it is dead.  Unlike many other creatures that fall unconscious when they have taken enough damage, a Fhorge will continue to fight at full effectiveness until it literally drops dead.

Fiend, Flame: Flame Fiends are evil fire elementals from a region of the plane of fire that borders a lower plane occupied by demons. Occasionally, demons from that accursed plane of evil creatures cross over to the elemental plane. Being uncouth and vile, they occasionally rape fire elementals with humanoid forms. The unholy union sometimes creates viable offspring. The result are evil creatures known as Flame Fiends. These accursed creatures are born as undead spawn of the tragic act. All such beings are named individuals with unique characteristics. Typically Chaotic Evil in alignment, other varieties are possible, although no good aligned offspring have ever arisen from this type of union. Our party of adventurers has so far encountered one of these denizens.

Lord Adoleth: A named flame fiend of Chaotic Evil alignment. Lord Adoleth has a humanoid shape with two arms, two legs, two stunted wings (incapable of flight), and a long tail. His skin appears to be blackened and charred, constantly bathed in sparks and glowing cinders. Cracks are visible crisscrossing the charred flesh. Some of these cracks are filled with a red glow, and others with crimson blood. The topside of his tail, the center of his back, his neck and the top of his head and covered with a layer of square scales that seem to be made of a dark green gem-like substance. Lord Adoleth's head is somewhat dragon-like with a protruding snout, numerous teeth, and a crest like ridge running down the back of his head to the end of his tail. His eyes appear to be daggers of pure white flame that protrude in a stabbing motion to accentuate his speech. Standing six foot tall and weighing approximately 250lbs, Lord Adoleth has a stout intimidating stature.

Everything that the party knows about Lord Adoleth they learned through a hostile encounter. The party inadvertently summoned Lord Adoleth by experimenting with a magic item (a deck of plaques). The deck of plaques disappeared when the party drew a plaque engraved with a likeness of a fire elemental. Lord Adoleth's arrival was preceded by a fissure which opened in the ground. From this fissure came a swirling whirlwind of flames. The flames engulfed the entire room that the party occupied (20' x 25' x 10' high). Some party members were able to dodge the licking flames that bathed the room. Rising from the abysmal pit was Lord Adoleth. He seemed highly perturbed at having been summoned and asked who had dared to summon him.

The battle that followed was hard fought, and nearly cost the lives of several party members. Not only did Lord Adoleth attack with ferocious physical blows, he also focused some sort of gaze attack upon the party. Thankfully, the heroes were able to withstand this unknown attack. Anyone standing near Lord Adoleth was subjected to an intense form of heat, so powerful was this aura of heat that our heroes actually took damage from being too close. His touch caused clothing and flesh to burn on impact, and he scorched the party with a dragon-like breath weapon that burned away the flesh and made the party members cringe.

In addition to his deadly attacks, Lord Adoleth was also immune to many attack forms. He resisted the damage from all but the most powerful magic weapons. Acid and fire had no effect upon him, but cold attacks that penetrated his defenses actually dealt more damage than we would have expected. Being undead, he was immune to all forms of mind influencing magic. The party tried to cast spells at the creature, but that didn't work out to well, as Lord Adoleth seemed to warp the magical energy to his will - healing himself with a spell meant to injure him. The party tried to turn this undead fiend but his power was far stronger than that of the party's priest. After one party member attacked with a smiting attack, the party learned that Lord Adoleth is capable of smiting good aligned opponents.

Eventually, through persistent attacks, the smite* of a holy frog (now there's a story!) and a barrage of magical boulders, the party finally overcame this mighty fiend. Upon destroying his mortal form, Lord Adoleth's body exploded (harmlessly) in a shower of sparks, cinders and noxious smouldering fumes. The crevice that announced his arrival closed and disappeared from sight. *Apparently, Flame Fiends take additional damage from holy attacks/positive energy.

Flame Fiends can only be 'slain' on their home plane (the element plane of fire). As most encounters are outside the plane of fire, these creatures are reconstituted from primal flame in a week's time. More powerful Flame Fiends may regenerate in less time.

Firbolg: Encountered one evening, while the party was encamped near a travelers route. Firbolg are a type of giant-kin. Reclusive creatures that typically avoid contact with other humanoids (as most assume them to be violent ogres, or giant-kin with an evil bent) and even other giants. Unlike some of the more brutish giant-kin, Firbolg do not depend heavily on raiding for subsistence, nor do they rely solely on violence to resolve conflict.

Firbolg appear to be ten foot tall humans, weighing in at close to a thousand pounds. Their skin ranges in tone from black to a fleshy pink (just as Humans). Their hair color varies as well. With blond and red being common. Firbolg of both gender wear their hair long. Males typically sport great, thick, beards and dress in rugged huntsman or herdsman clothing.

Adept at throwing rocks, they also wield great weapons with proficiency and great skill. These giant-kin are often accompanied by animal companions (in the case of this encounter, the Firbolg was accompanied by a great dire bear). The one encountered in the party's travels spoke common, and presumably Giant.

Firetoad: A large red toad about 4' high, and covered with warty purple excrescences, this beast shuns water and inhabits dry regions above and below ground. They retreat when attacked with water, but retaliate when they do so. Capable of breathing fireballs, this form of attack is the only viable attack that a Firetoad has. As the Firetoad weakens the fireball's strength weakens. This creature rarely attacks unless threatened, molested, or defending it treasure.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
Beware of opening barrels… You never know what you will find. In this case we found a 4’ tall, red skinned toad. Yah I know what you are saying how bad can a frog be? This one turned out to be pretty bad. It spit out a small fireball, which happened to take out two of us in one, fell “spit”. Apparently these guys are relatively peaceful. However, when in danger they pack quite a punch. Being a fire type creature, they hate water and will defiantly attack when water is used against them.

Flind: A race of doglike creatures. This humanoid is slightly larger than a human and a little broader. It has short, dirty, brown and red fur covering its hyena-like head. These powerful and merciless relatives of the Gnolls are often found in Gnoll bands as leaders or elite hunters. While Gnolls admire and respect them, Flind have no great love for their lesser cousins. Clever tacticians, Flinds use their superior intellect to great advantage in combat.

Formian Winged Warriors: The party knows very little about these man sized flying insects. Having spotted them from afar, no one knew what they were. All they have is a description and the circumstances of their encounter.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
Later during the same voyage we encountered a swarm of medium sized giant sized dragonflies. These creatures I was very familiar with and imparted this knowledge to the rest of the party. These outsiders belong to a race of ant-like creatures. There are several subspecies of these warriors. They act as scouts and strike forces. The possess a hive mind social structure with a communication range of 50 miles. Since only a couple decided to investigate us I recommended we watch and wait. I didn’t think it was a good idea to try and take on an entire swarm. They came looked and left. Oh well another non-encounter encounter.

Frog, Giant: Giant Frogs are massive amphibious predators that feed on whaterver they can get their tongues on. Unlike smaller frogs, they have large, sharp teeth in their mouts. They are more intelligent than their smaller cousins, and they live in the same sorts of environments.

According to Farro the Far-out Cat-Folk:
Look out for the big, green frogs in the jungle! They are fast, poisonous, and can see in the dark. The first thing we noticed were their yellow eyes poking out of the gloom. Then, the nasty buggers started hopping all around - I bet they could go up to 50 feet in the air, if they tried! Next the frogs used their tongues to tray to grab and pull us into their mouths. I noticed that the frogs were large enough to eat small creatures in one bit with their sharp teeth. According to our Paladin, they were 'Evil'.

Frostman: A humanoid creature that looks just like any Human. These creatures live in arctic wastelands, avoiding warmer climates, their bodies radiate a chilling fog-like mist that obscures the area surrounding them out to 30 feet or so. They dress in furs and hides, carry hand weapons and despise warm-blooded creatures. Aside from any weapons he might be carrying, a Frostman is also capable of projecting a cone of freezing frost from one of his eye sockets (which is usually covered with a patch). Typically found alone, Frostmen are sometimes found leading creatures of the north.

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Galeb Duhr: One of the oddest creatures an adventurer can encounter, but they are seldom dangerous. Creatures that live in the mountains, and seldom if ever, venture onto other terrain. To all appearances, a Galeb Duhr is a living boulder with two dark brooding eyes, a mouth, and rough-hewn appendages that serve as hands and feet. When perfectly still, a Galeb Duhr is nearly indistinguishable from the surrounding stone.

Galltrit: The party knows very little about these grey imp-like gremlins. Having spotted them from afar, no one knew what they were. All they have is a description and the circumstances of their encounter.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
In one room we spied a bunch of little (about 6” tall) demon/imp like creatures. These little guys were grey colored, winged and able to fly on their bat like wings. They seem to be some sort of carrion beast since we found them feeding on dead Goblins and Kobolds. That’s all we know since we didn’t interact with them at all.

Gambado: A very odd creature. These extraordinary-looking creatures are man-sized, with a powerful human torso and two arms ending in very sharp claws. The creatures body is muscle and skin with no bones. Light gray in color, smooth, and putty-like, The creature has no legs. Instead it's body tapers to a corkscrew shaped foot which acts like a spring in order to move the creature from place to place. The creature has no head of its own, but mounts the skull of a previous victim on its short stalk like neck.

This odd looking creature lives in a pit. Approximately 5 feet deep, the creature surrounds the opening of the pit with detritus, earth and gravel in order to disguise the existence of the pit. The Gambado then lies in wait with its foot coiled tightly, ready to launch itself towards any approaching prey. The Gambado allows its 'Skull' to be visible above the pit, enticing victims to investigate this sight.

The creature moves about by bouncing on it's foot. Capable of leaping great distances, this creature can surprise prey by leaping great distances.

Gargoyle: This creature looks like a statue made of stone. A grotesque mockery of a human being; with horned head, stony hide, large bat like wings and a tail. Standing completely still, it's nearly impossible to tell that this creature harbors a malevolence that burns as brightly as the fires of hell reflected in its eyes. These tricksters tried to solicit the party's help. As soon as the party helped them, they turned and attacked, seeking to feast upon the flesh of our fond adventurers.

Guardian, Stone: This creature looks like a statue made of stone. It's another form of golem or animated construct programmed to guard an area. In this case the Stone Guardians were meant to prevent unauthorized persons from removing books from a library. As soon as a party member placed some books in an extradimensional bag, the guardians activated, targeting everyone in the library. They frequently repeated the phrase "You may not remove books from the library without authorization. Return the books immediately!" - All the while they were moving towards and attacking any party members they could reach.

The guardians were slightly larger than man sized, but they were still medium in size. Sculpted to look like stylized warriors in plate armor, the guardians were not equipped with shields or weapons, but their mighty fists proved very effective at crushing the party. While they pummeled the party they seemed immune to many forms of attack. They took only minor damage from weapon attacks, and they were highly resistant to elemental attacks. As golems, they were immune to all mind affecting spells. When attacked with magics, the spells had a tendency to bounce back towards the party. The party took care when attacking the creatures with their prized weapons because a weak blow could have resulted in the weapon breaking. The guardians moved at a very quick pace as they chased the party around the library. On occasion their massive fists would cause knock downs and knock back. Throwing party members back as much as 20 feet! The worst part about these guardians? They regenerated a massive amount of damage each round. The party eventually destroyed them by casting a dispel magic while they were below zero hit points, then pulverizing their stone bodies.

Gem Var: Gem Var are a type of golem created from immense mineral deposits. Usually made of quartz or some other common crystal, rumors of diamond Gem Vars are likely fabrications of deluded thieves. Surely no deposit of diamond so large would ever exist. This particular type of golem is created from a whole piece of gem-like material. A medium sized construct is chiseled from the gem deposit and enchanted in accordance with long forgotten rites. The result is a programed construct capable of carrying out fairly complex orders. Used as treasure guardians and lair defenders, the Gem Var make powerful and highly regarded servants for employment by powerful wizards. Gem Var can see in total darkness (or any light conditions) up to 200'. The creatures glowing eyes (a white light) are visible from up to 30' away. Edged weapons are completely ineffective against them. If attacked with blunt weapons, there is a chance that they will shatter. If they are defeated with blunt weapons (even a single attack from a blunt attack) their unstable crystalline matrix will cause an explosion (1d6x10' radius). Often armed or equipped with magical weapons, the Gem Var prefers to pummel it's opponents with its gem hard fists. Imbued with damage and spell resistance, this guardian makes a formidable foe.

Ghoul: A foul humanoid creature. With mottled, decaying flesh drawn tight across clearly visible bones. Mostly hairless, with a carnivore's sharp teeth. Its eyes burn like hot coals sunken sockets. Feeding on the flesh of the living, Ghouls are often found in the vicinity of graveyards.

The Ghoul's filthy bite or claw attack can cause instant paralysis. The bite can even infect victims with a disease which transforms the afflicted into a Ghoul.

Giant, Dusk: This creature stands approximately nine feet high and seems to be something of an evolved Troll or bestial giant. Its arms hang low, ending in vicious talons. Its jaw is slightly distended and filled with jagged teeth. The flesh is dun colored, rough and cracked. The monster's eyes gleam with signs of malicious intent and calculating intelligence. Dusk Giants are predatory cousins of true giants, almost as closely related to Trolls as they are to frost or fire giants. Said to cannibalize the strengths of their opponents, superstitious tribesmen sometimes worship these predatory creatures. Capable of casting a small repertoire of spells, they bring misery and twilight to the places where they stalk.

According to Dynnera:
A Giant similar to other giants, but closely resembling a Troll. Constantly lurking in apparently self-induced shadows.  This intelligent giant has spell-like abilities; it exhibited said qualities by striking Solmar with a 'Ray of Enfeeblement' (strength drain) prior to his attack.  Quickly overcome by SCREWOFFS to the point that it’s difficult to gauge its true attributes.

Giant, Firbolg: Encountered one evening, while the party was encamped near a travelers route. Firbolg are a type of giant-kin. Reclusive creatures that typically avoid contact with other humanoids (as most assume them to be violent ogres, or giant-kin with an evil bent) and even other giants. Unlike some of the more brutish giant-kin, Firbolg do not depend heavily on raiding for subsistence, nor do they rely solely on violence to resolve conflict.

Firbolg appear to be ten foot tall humans, weighing in at close to a thousand pounds. Their skin ranges in tone from black to a fleshy pink (just as Humans). Their hair color varies as well. With blond and red being common. Firbolg of both gender wear their hair long. Males typically sport great, thick, beards and dress in rugged huntsman or herdsman clothing.

Adept at throwing rocks, they also wield great weapons with proficiency and great skill. These giant-kin are often accompanied by animal companions (in the case of this encounter, the Firbolg was accompanied by a great dire bear).

Giant, Frost: The party knows virtually nothing of these giants. They learned about them from guards outside the gates to Silverymoon (13 Sep 1003). Apparently they were engaged in a war with a group of Dragonkin when the party first learned of them. From the name, one can assume that they live in cold climates. Given the fact that the party had recently encountered a group of domesticated Tlalusk in the area, one might conclude that they're tall enough to use Tlalusk as mounts. Now that's a giant!

Giant, Stone: These large giants are known to inhabit hilly and mountainous regions. Stone giants prefer thick leather garments, dyed in shades of brown and gray to match the stone around them. Stone giants can live to be 800 years old. Neutral in alignment, they fight from a distance whenever possible, but if they can’t avoid melee, they use gigantic clubs chiseled out of stone or fashioned from sturdy tree trunks. A favorite tactic of stone giants is to stand nearly motionless, blending in with the background, then move forward to throw rocks and surprise their foes. Stone Giants are especially adept at throwing and even catching rocks.

According to Mutteran the mage:
Smooth gray skin humanoid (gaunt facial features and deep sunken eyes), known as boulder throwing hooligans.  They can reach 12ft in height and weigh 1500 pounds.  The fight with fist or the convenient nearby tree trunk.  Some Stone Giants have the ability to Stone Shape common rock.

Giant, Storm: These giants resembles Humans of enormous proportions (Over 20 feet tall). They have light green skin, dark green hair, and glittering emerald colored eyes. The giants encountered outside Teziir seemed gentle and non-violent. Keeping watch over a group of refugees, their mere presence has cowed most of the rabble to make them somewhat docile. These particular giants (a mated pair - Borazon and Barillon) live in the Dragonmere - Yes they live in the lake. They come up out of the sea on occasion in order to barter and trade with Human settlements. Storm Giants are known to be spell casters, both naturally and trained. They have freedom of movement naturally, and the ability to breath underwater.

According to Mutteran the mage:
21ft tall giant humanoids with light greenish gray skin and emerald eyes.  They can weigh 12,000 lbs and live 600 years.  Apparently they can live/breathe in water based on these particular giants living within a lake.

Giant, Rot: The party knows very little about this creature. They spotted it, didn't recognize it, and avoided it - in that order.

According to Dynnera:
A Giant with rotting skin appearance (seemed to have exposed muscle), oozing sores & boils everywhere on its body.

Gibbering Mouther: Another one of the twisted aberrations encountered by our brave party of adventurers. This particular creature hails from the Far Realm. Brought into this world through a vast gate, this is just another example of the tainted life forms leaching through that corrupt portal. If Madreus' plan is taken to fruition, we may find our realms swimming with creatures the likes of this abomination. This unwholesome creature has a body with the form and fluidity of a amoeba. Its surface has the color, but not the consistency of human flesh. Countless eyes and toothy maws constantly form and disappear all over the creature, often retreating into its body even as they become apparent. They often cover themselves with dirt in order to disguise their presence.

According to Dynnera:
Flesh covered mounds of dirt with countless eyes and mouths.  Amoeba-like body of three to five feet width and height.  Constant innate speaking pattern can cause confusion in the weak-willed; patterned per creature out to 60’ until successfully resisted.  Can shoot 6 pseudo-pod mouths out to attack someone, attempting to grapple them.  Zeddishous indicated they want to drain blood for creatures, but so far no evidence of that.  All weapon types but bludgeoning weapons are less effective against them.  They also have a spell-like ability to soften the ground adjacent to them (quicksand-like?), however when killed the ground reverts to normal.  They also have a spit attack attempting to blind its victims; seems abnormally attracted to Thalidimar (perhaps his divine aura).  They are tainted creatures so being struck by them will cause you to receive taint.

Gibberling: Gibberling's are carnivorous humanoids with an ape-like appearance. Short creatures covered with coarse hair, these creatures travel in large groups (Hordes). Intelligent enough to carry weapons, these beasts attack in great numbers, attempting to overwhelm their opponents. When they attack they emit a cacophonic gibbering which can unnerve even the strongest willed adventurer. They despise daylight and bright light, traveling at night. They live underground, in barren lands, and in forests.

Gibberling, Brood: This ape-like humanoid is pale, deformed and twisted. Possessing a jabbering, slavering maw of sharp teeth and a filthy black mane, it's eyes stare directly into yours with a malignant cunning and a wicked grin spreads across its features. Insane mutters and whispers escape from its throat. The unnerving gibbering is nothing compared to the disturbing way that the creature's flesh moves, as if small things were scurrying just beneath its skin.

These, brood gibberlings gibber, jabber, scream, howl and chitter - just like normal gibberlings. The truth is, they aren't 'normal' gibberling. They are the unholy remnants of unfortunate humanoids who have been altered by insane agencies not of this world; they are the progeny of gibberslug. Small creatures called gibberslug, writhe and move beneath a brood gibberling's skin. It is with these creatures that brood gibberling are able to proliferate their race.

Brood gibberlings usually let their clan of 'normal' gibberling rush opponents and grapple opponents, making it easier for the brood gibberling to deliver its bite attack in an attempt to 'convert' the subject into one of its own. On a successful bit attack, the subject may become implanted with a gibberslug. Failing a direct injection, a brood gibberling can spit a gibberslug at an opponent up to 15 feet away.

A brood gibberling can mentally control any other gibberling it has personally created (see gibberslug for more info on the 'conversion' process). This bypasses the gibberling's normal immunity to control or influence. Gibberling never attack the brood gibberling that gave them life. The brood gibberling not only despises light, it actually suffers detrimental effects from contact with sunlight (or the daylight spell).

According to Dynnera:
Deformed, twisted, pale humanoid with black hair and a large maw for a mouth.  A variant on the standard gibberling.  Can control or direct other gibberling.  Spits out slugs which if kills its overcomes its victim converts it into another Brood Gibberling under the mental control of the original (this species means of procreation). Like many of the denizens in Firestorm Peak, they transfer taint upon touch or being touched

Gibberslug: Gibberslug are an alien race of creatures that inhabit the bodies of host creatures. Thousands of gibberling have been converted into hosts by these bizarre and alien creatures. They writhe and wriggle beneath the skin of their host creature. When seen in the open, gibberslug resemble bloated leaches, the color of newborn mice, with a round, tooth-filled maw. These creatures are injected directly into the bodies of hosts by the bite of an infected creature, or through contact after being spit at a host.

Once the gibberslug has been introduced into the body of a potential host (by failing a fortitude save), it bores its way to the victim's brain, dealing damage each round. After a short amount of time, the gibberslug reaches the gray matter, and melds itself to the victim's brain stem. Applying fire to the entry wound of a gibberslug, or ingesting darkscape fungus before the gibberslug reaches the brain will kill the creature instantly. After a gibberslug reaches the brain, the victim falls unconscious, and begins to suffer nightmares of ghoulish intensity as the gibberslug begins to digest the host's brain, and then his body from the inside. Once the gibberslug has attached itself to the host's brainstem, it begins producing additional gibberslug, which the host (now a brood gibberling) will inject or spit at new victims. At this point, only a properly worded wish spell can save the victim.

After a sufficient incubation period (possibly lasting years), the brood gibberling collapses and undergoes a gruesome transformation. After 5-24 hours, a fully formed gibberling emerges from the husk of skin left behind by the victim. The new gibberling possess no memory of its former life. Despite the lack of any memories, the new gibberling bears an eerie semblance to that of the former host.

According to Dynnera:
On contact with flesh, will begin burrowing to the victim’s brain.  Once in a victim, can only be stopped via fire to the entry wound, or the consumption of darkscape fungus.  Turns victim into a Brood Gibberling under mental control of the original; immune to any other mind affecting abilities.

Githyanki: The party knows very little about these creatures. Referred to as the 'Gith' by a Leprechaun, the party only knows that they are a race of creatures who reside upon the Astral plane.

Gnoll: This humanoid is slightly taller than a Human. It has gray skin, a furry body and a head like a hyena's, with a reddish-gray mane. Gnoll's are hyena-headed evil humanoids that wander loose in tribes. Gnoll's prefer intelligent creatures as food because they scream more. They tend to think with their stomachs, and fight for food whenever they're given the opportunity.

Goblin: A scourge upon the Oerth. This foul race of beings is known for its evil disposition. Flat faced humanoids with broad noses and pointed ears; Goblins have wide mouths full of sharp fangs. With various eye, hair and skin colors, Goblins constitute a varied tribe of evil creatures. Usually attacking in numbers, these creatures make good tacticians and experts at ambush. Small and relatively weak, their numbers and tactics can sometimes leave more experienced opponents in retreat.

Golem, Cadaver: This golem has a humanoid form, but it's far larger than any single Human. It moves forward, shambling in a uncoordinated manner. Smelling faintly of decay, the body appears to be stitched together from the remains of sever bodies. In its eyes burns a malevolent intelligence, something that regards the land of the living with a sense of disdain, a marked disgust for those who enjoy the warmth of life.

According to Dynnera:
A disgusting necromantic creation made of stolen corpses and the dead body parts of its victims. Only vaguely humanoid as its shape is likely characterized by the body parts it absorbs. Its magical nature allows it to assimilate some of the skills of the person and organs it steals, allowing it to integrate these parts within the whole of its body. Intelligent, with damage resistance, and magical immunity to any spell regarding a resistance check. It has a magical ability to assimilate flesh, but fortunately this one was destroyed before it had an opportunity to try that.

Golem, Clay: This automaton has been sculpted from soft clay. It's about 18 inches taller than a normal human, and its features are grossly distorted from the human norm. Its chest is overly large, with arms attached by thick knots of muscle at the shoulder, hanging down to its knees, and ending in short stubby fingers. It has no neck, and the large head has broad, flat features. Its legs are short and bowed, ending in wide, flat feet. It smells faintly of clay.

Golem, Flesh: Magically created automatons of great power. The construction of one involves mighty magic and elemental forces. Standing a head and a half taller than most humans, and weighing 350 pounds. It is made from a ghoulish collection of stolen human body parts, stitched together to form a single composite human body. Its skin is the sickly green or yellow of freshly dug earth and dead flesh. It wears whatever its creator desires. It has no possessions, and no weapons. The Golem cannot speak, although it can utter guttural sounds. It walks and moves with a stiff jointed gait, as if it is not in complete control over its body parts. Golems are created to serve their master. Flesh Golem's are extremely strong, and can only be damaged by magic weapons.

A later encounter with flesh golems revealed a far more powerful variety (The variety found in the sewers beneath the ruins of Lingice Enz). This particular variety had a bulkier appearance, but they weren't much taller than previously encountered flesh golems. Despite the outward similarities, the party soon discovered powerful differences in this particular variety. Much more resistant to weapon damage and magic this golem also reflected magic back upon the party. An electrical attack seemingly healed one of the golems and they seemed immune to cold. As a golem, they were naturally immune to critical hits and mind influencing magics.

Golem, Flesh, Undead: As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

Magically created automatons of great power. The construction of one involves mighty magic and elemental forces. Standing a head and a half taller than most humans, and weighing 350 pounds. It is made from a ghoulish collection of stolen human body parts, stitched together to form a single composite human body. Its skin is the sickly green or yellow of freshly dug earth and dead flesh. It wears whatever its creator desires. It has no possessions, and no weapons. The Golem cannot speak, although it can utter guttural sounds. It walks and moves with a stiff jointed gait, as if it is not in complete control over its body parts. Golems are created to serve their master. Flesh Golem's are extremely strong, and can only be damaged by magic weapons.

A later encounter with flesh golems revealed another more powerful variety. This particular variety had a somewhat more gruesome appearance - If that can be believed. The flesh of this golem was made not only of body parts from the deceased, but those body parts were harvest from undead creatures - Ghouls, zombies, ghasts, mohrgs, and various other undead creatures with a body composed of fleshy bits. We're not exactly sure why an undead flesh golem might have been created or who might have created them.

Despite the fact that our party's has a very high level of knowledge regarding golems and the undead, we knew/know very little about these abominations. Luckily the Paladin detected that they were evil, and I made an educated guess that they might be undead, because most golems are neutral aligned. I destroyed three of them through the power of Pelor's might (turn undead). Blasted into oblivion, the others were defeated by combined might of arms and a few basic spells.

Golem, Flint: A magically enchanted construct. The party hasn't actually fought any of these Golem's, but they've encountered two of them. Standing seven feet tall, and constructed out of a shiny black stone. These Flint Golem's are usually armed with some sort of two-handed weapon. With emerald green gems as eyes, one can imagine an evil sentience driving the life force behind these guardians. An intense hatred for the living, and a eagerness to do combat fills the Golem with an other-worldly purpose.

As one could imagine, striking these constructs with a metal weapon creates a shower of sparks. Considering the fact that the party encountered them near vats of super-heated highly combustible oil, getting into it with such a Golem would probably be very unwise. The party managed to dispose of one in a pit of boiling oil, and they bypassed the trap that would have forced them to fight another.

Golem, Iron: A magically enchanted construct. resembling a giant completely covered in armor, this metallic automaton is a deadly opponent. Capable of withstanding more damage than an entire battalion, this mighty construct dishes out gigantic proportions of damage with it's slam attacks. Aside from the crushing physical blows of it's fists, this guardian is also capable of expelling a cloud of poisonous gas on occasion. As heavy as a mountain, the ground trembles as this mobile wrecking ball ambles about in search of opponents. With limited capacity to adapt to changing situations, this monstrous behemoth is only as dangerous as it's limited programming.

Golem, Hellfire: As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

This large Golem/Construct appeared to be a grisly construct of humanoid flesh, covered with a blackened crust, merged with molten lava and fully engulfed in flames. Our party knew very little about the creature, and our combat with it was simply a matter of throwing everything we had it to see what stuck. It seemed to be immune to all spells, spell like abilities and supernatural attacks. "Fight fire with frost" is something I sometimes say, and in this case it seemed to work. A cold attack was the only spell that affected it, thankfully our warriors were able to batter it back to the dark realm from which it came. Surely this construct must have been made by some evil mage from the depths of hell.

Golem, Iron: A magically enchanted construct. resembling a giant completely covered in armor, this metallic automaton is a deadly opponent. Capable of withstanding more damage than an entire battalion, this mighty construct dishes out gigantic proportions of damage with it's slam attacks. Aside from the crushing physical blows of it's fists, this guardian is also capable of expelling a cloud of poisonous gas on occasion. As heavy as a mountain, the ground trembles as this mobile wrecking ball ambles about in search of opponents. With limited capacity to adapt to changing situations, this monstrous behemoth is only as dangerous as it's limited programming.

Golem, Iron, Royal Guard: As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

A magically enchanted construct. resembling a giant completely covered in heavy armor, this metallic automaton is a deadly opponent. Capable of withstanding more damage than an entire battalion, this mighty construct dishes out gigantic proportions of damage with it's slam attacks. Aside from the crushing physical blows of it's fists, this guardian it didn't exhibit the normal Iron Golem's propensity to expel clouds of poisonous gas. As heavy as a mountain, the ground trembles as this mobile wrecking ball ambles about in search of opponents. With limited capacity to adapt to changing situations, this monstrous behemoth is only as dangerous as it's limited programming. These two were guarding? a mechanical prince of sorts.

Golem, Sand: A gargantuan construct sculpted from the magical sands of the Dry Steppes. No one knows who may have constructed these immense guardians or what their true purpose might be. All our party knows is this - They're tough! Molded into the shape of a well sculpted warrior with immense fists and feet that disappear into the sands. This golem has significant damage resistance and a complete immunity to nearly all magical attack forms! Every time it strikes an opponent, massive quantities of sand are forced down the throat, nose, into the ears and eyes. A quantity so large, that the victim is incapacitated by coughing and suffocation. Surrounding the golem is a cloud of swirling fine sand which makes it difficult to see or target the creature effectively. It's massive fists inflict great amounts of damage as this gargantuan construct seeks to crush all interlopers. The party expends a great deal of their healing magic recovering from battle with this monstrous construct of desert magic.

Golem, Stone: A magically enchanted construct. This automaton has been cut from solid stone, apparently made out of some sort of black granite. Standing nearly twenty feet tall, and weighing more than 32,000 pounds, this colossus is easily four times larger than any normal Human. Resembling a roughly chiseled statue of a soldier, these guardians were equipped with massive stone swords.

Tanar's Creature Notes:
Huge creatures capable of mighty strikes with carved stone swords.  Significantly immune to magic, as well as having damage resistance and low light vision. These constructs tend to be programmed for certain actions.  Some stone golems have a control talisman instead of embedded, constant commands.

An encounter described by Farro the frisky one:
Four of these ten-foot behemoths quickly advanced towards us with their paralyzing gazes and massive black granite weapons. Oh, did I mention they could fly, though it’s hard to imagine how boulder-sized Golems crafted from solid rock could hover so easily in mid-air! Azura took the brunt of the lasers coming out of their eyeballs, while the rest of us swung at the golems with our usual mixed assortment of items.  Arco, in particular, used orbs of frost, acid and sonic on the golems to great effect.  We were fortunate to demolish the whole lot of them without injury.   

Another encounter with one of these constructs proves quite deadly. Encountered in an underground workshop. This particular Stone Golem is slightly smaller that the last set our party encountered. Unfortunately for the party, smaller doesn't necessarily mean weaker. This particular golem seemed programmed to destroy anyone who ventured into the workshop - presumably our party didn't know that command word to prevent the golem from attacking. Rising from a slab of pure 'platinum'? The golem was made out of an extremely strong form of stone (some sort of granite?). Equipped with a massively destructive hammer blow, our party (even the warriors) did their best to avoid it's attacks. Not only was it able to squash the party like bugs, it also had a breath weapon that caused some sort of partial paralysis. The construct was seemingly indestructible and regenerated from damage when it laid down on that slab of platinum. In addition to its massively damaging slam attacks, the golem had damage resistance and it appeared immune to critical hits, mind influencing magics and most other forms of magic. The party fought valiantly, but they never 'defeated' this golem.

Yet another encounter recorded during an adventure in Hellgate Keep: Farrohena noted that these particular Stone Golems were more mighty than the last. This particular quartet of chiseled chumps attempted to make hay out of our heroes, but alas, they were no match for the combined might of the HALLOWed Knights. This particular group of golems followed the standard stone golem template quite nicely, but they were considerably beefed up. In addition to massive muscles made of marble, they also emitted paralyzing beams from their eyeballs. They were wielding massive granite axes, and sprouted wings from their backs which allowed them to fly with perfect precision. Not to mention the fact they were regenerating! While these foes were easily defeated by our group, they didn't do so easily, and had to expend most of their higher level spells to fell these grumpy golems.

Golem, Thayan: A magically enchanted construct. A deadly archer and powerful guardian. Standing on a six foot tall frame, the Thayan golem is carved from dark Thayan oak. Shaped like a man-at-arms wearing a steel cap and breastplate, this construct weighs in at a hefty 400 pounds. One of the golem's arms ends in a built-in longbow. Equipped with quivers full of special arrows (the one our adventurers fought had lighting arrows), this highly skilled archer is a deadly opponent capable of holding off a horde of opponents, and inflicting devastating damage with it's deadly accurate attacks.

Gorgon: A large magical beast covered in dusky metallic scales. The Gorgon looks like a Bull on steroids! With silver horns and a penchant to charge anything that moves, this creature isn't big on conversation. Gorgons have a breath weapon which petrifies opponents.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
A creature that has the appearance of a large stone bull. This magical creature has dusky metallic looking scales. They will attack on sight (we were safe since we happened to be on a different plane when we spotted him). He also possess a very powerful breath weapon. When employed a cone extending for about 60’ will turn anything in its path into stone.

Gravorg: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: This 10-foot long, four legged subterranean magical beast looks somewhat like a white/gray/black sloth.  It uses its ability to manipulate gravity to repeatedly bounce prey between floors and ceilings until they appear to be unconscious before coming out of hiding.

Greenspawn Leaper: The party encountered these creatures while they traveled through a heavily forested valley. Attacking from above, these monsters (about the size of a large dog or leopard) were looking for a meal when they tempted fate by attacking our party of adventurers. Resembling fiendish looking lizards, the creatures have a vaguely dragon like appearance. With web like membranes between their limbs, they cannot achieve true flight, but they do leap and glide amongst the trees of this forest. These green predators are stealthy predators. Capable of spraying potential prey with a cloud of poisonous vapors, the gas converts to an acid upon contact with skin.

Greenspawn Razorfiend: The party encountered this creature while they traveled through a heavily forested valley. Attacking from a river, this monsters (about the size of a large elk) was hunting its next meal when it attacked the party. Resembling fiendish looking lizards, this creature has a dragon like appearance. Leaping from the water, slashing with razor-tipped, clawed wings, this creature prove less menacing than the party expected. The creature has a frill on its forehead, which extends down its back and along its tail. The color suggests that a green dragon was somehow involved in its lineage.

Sometimes called "harrowblades" by wood elves and other forest denizens, greenspawn razorfiends are voracious predators of woodlands and swamps. Due to their modified wings they lack the ability to fly, but they can jump a surprising distance. Capable of breathing a cone of acid, these creatures are cunning hunters, fond of hit-and-run tactics.

This particular razorfiend was responsible for menacing and preying upon a tribe of Kuo-Toa for many generations. Our party slew the beast and presented its head as a trophy to the tribe terrorized by the beast.

Greenspawn Zealot: The party almost encountered this creature while they were adventuring amongst the ruins of a long abandoned Yuan-Ti city in the Black Jungles. Medium sized, draconic, humanoids. These creatures have glowing yellow eyes and glistening green scales. Greenspawn zealots were created to serve as battle captains, chaplains, and war leaders of the 'Spawn of Tiamat'. They have a natural affinity for divine magic, and many take up the path of cleric or favored soul. Such zealots use their religious fervor to motivate other dragonspawn and worshipers of Tiamat (the Evil lesser deity of chromatic dragons). The party's encounter was limited to a conversation held under duress as the party was searching a ruined apartment complex for signs of a lost prince.

According to Farro the Cat-Folk:
We missed a good fight with some Green Spawn Zealots.  The only info I could glean about them, is that they are humanoid creatures that are used by the God Tiamat to make sure other evil creatures in his armies don’t run away from the battlefield. They have yellow eyes, damage healing touch and get stronger when they are near other zealots.  If you want to taunt them, speak Draconic - and let the fun begin!

Green Warder: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: These guardians of Elven forests are medium sized plants that can create confusion in opponents or put them to sleep.  They set alarms in their forest to alert themselves when intruders are prowling around.

Grimlock: Powerfully-built humanoids. These warlike subterranean creatures emerge from their deep caverns at night to search for unlucky humans to add to their larders. Grimlock have thick, scaly, gray skin and long, black, filthy hair. Their teeth are white and extremely sharp. Their eyes are blank white orbs. Grimlock are totally blind, but have highly developed senses of smell and hearing.

Grub, Cranial: A strange worm like creature. These white grubs are blind, tiny, and seemingly defenseless, but they can be used to control the mind of a host. Implanted in the ear, this creature attaches itself to the hosts nervous system, tapping into the very center of the brain. Once imbedded, the creature acts as a mind control conduit or mechanism of some sort. While implanted, the grub can cause the victim to commit all sorts of heinous acts. The victim has no recollection of the actions it is caused to perform. Outwardly, there is no way to determine whether a person has such a grub implanted in their skull. Only very close examination or some sort of magical detection can provide the means to detect this infestation. The grubs can be removed surgically, but the procedure is a very delicate operation, and it carries great risk. The party has also discovered that a 'remove disease' spell will kill the parasite without harming the host.

Where do these creatures come from? What would they become if left to mature? How is it that an Elven Supremacist group known as C.O.E.P.A.S. is able to make use of them?

Guardian, Stone: A statue like golem, this bruiser makes an excellent guardian, deterring those who seek easy access to off-limits areas. Created to crush skulls, these guardians are heavy on brawn, immune to mind influencing/affecting spells, and resistant to most normal weapons. Man sized and made of stone, these monsters are single minded automatons designed to carry out explicit instructions.

Guulvorg: The mouth of this gigantic black wolf contains immense scythe like fangs that protrude above and below the creatures snout when closed. Bony protrusions erupt along the length of it's body - From the spine, the skull, along the ribs, and down the tail, which ends in a large club-like bony structure. It's eyes burn with a malevolent red glow. This intelligent beast (capable of speaking Goblin) is a magically created creature. Transformed from Dire Wolves, Goblin transmuters with ambitious plans created these creatures as battle mounts. Unfortunately, some are stronger than their masters or training. They sometimes go rogue and slaughter those who try to domesticate the monstrous beast. Now breeding true, the Guulvorg have become something best avoided by all civilized people.

Details penned by Mutteran the mage:
A huge magical beast looking like a black furred wolf.  It has red-eyes, 15-20 foot long body, and rumored to rapidly heal wounds.  Guulvorg are typically created by Goblinoid races in times of war and typically controlled by their creator/trainer.

After a battle on the 13th of Mavis, 1004, Mutteran wrote the following:
The Guulvorg was even tougher than advertised, as it was immune to cold, resistant to fire, has 120ft darkvision, can make simultaneous attacks, automatically attempts an improved trip with a successful bite attack, and has 15ft reach with its tail

The party fought a Guulvorg on the 13th of Mavis, 1004. The Guulvorg that the party fought was accompanied by its master; a spellcasting Goblin capable of paralyzing and blinding party members, reducing damage (from missile weapons), and going invisible to escape damage. This wizard/shaman communicated with the Guulvorg using the Goblin tongue. The Guulvorg was extremely resilient; resisting fire, immune to cold, smashing opponents with its tail, and apparently capable of regeneration. Unfortunately, the Guulvorg and its master managed to kill Gregor, nearly killed Belt, and then retreated. The party may have to deal with these two opponents again.

On the 17th of Mavis, 1004, the party received some news regarding the Guulvorg and its Goblin master. According to a Goblin (guarding a group of Goblins traveling in the region around Teziir) guard indicated that they had received news from the guards around Teziir. According to the Goblin, the guards told them that Teziir guards have killed the Guulvorg. These guards also indicated that the Goblin Shaman was not killed.

Is the Guulvorg truly dead? Is the regenerating beast actually dead? Only time will tell.

Gygax: An abomination. This 'creature' is alien to this plane and no sane person could conceive of its origins. No one really knows where they come from or why they even exist. Initially encountered as a yellowish, foul smelling goo, this 'Gygax Goo' is legendary for the lethality of the creatures that coalesce from it's murky substance. The goo (which smells of stale mountain dew and cigarette butts) forms into small, horrid, barely-humanoid creatures. Seemingly made of a soft and slimy clay like material, they are clad in short knee high pants and a loose fitting belt (or so it appears in texture and coloration). Standing barely 3' tall, they have a humanoid shape with an exceedingly long nose that looks partly prehensile. They walk awkwardly with a shuffling gate. Their head is hung low, they seem to stare at their feet or the floor as they shamble about. Seemingly oblivious to social mores and speaking to themselves, they constant babble and gibber in an indistinguishable language. Occasionally they cackle and laugh to some unheard joke. Their movement is augmented by the ability to teleport short distances at will (while always screaming 'Beam Me Up!').

The Gygax (collectively known as a gaggle of Gygax) are highly resistant to all weapons and magic. They babble constantly which can cause confusion or stun the unfamiliar. They attack with strange wooden implements resembling a stylus or measuring stick. Although the wounds caused are minor, they also inflict a nebulous affliction called 'Smarts' - Which apparently resists all known remedies and compels the victim to react by rubbing the 'wound' while pronouncing 'It smarts!' or some similar phrase. Another attack form is the dreaded 'Goober'. These creatures are capable of dredging up a green and brown nodule of snot-like mucus from the depths of their being. They then launching these large loogies at opponents. The goober dissolves non-living matter on contact, sometimes leaving the victims nude, which induces no small amount of glee from these creatures.

When a Gygax dies or dissolves something with its goober attack the result is a nasty molten puddle of goo like ooze. The nearest Gygax will stop whenever it encounters such goo. It will stop for at least one round to slurp up the disgusting goo using it's long proboscis. The only known weakness of the Gygax is 'Love'. In order to incapacitate them, you must hug them - and not just a 'meh' hug, but an actual sincere and heart felt affectionate hug. This sign of affection will stun them. A sincere and loving kiss will actually kill them! If the party hadn't known that, they might have fallen victim to these odd creatures.

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Half-Janni: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling monster while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following: A crossbreed between Jann and some other mundane species of humanoid. Although rare, some small communities can be found inhabiting oases of the isolated wastelands.

Harpy: We heard this creature before we saw it. Its sweet sounding song had a strong charming effect. Its appearance, however, was a stark contrast to its melodic voice. It looked like an ugly, naked old hag. It was covered in filth, and there was blood matted into its tangled hair. A pair of leathery wings allowed it to fly as it tried to club us with a large bone. A group of these flying fiends attack the party while they were flying (in a flying ship) back to Whillip from an adventure. Accompanied by a highly skilled Harpy archer, the group of Harpies managed to lure many of the ships crew members to step over the side and plummet to their deaths two thousand feet below.

Haunt, Sewer: Haunts are undead creatures; spirits that left this world (of the living) with business unfinished. Now they seek compense. They seek redemption in the completion of their quest, knowing that their goal is unlikely and improbable, they're driven mad by desire to complete the impossible. This shattering impossibility drives them mad and insane; twisting their soul into an evil shadow of their living glory. They have no qualms about causing others to suffer as they do. In order to ultimately destroy one must complete the quest that the haunt was attempting when they died. Sewer haunts are the remains of adventurers who sought after treasure and or fame in the fabled ruins of Lingice-Enz. Non-corporeal and resistant to mind influencing spells, sewer haunts seek to strip victims of all Dexterity (2 points per hit) in order to animate and possess the body of a surrogate. Once they inhabit a corporeal victim's body, they retrieve a personal binding totem (some object that anchors them to this area) and proceed upon their quest.

Sewer haunts, and any victim inhabited by a sewer haunt exude an unnatural aura. Animals, whether wild or domesticated, can sense the unnatural presence of a sewer haunt at a distance of 30 feet. They will not willingly approach nearer than that and panic if forced to do so; they remain panicked as long as they are within range.

A sewer haunt cannot be permanently destroyed through combat. The “destroyed” spirit restores itself and returns to the area (the current location of the totem item) it haunts in 1d4 days. Taking a haunt more than 1,000 feet from its totem item can destroy it, as can destroying a haunt’s totem item.

Hell-hound: Medium sized evil outsiders. These creatures resemble big, powerfully built dogs with short, rust-red fur; its markings, teeth, and tongue are sooty black. It has red, glowing eyes. Hell-hounds are aggressive, fire breathing canines from the plane of Acheron. Specimens are frequently brought to the Material Plane to serve evil beings, and many have established indigenous breeding populations.

Hellish Caretaker: Something from the far realms. This creature is a huge aberration from a place outside our universe. Ageless and powerful, this non-aligned being (Alignment = Lawful Neutral) cares very little for the denizens of our world, seeking only to survive long enough to escape its confines in the blasted ruins of 'Hellgate Keep'. Being from another realm, the Hellish Caretaker is unable to escape due to the wards placed around the keep. As it waits it contemplates unfathomable otherworldly schemes.

The Hellish Caretaker is an planner, a plotter, a schemer. These creatures are often found leading large armies in their native realm. With a hardy physical presence and a highly refined mind, the Caretaker was summoned to act as the head of a Demonic Army. It was then trapped here when the forces of good assaulted and sealed the keep. It has since been 'Caring' for various Tanarukk while it waits for an opportunity to escape.

The Hellish Caretaker can derive nourishment from the bodies of other sentient beings by inflicting emotional harm. Once a 'subject' is pacified (paralyzed) and encased in a fluidic sack, the Caretaker begins feeding low-level emotional distress to the subject. In kind the enthralled subject emits various electrolytic enzymes in its sweat. The Hellish Caretaker feeds on these enzymes and upon the emotions of fear and anxiety, absorbing them and deriving sustenance from them. It is also capable of deriving sustenance from water and particulate matter in the air around it. As a consequence of its 'caring' ways, the subjects usually go quite mad, and their alignment has a tendency of changing. Those left in its care for an extended period of time will find that their alignment reverses. A subject that is captured and fed upon for more than a year will have it's alignment reversed when and if it is ever released. During this feeding period it will also find that its muscles have atrophied. One final side effect of this loathsome imprisonment is suspension of the aging process. While a subject is fed upon, they do not age.

The Hellish Caretaker feeds upon and cares for its subjects as a way of deriving nourishment, but scholars suspect that it also gains tactical advantage from these poor souls. It is believed, and there is some anecdotal evidence in support of this theory - that the Hellish Caretaker also absorbs their memories and knowledge if a subject is held for an extended period of time.

The aberration itself is immense. It's body spans a 15' x 15' central mass, but it also has 50 tentacles that stretch out in all directions. Reaching up to 30 feet from the periphery of the body, the Hellish Caretaker is a massive creature. Its body seems to made out of some sort of mineral encrusted leathery skin, which is almost metallic to the touch. This extremely tough hide gives it a very high armor class.

The creature is capable of perfect flight at a slow rate. It can swim slowly and it can walk or crawl along any surface at a very slow rate. It was found by the party suspended by its tentacles from a cavernous room. The room's ceiling was encrusted with some sort of hardened excrement, which the creature was using as a terrain-scape to hang from. Dangling from the ceiling by its tentacles, the creature made for a fearsome sight, especially when the party caught sight of it's Tanarukk subjects suspended naked within the tear-drop shaped fluidic sacs.

The creature's massive body seemed stuck in place holding some 40 Tanarukk as unwilling subjects, but it certainly wasn't without defences. With ten free tentacles it lashed out at the party, reaching all the recesses of the room. While the physical attacks were daunting, they weren't the only weapon at the creatures disposal. It was also capable of generating any one of three special attacks each round. Those special attacks were: A confusion sphere (which caused one party member to run off and flee the creature for the entire duration of the encounter), an overmind blast which would have destroyed the wisdom statistic of any normal group, and a far realm effect against which there is seemingly no defense. The far realm effects were varied in nature, and some even affected the creature itself.

Being from a vastly different realm than our prime-material, this creature had various immunities to attacks that one might encounter in this realm. The creature is completely immune to acid (it's bodily fluids are some sort of acid, capable of burning away flesh), fear (it doesn't really understand fear, but finds it delicious and feeds upon it as one of the primary emotions it absorbs from its subjects), fire (the rocky, crystalline hide is impervious to flames) and all 'mind affecting' attacks. Its alien mind is so different from our own that all 'mind affecting' spells and attacks have no effect whatsoever on the creature. Armed with these impressive immunities, it is also highly resistant (DR 10/-) to all physical attack forms, spells (SR 30), and its body regenerates very quickly (Fast healing 12/round). There is one attack form that it cannot regenerate from; that is electrical attacks. The disruptive nature of electrical attacks prevents its body from regenerating any electrical damage.

The creature is a formidable enemy when engaged in physical combat. Its abundant tentacles are capable of mounting an impressive assault. It can attack with up to ten tentacles at a time. The tentacles can deliver one of two types of attack each round; either a paralyzing touch or an acid infused lashing. If it strikes to cause damage, the physical attack is accompanied by an acid attack that can dissolve flesh as well as items. It may also choose to grapple an opponent, paralyzing him/her in the process, and then enveloping them in a liquid filled capsule in order to begin feeding on the subject. When it does this, it inseminates the body with numerous tendrils in order to feed the subject air and a fluidic dietary substance. At the same time, it begins dissolving the subjects armor, clothing and items. All the while the subject is held motionless by a grapple until the paralysis takes firm hold. Subjects held and inseminated for feeding are made immune to the effects of the acid.

Any subjects freed from the enveloping fluidic capsules are then subject to the acid of the creature. In their weakened state, they are unlikely to survive, and even if they do survive their release, the odds are very high that they will suffer some long-lasting emotional and psychological trauma.

A description provided by Farroheena the furry one:
Lethal, glistening, acid pods of death. A greasy mass hanging off the ceiling, sucking the life out of the silently screaming bodies held within the pods attached to slippery tentacles near the floor below. The cold, otherworldly voice that invaded my thoughts and refused to be ignored. The confusion and fury it generated within me, as I struggled to free my mind from the effects of the extra-planer creature. That's what comes to mind when I think of The Caretaker. I tried to kill it with an arrow after I was turned into a shadow and it negligently transported me some distance away. Then, The Caretaker made some crazy effects happen to the party and even vanished from sight while it attacked the party. The Caretaker was finally dispatched for good with cold and electrical energy.

Hellwasp Swarm: Diminutive magical beasts - A hellwasp swarm is a hive mind of linked creatures. These ruby-red insects are vicious, foul-tempered magical insects from the infernal planes. The individual hellwasps are thumb sized, with a gleaming black carapace and ruby-red stripes. In swarms, they form a collective hive mind with a twisted, evil, intelligence. Like other swarms, hellwasp swarms seek to surround and attack any living prey it encounters. Their attacks are massed attacks against individuals. The surround and attack any living prey they encounter, dealing automatic damage to any creature whose space they occupy at the end of their move.

The swarm can actually take over the bodies of their prey - Infesting the living or dead, using their bodies as puppets to accomplish wicked acts. These evil creatures distract their opponents by crawling over, around and into various bodily openings. Doing so can provoke violent fits of nausea and result in an infernal inhabitation. Once inhabited, the body (living or dead) can be controlled by the swarm to do things that a swarm could never do; such as open doors, speak aloud or physically infiltrate buildings and homes.

In addition to the obscene inhabitation, the bites of a hellwasp swarm are poisonous and they are resistant to most attack forms, immune to attacks from standard weapons and able to see in the dark.

According to a encounter recap, Farro the Cat-Folk had this to say about one such encounter:
I think I could skip getting a close with another Hellwasp Swarm. These wonderful, little insects love to overwhelm you and then crawl into any orifice they can get into, just so they can use your body as a (magic) weapon to attack your buddies. UGH!

Hellwasps are extra-planer, evil (of course) and tiny. They act as one slowly swarming around you and automatically attacking you. Did I mention that you can incur poison damage at this point? Or that they make you nauseous?   If that wasn’t enough, Hell wasps have dark vision, hive mind, are fire resistant, and are immune to all weapons/spells that target a single creature, except mind spells. Hellwasps also have more than animal intelligence, so don’t expect to outrun them. The good news, is that you can force the Hellwasps out of someone’s body using a heal spell or remove disease spell. Which is helpful, because an occupied body will take constitution damage every hour, until you bust them out!

Hippogriff: A beast with the torso and hindquarters of a horse. This creature has the forelegs, wings and head of a giant eagle. While hippogriff aren't highly intelligent, they're smart enough to follow simple commands, and they make excellent flying mounts. Typically 9 feet long, with a 20 foot wingspan, these creatures weigh in around 1000 pounds, but they can carry (flying) up to 900 pounds.

Hobgoblin: This burly humanoid stands about 6-1/2 feet tall. It has hairy skin, feral eyes, and flat nose and chin. Larger cousins of Goblins. Hobgoblins are far more aggressive and organized than their smaller relatives. A race of military strategists with a mean streak. Hobgoblins often make war on other humanoids and act as mercenaries in the wars of others.

Hopping Pink OinkerHopping Pink Oinker: A strange looking beast, hopping and squealing, it lopped onto the field like some strange rabbit-pig mutant. A magical abomination, capable of draining away spells and charged items, a dangerous foe indeed; especially for a party that's heavily dependent on magic.

Immune to normal weapons, and unaffected by everything but magical damage, these beasts grow as they take damage. After taking more damage than their bizarre life can endure, they explode in a shower of shredded flesh and gore. After finally defeating one of the beasts, the party was dismayed to find that absorbing magical damage causes these creatures to reproduce; instantly generating a new Oinker hungry for more magic.

Attracted to the 'Smell' of magic. These creatures seek out magic in order to eat the charges and spells associated with any magic wielding sources. Although these creatures aren't heavily armored, or extremely resilient, their tendency to explode, and eat magic makes them a dangerous opponent.

The party has discovered that these creatures despise any form of anti-magic. They will avoid dead zones, and retreat from anyone/thing wielding an anti-magic device/ability.

Additional details as described by Farro the Street Fighter:
Here's a fun fact update: Those crazy Hopping Pink Oinkers can slowly take the magic out of permanent items. Plus, they can move up to 120 feet in a single round! And, I can say from personal experience, if you don't like getting blown up, lure the annoying beasts out into the open and attack them from at least 20 feet up in the air, where they can't catch you!

Hulk, Kaortic: An armored, horrible bulk, this creature is a mass of resinous armor, organically ribbed and fluted. The creature has a slick and disturbingly obscene character. It's overall shape, while huge, is like a four-legged predatory beast. Each of it's limbs ended with large paws, equipped with scimitar like claws. It's maw was crowded with twisted, wicked and insanely sharp teeth. The creature had no eyes or ears, but seemed to know precisely where everyone was. It even seemed to 'see' Grenco with no difficulty, despite his invisibility. Absolutely quite, it vanished into thin air when the party wasn't looking.

Musings from Dynnera the wise:
In our encounters with these twisted creatures, we have seen them turn invisible and change into a gaseous form. Ravenous beasts with an uncanny ability to evade our blades, these creatures belong not upon this plane. We will continue to vanquish them whenever we meet.

Hybsil: Woodland nomads devoted to deities of nature, their families, and acts of bravery. They look like three foot tall centaurs with the bodies of antelope instead of horses. They live in tribes of 20 to 80 individuals and hunt across wide ranges of territory, often quite distant from their camps in order to keep enemies away from their families. Males have large forking antlers that molt in the winter and grow back in the spring. Female Hybsil have permanent, smaller, slightly spiraled antlers without branches. Due to their diminutive nature, these creatures usually carry bow and arrow with quills dipped in various poisons (to which they are immune). They cast a short list of spells, can see invisible opponents, and skilled as scouts.

Details penned by Dynnera the wise:
Hybrid creature diminutive version

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Ice Toad: A large froglike creature, the size of a horse - or larger! It's skin is a dead white color, with warty lumps of pale blue, and a mouth filled with many small sharp teeth. Although they're more intelligent than mere animals, they are still too dim for complicated tactics. They attack just about anything, and fight brutally. Like all toads, they attack with their tongues, using them to drag prey into their mouths.

Capable of grappling and grasping prey with their great tongues. Large and powerful, unwary opponents (of man size) can easily be swallowed if grappled by the beasts great tongue. Digestive acids quickly go to work on any unwilling meal, and it doesn't take long before most meals are liquefied. In addition to the might blows of it's great tongue. The ice toad also numbs it's opponents by emitting a harmful field of deadly numbing cold. This field of fierce cold is capable of killing normal creatures out to 10 feet away.

According to Dynnera: Mistress of the Journals:
Huge sized white toads. They seemingly attacked independently and typically went for the largest meat source nearest them. Their tongue would reach out at least 10ft and would coil around you if they hit. There mouths looked to be capable of swallowing things whole but none of us were ever at risk. Apparently susceptible to fire.

Imp, Bog: A small humanoid creature rises from the stagnant waters of the swamp. Naked save for the moss and leaves that cling to its splotchy green skin, it has spindly, pointed ears. Its eyes gleam, and its grin displays broken teeth as swamp water trickles from its mouth.

Tanar's Creature Notes:
Extremely fast creatures with the ability to transverse all bog terrain with ease.  They seemed to have a unique power to soften the ground beneath a targeted person. Making the ground as soft as quick sand (or worse).  They could burrow into the bog as quickly as their movement across it.  They seem comparably sized to Grenco.

Inevitable: Natives to the Lawful Neutral plane of Mechanus. Inevitables are a type of living construct; much like the Warforged of Eberron and our departed friend Solmar. As a group they are called inevitables, and they exist to enforce the natural laws of the universe. The three widely recognized types of inevitables are kolyaruts (fugitive- hunters), maruts (foes of those who cheat death), and zelekhuts (enforcers of contracts). Each type of inevitable relentlessly finds and punishes those who have committed such transgressions.

Their forms vary, but all inevitables are gold-and-silver clockwork creatures, with gears and pistons where muscles would be on flesh-and-blood creatures. Their eyes glow with a golden radiance. Most Inevitables speak Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal, and other languages.

Like other constructs, the Inevitable are immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, disease, and similar effects. They're not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain, or death from massive damage. Unlike most constructs, inevitables have an Intelligence score and can think, learn, and remember.

Inevitable, Zelekhut: Natives to the plane of Mechanus. Inevitables are a type of living construct. One type of Inevitable are the Zelekhut (enforcers of contracts). One such Zelekhut that our party encountered was known to us as 'Zodar'

As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

Zodar was a medium sized construct - He (we don't know his gender, or even if he has a gender, but we've been calling Zodar a 'he' for the sake of convenience) served our party as a companion and guide during an adventure amongst the outer planes. We first encountered Zodar outside a country inn where we were investigating rumors and gathering information about an upcoming adventure. Zodar began following us everywhere we went, and eventually he began leading us toward some sort of destination or destiny. Zodar is incapable of speech (we're not sure whether this is common amongst the Zelekhut), but he understands common, and it took us some time to ascertain that Zodar had decided to join our party (or been directed to join our party) in pursuit of a common quest. Zodar has also been known to converse in writing, but only in a limited capacity - We're unsure if this is by choice or due to an intellectual limitation.

After adventuring with Zodar for some period of time, Mot asked him a series of questions, and Zodar actually provided some answers. Apparently Zodar is a member of a race of beings called 'Inevitable'. These creatures are natives of Mechanus - a Lawful Neutral plane of existence. Inevitable are constructs. We were right! They exist primarily to enforce the natural laws of the universe, and Zodar is on a mission to protect 'the Prince' from harm, so that he may achieve his goal. Zodar is a specific type of Inevitable. He's something called a 'Zelekhut'. He seems to be made out of some sort of metal, (we're not sure what sort of metal), and a close observation shows hinges and gears where his joints fit together.

Like other constructs, Zodar is immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, disease, and similar effects. Not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain, or death from massive damage. We don't know a lot about Zodar, but we have learned that he hails from the plane of Mechanus, and he is a servant to the Prince of Constructs.

Inevitable, Prince: Natives to the plane of Mechanus. Inevitables are a type of living construct. One type of Inevitable are the Zelekhut (enforcers of contracts). One such Zelekhut that our party encountered was known to us as the 'Prince of Constructs'. It is possible that 'The Prince' isn't actually an Inevitable, but we're assuming that he is one - for now.

As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

Despite the party's very high combined knowledge, we have no idea what this creature really is. We are describing it/naming it a 'Prince of Constructs' and some sort of Inevitable based entirely on contextual cues. It's servants - Golems and constructs (including a companion of ours named 'Zodar') all refer to it as 'The Prince'. It appears to be some sort of mechanical construct, probably a native of the lawful neutral plane of Mechanus - This construct is a mystery to us. Apparently we have been recruited (unbeknownst to us) to free the Prince from his prison on some distant plane (we're pretty sure he was being held prisoner on the plane of Mechanus - we've been planeshifted here (or at least we think we're on Mechanus), where he was being held by a group of undead and minions of Tiamat (a very powerful demi-god/evil Dragon). The Prince is on his way (with us in tow..) to the plane of Acheron (a plane of 'battle') for reasons unknown.

The Prince is medium sized, mechanical, highly-intelligent, capable of speech and has gears in his head. With some sort of golden radiance illuminating his body from inside, it's quite disturbing to look at him for more than a minute or so. If he is a construct - and we're 90% sure he is - he 's (I'm only applying gender for lack of a known pronoun) immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, disease, and similar effects. The Prince is probably not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain, or death from massive damage. Unfortunately, we're still uncertain as to his goals or where he's leading us.

Invisible Stalker: Natives to the elemental plane of Air, these creatures sometimes serve spell casters, who summon them to perform specific tasks. These creatures are powerful combatants, capable of using their own bodies as weapons. Smashing opponents with sudden, intense blasts of wind, the Invisible Stalker makes an excellent guard. Their ability to track opponents borders on the supernatural. What does an Invisible Stalker look like? Good question.

Invisible Terror: A creature encountered down in the Sewers of Lingice-Enz. The party heard rumors about this creature before they encountered it. The faint smell of pine announced its arrival, but the party didn't associate the smell with this creature until after their encounter. Thanks to a well placed 'Faerie Fire' spell, the party now knows what an 'Invisible Terror' looks like. A many tentacled creature floats a few feet above the ground. It's central core is a shell-covered torso, topped with several eyestalks and short tentacles with tiny mouths. The mouths and tentacles are all equipped with tiny needle like teeth that seem to be dripping some sort of ichor like substance. The party attacked the creature with a variety of weapons, but they didn't inflict much damage. As soon as they cast that faerie fire on it, the creature fled. Flying away down the nearest corridor, around the corner and out of sight. Apparently it didn't like the fact that it was glowing with a bright light.

Natives to the elemental plane of Air, these creatures sometimes serve spell casters, who summon them to perform specific tasks. These creatures are powerful combatants, capable of using their own bodies as weapons. Smashing opponents with sudden, intense blasts of wind, the Invisible Stalker makes an excellent guard. Their ability to track opponents borders on the supernatural. What does an Invisible Stalker look like? Good question.

Iron Cobra: A tenacious construct capable of tracking down its victims over nearly any terrain. An Iron Cobra is typically 3 feet long and weighs about 100 pounds. It looks like a cobra made out of dozens of circular iron bands, fitted together to form a snakelike body. Stealthy and poisonous, these constructs are built by magic users to serve as treasure guards or likely assassins.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
Well I guess it should have been expected. Walk through a field full of tall grass and you're bound to run into a snake or two. Never did we imagine that we’d run into three different species. In a nearby rocky area we found an Iron Cobra. This 3’ 100lb viper looked like a cobra made out of iron (DUH). A construct that is capable of dispensing 3 doses of poison. The poison varies depending on the makers design. It is immune to all mental effects and has darkvision.

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Jackal, Dire: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling monster while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following: As large as a pony, these fearless hunters roam the wastelands in search of prey both day and night.

Jackal, Dire, Tainted: The party encountered a powerful version of these creatures when they ventured into the tainted deserts of the Dry Steppes. Typical Dire Jackals are as large as a pony. While these monsters were about the same size, they were far more powerful than the party anticipated. These fearless hunters roam the wastelands in search of prey both day and night. The variety encountered by our group of adventurers was a far more powerful variety. Afflicted with taint, these creatures imparted taint and corruption with every bite! Thankfully the corruption effects were temporary; wearing off in a day or two. The taint was not, and the party has a limited supply of protection from taint. The eyes of these creatures projected a visible green ray of fear from their eyes. Targeting one victim per round, the party had some difficulty withstanding the powerful supernatural effect. In addition to the fear effect, the creatures barking caused sonic damage against selected individuals. And of course, they're immune to sonic attacks!

Janni: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling monster while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following: The Jann (singular janni) are the weakest of the genies. Jann are formed out of all four elements and must therefore spend most of their time on the Material Plane.

Janni, Half: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling creature while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following: The Jann (singular janni) are the weakest of the genies. Jann are formed out of all four elements and must therefore spend most of their time on the Material Plane. Half-Janni are the offspring of couplings between Jann and more mundane races. More powerful than their mundane parents, the Half-Janni can easily pass as the mundane half of their heritage. Skin and hair colors of Half-Jann are usually imbued with a red or golden hues.

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Kenku: Cloaked humanoids that cling to the shadows. Kenku have birdlike talons instead of hands or feet. Beneath the cowl of their robes, one can discern avian features—beady black eyes, a black beak, and russet-brown feathers. Kenku are a race of creatures evolved from avians, although they retain their feathers, gone are the wings and with them flight. These beings are selfish and secretive in their dealings. They rarely travel alone, instead traveling the dark corridors of cities or desolate road-ways of the countryside in flocks. They are often employed as spies, thieves or assassins. They are also known to be shrewd traders.

According to Dynnera:
Kenku are Raven looking humanoid creatures with avian features.  Vestigial wings prevent them from flying.  They live in nests near civilizations and are known to be secretive and predisposed to assassination and thievery.  They rarely are solitary.

Killer column: A masonry monstrosity. Disguised to look like an architectural support. This creature is actually some sort of giant worm. It waits patiently disguised until some unsuspecting prey ventures near. Bending over like some giant macaroni noodle, it opens its mouth and attempts to swallow whole it's prey. The maw of this monster is big enough around to swallow anything smaller than a horse. It's mouth is lined with razor sharp teeth, and the creature is capable of crushing, mincing and swallowing it's prey in one fell swoop. This monster will definitely keep the bold adventurer on his or her toes.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
Not quite sure what these things are. I only know they look like stone columns. However, don’t try to take their treasure. When the treasure was touched, one of these columns detached itself from the opposite wall and tried to swallow Kethri. Lucky for her she only had a bite taken out of her. Once she dropped the item the “column” reattached itself and quieted down.

Further investigation revealed one weakness. If you stand directly adjacent to the creature, it cannot reach you by bending over. The party also discovered that these creatures are capable of movement. They can detach one end of their body from a surface bend over, and then straighten out again by lifting the other end of their body. They look something like a giant slinky when they move about in this fashion. Thankfully they're relatively slow.

Kir-Lanan: Kir-Lanan are a minor race in the Realms. The party first encountered these intelligent being in Whillip. One of the party members needed training, and this creature (with a name they couldn't pronounce) served as a trainer for the Dragon Shaman in the party. Flying creatures with a hide that looks rock-like. These creatures are often falsely labeled as 'Gargoyles' by many. These creatures arrived in Faerūn during the Time of Troubles (1358 DR). Vaguely similar to true gargoyles. They have a humanoid form and large, batlike wings. They stand about 6 feet tall and weigh around 220 pounds. Their finely scaled hides are all dark in color, normally ranging from midnight blue through deep purple to black. Some rare individuals come in deep crimson, emerald, dun, or gray colors instead. They all have mouths full of sharp, pointed teeth, and they have small, blunt horns just above their temples. They eschew traditional clothing, instead binding their torsos with cloth wrappings interwoven with strips of metal, ivory, or stone. As a minor race, players must make knowledge checks in order to 'know about' them.

Kobold: A cowardly and sadistic race of short humanoids that vigorously contest Human and demi-human races for living space and food. They especially dislike gnomes and attack them on sight. Barely clearing three feet in height, Kobolds have scaly hides that range from dark, rusty brown, to a rusty black. They smell of damp dogs and stagnant water. Their eyes glow like a bright red spark, and they have two small horns ranging from tan to white. Because of the Kobolds fondness for wearing raggedy garb of red and orange, their non-prehensile rat-like tails, and their language (which sounds like dogs yapping), these fell creatures are often not taken seriously. This is often a fatal mistake, for what they lack in size and strength, they make up for in ferocity, tenacity, and cunning.

Kobolds are typically weak. Your common Kobold has a slight edge over a common farmer. He's more bloodthirsty.

Rusty hingeThe Rusty Hinge tribe: An encounter with some Kobolds in the Oversember Vale proves that not all Kobolds are created equal. The Kobolds in that valley are well disciplined, well trained, well equipped, and act like well trained militia. They even fight like true warriors. They certainly stood toe to toe with our group of 3rd level adventurers for much longer than expected. Tough little buggers.

The Rusty Hinge tribe is actually a school. Kobold members of a military academy. This tribe is using Sharisthek as a military training school. Kobold tribes from all around the area send their best warriors there to learn to fight better, and then they go back to their tribes to be leaders. Zhabovekh is the leader of the whole school, and he is a high level priest of Kurtulmak (A Kobold deity). He can use a spell that makes a pillar of fire shoot down from the sky, and he can teleport himself whenever he wants. I wonder if he's been hanging out with those succubi?

The leaders of these Kobolds are man-sized Kobolds (Kobolds are usually small (2 - 3 feet tall)) with metallic scales. The leaders were also noted carrying what appeared to be magic items. There are four Kobolds working under Zhabovekh. Khosh leads the Agnorak squad, Gorm leads the Bros'to squad, Saguro leads the Co-Jahmi squad, and Zake leads the Davek-Nar squad. The students are the squad members. Everybody that attends the school is considered to be part of the "Rusty Hinge Tribe." Kagnythus said that he's heard about these Kobolds raiding nearby villages and caravans. He said that they don't just kill everyone they can, like Kobolds normally do, but just take stuff and only kill the people they have to.

Kuo-Toa: An ancient race of evil fish-like monstrous humanoids. Kuo-Toa are known to speak Undercommon and Kuo-Toa. The party observed that they didn't like the bright rays of the sun, and sought shade from the morning light. These creatures usually dwell in underground lakes and streams, our party of adventurers encountered a tribal unit in a hidden mountain valley. There they live peacefully in a fishing village located in and around a large lake. They had just finished a nightly outing to catch fish and check their traps. Oddly, these peaceful, but evil, fish folk were surviving as a tribe in an amongst a forest infected with many dangerous monsters. The party was invited to dine and rest on the shores of the tribes encampment. The party didn't eat any of their 'soup', but they did rest for eight hours while Solmar kept watch.

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Lantern Archon: A lawful good creature which is sometimes summoned by good aligned priests. Lantern archons appear as floating balls of light that glow about as brightly as a torch. Only their destruction can extinguish the glow, though they can try to hide it. They attack their opponents with an aura of menace and blasts of light (30 foot ray), which overcome any form of damage reduction. Lantern Archons have some limited ability to cast divine spells (aid, detect evil, continual flame)

Leprechaun: Diminutive folk who are found in fair, green lands and enjoy frolicking, working magic, and causing harmless magic. Two feet tall, with pointed ears, and tapered noses. Highly adept, and endowed with innate magical abilities. Leprechauns have a keen sense of humor, and enjoy playing pranks on normal folk.

Leviathan: An immense sea creature that takes up residence in a stretch of water, usually in a very deep strait, and terrorizes shipping through that zone for years. It sinks some ships and lets other pass without interference. Decades may pass without a sighting; then for no apparent reason, the attacks resume. usually in a new location. Whether this is the same beast awakened from hibernation, or an entirely new beast is unknown. The creature is an immense whale of almost unimaginable proportions. Some have seen its head, others its tail, but those who have seen enough of the monster to determine it's full size, usually don't live to tell the tale. The party encountered this beast from the deep, and barely escaped in a flying ship. If they'd been aboard a standard sailing vessel, they'd surely be dead right now.

Lion, Dire: A creature that the party's Druid favors. The Druid in our group would sometimes change into the form of this creature. A regal beast with a powerful build. A larger form of lion than the type commonly found in the wild. Dire lion grow as large as 15 feet long and weight 3,500lbs. In combat they run, leap, pounce. Attacking with claws and a bite. If they manage to bite, they can then grapple and rake their opponents. Dire lion are also quite stealthy, sometimes stalking, laying in wait or surprising their opponents.

Living Holocaust: This elemental creature is equal parts air, fire, and evil. Filled with malice and a lust for power, they consume the life force of others through immolation. Living Holocausts on the Material Plane seek to dominate creatures in the area, forcing them to offer living tributes to its hunger. The creatures appears as a red flame, constantly flickering and swirling about. It has no recognizable features. A cyclone of terrifying death and malevolent energy. Living Holocausts burn every creature they encounter. Even other fire and air elementals fear them. Despite a gaseous form, the creatures can speak Abyssal, Auran and Ignan.

These elemental creatures are able to control the wind, which they then imbue with their burning essence in order to creating whirling inferno of destruction. The holocaust winds burn everything in the area for several rounds. When not using their whirlwind attack they attack opponents with fiery spikes of flame that they hurl as ranged weapons. Contact with a Living Holocaust of course results in combustion.

According to Farro the fierce:
Next, we encountered a Fiery Ember that was floating towards us like a curling, red snake of flame. We definitely felt the heat before it got closer to us. The Fiery Ember was constantly moving, but not like an animal would, because it didn't have a face or features. As it attacked it spits out spikes of fire and constantly burned anyone near it. We had to make a fortitude save every time these spikes of flame took a jab at us. Amazingly, it was fire resistant and had a fun little exploding attack. Use cold attacks on these guys.

Living wall: The party first learned about this 'creature' from the Myconid king of Firestorm peak: This abomination is an affront to all nature. Pulsing with blood and undulating with unseen muscles, walls of living flesh are crafted by fiends, necromancers, and other twisted creatures. Walls of living flesh are resilient to harm and have fast healing. The flesh wall of Firestorm peak has eyes, gaping maws, and other distinguishable facial characteristics. This thing is known to absorb the powers and abilities of those it consumes.

According to Dynnera:
A mass of flesh, mouths, eyes, and limbs.  Initially created by arcane methods (fiend or necromantic) it has the ability to: restore itself within 24 hours, damage resistance, can see with its eyes and cast divination spells, and attempts to ‘absorb’ intelligent creatures potentially gaining any spell casting abilities of that creature.

Lizardfolk: The party first learned about this 'creature' from their research. Apparently it's some type of creature created by the Sarrukh. No doubt it's similar to the Lizard Men.

Lizard men: Savage, semi-aquatic, reptilian humanoids that live through scavenging, raiding, and in less hostile areas, by fishing and gathering. Adult Lizard men stand 6 to 7 feet tall, weighing 200 to 250 pounds. Skin tone ranges from dark green to gray and brown. Scales give the skin a flecked appearance. Non-prehensile tails average three to four feet in length. Males are nearly impossible to distinguish from females without close inspection. Lizard men garb is limited to strings of bones and other barbaric ornament.

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Mageripper Swarm: A writhing mass of bizarre little creatures. These monsters swarm across the floor and walls. Their tentacles wave about as if sensing the air. Eyeless little bodies, covered with bristly fur, their bodies are little more than a gaping maw filled with tiny sharp teeth. Somehow, without eyes, they seem to move unerringly towards the spell-casters in our group. Not only can they sense magic, they can dispel it, and suck spells from the spell-casters that they attack. Crawling, swarming and overwhelming their opponents. The swarm nauseates it's victims, continuously gnawing, chewing and biting.

Maschin-I-Bozorg: Mechanical constructs built and controlled by the Kagu-Svirfnebli, a tribe of Svirfneblin who live in the Earthspur mountains. These devices come in three sizes: Small, medium and large. The small ones measure 3' in dia, the medium 6' in diameter, and the large are 9' in diameter. All three are a low metal dome that rides close to the floor. Made of metal, these devices are controlled by the Svirfneblin that built them. Acting as cave defenders, these constructs are armed with a variety of offensive and defensive capabilities. The medium sized devices were armed with a scalding blast of steam, and four dart portals. The darts had a stunning and weakening effect, while the scalding steam could knock a person down. Touching the bare metal surface, or attacking the Maschin-I-Bozorg with metal weapons resulted in a sever electrical jolt which could easily knock an attacker prone. Prone victims were subject to a trampling effect. The best way to fight these constructs is to tip them over. A difficult but possible tactic. Doing so renders them unable to properly aim their attacks.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
We came across this round metal turtle like thing. I actually recognized a creature for once. This was one of those 'Iron Dragons' we heard of in our visions. This ‘creature’ comes in three different sizes, moves on wheels mounted underneath the body, and attacks with hot steam, darts which can stun, and to Ashedyn's surprise, quite a shock when touched. Thanks to Rezigrene’s electricity immunity and great strength we were able to capitalize on the creatures major weakness… Turn almost anything turtle shaped on it’s back and you’ve got it licked.

Mephit, Glass: These creatures were encountered while the party was aboard the Skycruiser Palisade. Sailing near a great desert, the ship was attacked by a group of flying creatures. These winged creatures are small, with smooth angular features and a glossy surface which glows dully like a dying ember. Equipped with a breath weapon of molten glass and a tendency to attack in large groups. These extraplanar elementals didn't present much of a threat to the party, but they did manage to kill, and carry off, a few crew members.

According to Dynnera:
Small flying creatures with an affinity to elementals of air, earth, and fire.  Have a molten glass breath weapon that spews forth ~ 10ft and sticks to a victim’s body, inflicting continuing wounds unless purposely removed.  Otherwise used claw attacks and attempted en mass attacks.  Said to have spell-like abilities, fast healing, and resistance to non-magical weapons.

Merchurion: A metal Goliath makes a bee-line directly towards you, its gleaming form shifts and flows like some sort of possessed liquid. The creature seems more agile and precise than its muscled humanoid form would suggest. As it gets closer you realize that its not wearing a suit of highly polished armor - Its hide is a flowing form of silvery metal. Its eyes are a slightly different color, seemingly detached dollops of molten gold in a sea of viscous silver. As the rivers of molten metal running down its arms solidify his hand and forearm disappear, replaced with an immense battleaxe.

A legend tells of an ancient race of giants who served Surtur (Deity of the Fire Giants) as master metalsmiths. They were charged with creating weapons that surpassed those crafted by the finest Dwarven masters. Their prowess in combat was subject to great poems and ballads. After centuries of service, the giants produced their greatest weapon of all - a seemingly self stirring slag of mercurial metal. Surtur was incensed, unthinkingly casting all the master craftsman into the magma from which their creation was born. The weaponsmiths were not slain, instead they were reborn into creatures of liquid metal.

Confident and decisive, Merchurions spend almost no time pondering their situation, they wage into battle as soon as they've assessed an enemy's presence. Their ability to strike awesome blows scatters and lays prone the unprepared opponents. While many spend precious moments regrouping and regaining their footing, the Merchurion presses its attack. Massive and built like a bull, the Merchurion often uses a bull-rush tactic in order to disperse defensive lines and cause chaos by getting behind the front line fighters. Merchurions often target those who wield the most notable weapons. The Merchurion has a magical property of absorbing the properties of weapons it is attacked with. Able to change its body to take on the shape of any non-ranged weapon, the Merchurion is then able to use the properties of absorbed weapons in an attack against its opponents.

According to Farro the furry:
This big blob of glowing, bright, silver metal turned into a monster that could attack us with our own weapons every time we whacked at him.  Eventually, we overcame the creature and it oozed down into the stone floor.  I hope it doesn’t reanimate the next time we head back that way!

Mind Flayer: (Also know as Illithid) This strange humanoid being stands nearly as tall as a Human. It's rubbery skin is greenish blue in tint, and covered with a glistening sheen of slime. The creature's head resembles a four-tentacled octopus with beady white eyes. These evil beings are members of a powerful race which dominates it's enemies minds, conquers weaker races, and enslaves the weak willed. They typically attack from a distance, bringing powerful mind based attacks to bear. In melee, opponents find that Mind Flayer's have a taste for the flesh of intelligent opponents - Especially the flesh of one's brain!

Mivilorn: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: This creature looks much like an elephant-sized bulldog.  It can puke digestive acid at opponents.  It charges into melee with its huge mouth open as wide as possible trying to scoop up foes.  It chews on a victim for a short time, and then spits it out on the ground to check to see if it is still alive.  It repeats the process until the victim is dead.

Mohrg: The party originally read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge was limited to the following information: A medium sized undead creature. This monster looks like a gaunt nearly skeletal corpse, its rib cage filled with horrid, writhing viscera. The creature's tongue is its most noteworthy feature—long, cartilaginous, and clawed. Mohrg are the animated corpses of mass murderers or similar villains who died without atoning for their crimes. Later on - After a Cleric named 'Mot' joined the group; the party had another encounter with these creatures. The party (well, most of the party) attributes this particular 'visitation' to a 'Curse' that Mot suffers under.

According to Farro the furry one:
Seems like everywhere we go in this town, the evil undead spring up from the ground to greet us. Today we managed to eviscerate some Mohrg on our way to the market. Apparently, the Mohrg had committed some heinous murders in life that they never apologized for or made right, so they ended up becoming rotten, ground meat for us. The only worse thing than engaging a Mohrg is smelling it, and unfortunately, we were downwind! The Evil skeletons were nasty fast, too. Their guts looked like a huge pile of wriggling tape worms and their rope-like tongues whipped out to attack and paralyze us. I don’t know how they did it, but the Mohrg somehow managed to grow their canines out into fangs.

Mold, Russet: This unusual form of subterranean life can be something of a hazard to unseasoned adventurers. A microbial colony of plant life, the mold can accumulate into a large patches of brownish red mold. These 'creatures' typically dwell in areas void of sunlight. This particular form of mold resembles a patch of rust when viewed at a distance (30 feet or more). When one gets closer, a lumpier consistency is noted, and one can see short, hair-like growths standing upright on the surface of the patch. These 'hairs' seem to sway slightly as if there were a breeze present. Immune to most forms of attack (spells and weapons), the mold can be killed by exposure to alcohol, acid, salt or the application of a cure disease spell or any contact with sunlight (magical or otherwise). The colony constantly emits a barely perceptible cloud of spores in a five foot radius. Any living creatures entering the spore cloud immediately begin to suffer adverse affects (fortitude save permitted), as the spores infect and attack living tissue at the cellular level. Those who succumb to the 'sickness', die within minutes. These unfortunate victims are 'resurrected' as an animated abomination, after the mold has completely enveloped and infested their corpse.

Mold, War: This creature appeared as a giant slimy abomination, composed entirely of mold. Thanks to Zedd's worldly knowledge and vast experience as a ranger, he was able to tell the group that this was a summoned creature. Unfortunately the summoner (Eilownwy) didn't inform the party, so the party (prior to Zedd's auspicious observation) initially attacked this ally. The war mold is a creature formulated in a lab to follow the directions of it's summoner. It attacks by bludgeoning the enemy with each of its large arms. Note: in the case of this particular creature, it manifested itself in the form of a large X (Could this be a indication of the original creator?).

Mold, Yellow: Musty smelling and pale yellow in color. This dungeon hazard has taken its share of unaware adventurers. When disturbed these extremely buoyant spores burst forth into a cloud of poisonous airborne danger. Anyone nearby (within 10') is susceptible to the damaging effects. Those with a weak fortitude suffer constitution damage. According to lore, the spores can be deadly, but flames destroy them and sunlight makes them harmless.

Monkey-Man: An imaginary creature. Occasionally the wizard in our group changes himself into a flying 'Monkey-man'. The monkey-man looks like a Baboon (A monkey) with dark blue skin, black hair, and a pair of large bat like wings. Odd looking, but capable of flight. Something the wizard sometimes finds himself in need of.

Mummy: These undead creatures are preserved, animated corpses, brought to life by the arcane power of powerful mages. Most mummies (animated from Human remains) are 5 to 6 feet tall, weighing approximately 120lbs. While mummies can speak common, they seldom do so. The mere sight of a mummy can stop a person dead in their tracks as an overwhelming fear paralyzes them. The touch of a mummy can inflict a supernatural form of rot as a disease. Unlike normal diseases, this magical affliction hampers spell casting and saps the victims constitution. Victims of the rot will gradually weaken until they are cured (by remove curse) or die. The remains of someone killed by mummy rot are nothing more than a handful of sand and minerals. Being composed of resin soaked wrappings and desiccated remains, mummies are particularly vulnerable to fire.

Mummy, Salt: The party originally learned about this monster by reading a Bestiary - Their knowledge was limited to the following information: These undead were extremely evil humanoids that were accidentally buried too close to veins of salt.  In addition to the damage they inflict with their powerful blows, merely touching (or being touch by) a salt mummy causes extra damage to a creature as water is evaporated from its body.  Water creatures are especially vulnerable to this threat.  Damage to a salt mummy’s body is repaired very quickly.

Since reading that bestiary, the party encountered these creatures in the wild. From that encounter, they learned a few more things about the Salt Mummy. While the salt mummy does extra damage to water based creatures - Destroying the water inside living creatures; they are also highly susceptible to water based attacks.

Myconid: Myconids, or fungus men, are a race of intelligent fungi that live in remote reaches underground, far away from others. They are cautious creatures that deplore violence. These intelligent, mobile mushrooms are among the more unusual creatures that live deep below ground. Myconids are gentle, quiet, shy, and thoughtful. They always view strangers with distrust because they assume that all strangers are destructive and violent. To ensure that they can live in peace, they usually make their homes far from the more commonly traveled subterranean paths.

Myconid range from 2 to 12 feet tall. The primary physical characteristics that distinguish it from other giant toadstools are its limbs—the lower half of its trunk is split in half to form two legs, and two arms jut out from just beneath its cap. It also has two eyes in the cap, which are perfectly concealed when it closes them. Its hands seem to have a random number of fingers and thumbs. Myconid have life spans of 20 - 30 years. When first spawned, the infants resemble a giant toadstool. By the age of four, it has reached adulthood and becomes mobile. Thereafter, its appearance changes very little as it ages.

Myconid social structure relies on a highly organized caste system, and the various forms of Myconid have access to/the ability to emit a variety of spores. There are at least six (and possibly more) different types of spores which Myconid emit. Distress spores act as a warning to other Myconid. Alerting all Myconid within 120 feet that danger is present. Reproduction spores are used to perpetuate the species. Rapport spores allow Myconid to communicate telepathically with non-Myconid life forms. Pacification spores are used on hostile intruders. Hallucination spores can also be used against violent creatures. Animation spores are used by the sovereign Myconid in order to animate corpses which can be commanded for defense and work.

Noted by Solmar the Paladin:
A colony of sentient mushrooms - Pacifists.  Resistant to taint permeating area.  Ruled over by a King.  Willing to ally with us to a limited degree.  Can create a potion which prevents receiving taint from remaining in tainted area for extended period of time.  Willing to provide us safe haven to rest as long as we do not bring any conflicts into their territory.  Overall, alliance is an extremely valuable asset.  In return, we agreed to bring to them a large quantity of fertile soil.  Should be easy to obtain from forest on surface.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the chronicles:
Toadstool looking intelligent humanoids with purple skin.  They are immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, polymorph, taint, and possess other plant traits.  They have the ability to generate various spores to multiple affect: distress, reproduction, pacification, hallucination, animation, and telepathic communication. Myconid have the ability to turn darkscape mushrooms into an elixir which wards off taint.  It takes them an hour per dose to prepare, and requires a mixture of their ‘pacification’ spores.  It protects people twice within a given day.

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Naga, Dark: The party has been slowly accumulating knowledge about a Dark Naga. The party has figured out that a Dark Naga is behind the evil that has infested the small town of Orlane. Recently, the party found an intricately carved statue of a Dark Naga. Intelligent, and Evil, this snakelike creature has a deep purple body covered in fine scales, making it look like rather like a great eel. Its tail ends in a barbed stinger. Its head resembles an eel's, but it has a humanlike visage. The party learned from Cirilli that the Naga's name is "Explicita Defilus".

Recently the party found the Naga's tracks at the edge of a great lake. The tracks lead the party to believe that this foul beast can swim. Not long after discovering the tracks on the edge of this lake, the party had a rather unpleasant encounter with a fireball! According to an interrogated Troglodyte, the Naga lives on an Island in the middle of the lake. Can the Naga cast spells as well?

After defeating the Naga; and oh what a costly battle that was! The party learned a few more things about Nagas. For example: Yes, they can cast spells. Some (this one) can swim, they have continuously functioning ESP, and their stinger is poisonous.

Nagatha: The party's initial encounter with this creature was merely a flyover. As they passed over it, Solmar and Zeddishous gazed down into it's blood red maw. This creature has the lower body of some strange twisted worm, it's head is that of a snake like lizard. It's eyes are milky white, and it has two arms that end in immensely oversized claws of razor sharp bone. It stretched its body skyward in a graceful leap that spoke of deception and blinding speed. These evil wormlike creatures are created from the bodies of normal humanoids. They enjoy eviscerating their victims and take sadistic glee in the pain and suffering of living creatures. With a poisonous bite they sap their victims ability to reason, sense the vibrations of nearby prey, and often lurk just beneath the surface of their killing grounds

According to Dynnera:
Monstrous humanoid creature with worm-like aspects.  These creatures are created by Naga, eviscerate their prey, and have poisonous bites that drain intelligence from creatures.  SCREWOFFS were fortunate that we were flying about 50ft in the air at the time and these creatures could not reach up high enough to attack us.

Neh-Thalggu: Another creature from the Far Realms. Arrived in our world through the Vast Gate of Firestorm Peak, this abomination of the natural order is not of our realm. A bloated, amorphous sack of yellowish, oily fat, standing upon five armored legs. Tiny, writhing appendages and strange, round bumps cover the creature's body, framing a gaping maw filled with enormous, needle-like teeth. It stares at you nonchalantly with its four alien glowing eyes. Creatures from the Far Realms, their purpose here is uncertain, but it seems that they may have chosen our world as a hunting grounds for the brains of humanoid beings. They 'devour' the brains of intelligent victims and store the brain in a special cavity behind their eyes. After the brain is consumed, the brain eater is able to draw arcane power from the still living consciousness of the victim. They are often referred to as "Brain Collectors". Creatures slain by a brain collector cannot be raised, reincarnated, or resurrected, because the brain collector preserves the brains of its victims - drawing upon the soul and basic personality of the unfortunate victim until the brain eater is slain. Consumption of victims brains empowers a Neh-Thalggu with spell casting ability; gaining spell like abilities based on the number of brains consumed.

According to Dynnera mistress of the journals
Slug like creature with a single bite attack, and a special attack of ‘eating brains’.  It’s an extra-planar aberration that can cast spells in addition to its bite attack.  We didn’t allow enough time to evaluate its abilities as after one bite attempt it was killed.

Nifern: Another creature that our adventurers encountered in the tropical regions of Faerun. The party encountered these creatures during an adventure in the Black Jungles of Faerun, but they didn't learn too much about them. They only encountered them during an audience with a Sarrukh. Nifern are quadrupeds resembling a hairless, scaly dog with extra large paws. Its tail curves up over its head, ending in a deadly-looking stinger. Nifern are the scaly equivalents of hunting dogs. Though native to the Underdark, many of them exist above ground, both in the wild and as pets. Scalykind creatures often employ Nifern as hunters, trackers, and loyal guardians.

According to Farro the master of the spring attack
Did I mention the palace pets? The place was covered in snake-dog creatures called Nifern. The Nifern gracefully wagged their scorpion tails back and forth, possibly looking for the best angle to sting us with their poison and paralyze us, if we got too close. The Nifern couldn't see us because they don't have eyes per se, but each one followed our movements, nonetheless. Every time a Nifern scented us, it held its breath, in order to get a good taste of our strange smell. Then, the Nifern barred its teeth, emitted a strange high-pitched, hissing, type bark and strained against the chain holding it at bay. I could see they were anxious to track us down at a moment's notice. .

Night hag: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: A medium sized evil outsider. This being looks like a hideously ugly woman. Its flesh is the blue-violet of a deep bruise and covered with warts, blisters, and open sores. It has straggly jet-black hair and jagged, yellow teeth. The eyes burn like hot coals, throwing out a thick, red radiance. Merciless and utterly evil, Night hags are creatures from the plane of Hades that constantly hunger for the flesh and souls of innocent men and women.

Night Hunter: Night Hunters are a type of Deep Bat (A variety of bat (native to the Realms) known to be active in both the surface world and the Underdark). Large (medium sized), vicious bats that emit weird, echoing, loonlike screams as they swoop to attack their prey. They have a long tails with a razor sharp spade on the end. Their fur is velvet black, and their eyes are bright violet, orange, or red. Equipped with a powerful form of darkvision and a pack mentality, swoops of Night Hunters constitute a dangerous encounter.

Thoughts from Dynnera secret journals
Bats the size of a human with an annoying screech. Had a barbed tail attack in addition to its bite or claws. Their mind numbing screech seemed to affect lesser creatures in the vicinity.

Nightwalker: A huge undead creature from another plane of existence. The Nightwalker looks like a humanoid giant, taller than a house and composed of pure darkness. It wears no clothing and has a smooth, hairless body, lacking any signs of gender. This human-shaped horror haunts the darkness of accursed places. Standing 20 feet tall, it weighs approximately 12,000 lbs and glides slowly through the night air like a deadly disease in search of the living. The nightwalker is an exceedingly intelligent foe that makes the best use of its abilities. It favors using its spell-like abilities to divide and disable its enemies, then closing to melee with opponents that it has isolated from their allies.

The gaze of this creature imparts a pale of evil upon those who spy it. Casting fear into the hearts of weak willed opponents, those who succumb to its gaze become paralyzed with fear. Capable of crushing weapons and other items, one of its favorite tactics is the destruction of a party's favored items. Casting many spells and spell like abilities, the nightwalker often attacks from afar (hiding in the dark) before closing, to crush paralyzed and disoriented opponents. It's even capable of summoning forth undead minions in order to deal with large groups of opponents. Its damage reduction, high armor class and spell resistance protect it from all but the most powerful of attacks.

According to Dynnera:
20 foot tall, 12,000 pound extra-planar undead creature that appears to be darkness in humanoid shaped.  Can fly and has spell resistance, damage reduction and incredible attack and defensive armor abilities.  Capable of casting spells, including quicken spells and has propensity towards unholy blight and finger of death.  Can cause paralysis by being within 30ft and meeting its gaze.  Rumored to be able to summon other undead, have darkvision, telepathy, and an ability to crush items, including magical items, with its hands.  Remember the Deepspawn motto, repeat twice as fast for the Night Walker! Dynnera’s Suggested Motto – “See Nightwalker, Run Away”

Nightwing: A 4,000lb undead creature from another plane of existence. The Nightwing doesn't 'look' like anything. Invisible and utterly black, this creature can only be detected by the light that it blots out as it's bat-like form glides across the night sky. With a wingspan of appx 40 feet, the Nightwing prowls the night sky, looking for prey to sate it's unending appetite for the living. Often accompanied by other undead, summoned by the Nightwing, the Nightwing and it's entourage of undead minions is no laughing matter. Armed with spell-like abilities and the ability to drain magic from items and areas, this creature falls in the same category as the Nightwalker - i.e. Run Away!

According to Farro the ferocious:
Something blacker than night came out of the shadows and attacked us while we slept in our rope trick. I couldn't even see well enough to shoot it, until it was pinpointed by the other members of our group. I found out it's a 4,000 pound Nightwing. Think of a huge mist shrouded in coal and teeth being propelled by bat wings. I wish I could blend in with such ease in the dark. But, perhaps not, considering the Nightwing is undead, comes from the shadow plane and brought its little wraith-like undead buddies with it to suck out our life-force specifically through our strength.

First, the Night Wing telepathically spoke to part of the group, then it tried to bite and breathe an icy blast 60 feet long. The beast was immune to cold damage. If you want to make a Night Wing your pet, be aware that it doesn't like the light, can cause confusion, and will likely bite you in half with its 10 ft reach, rather than try to reason with you. The Night Wing also has a 20 ft desecrating aura, can use unholy blight, likes to dispel and drain your magic, remove your enhancements and cause a deeper darkness to surround it. Our Night Wing also had the finger of death, damage reduction, spell resistance, improved combat, critical bite, fortitude saves and imbued his surroundings with negative energy.

Although our Night Wing was extremely quick on the draw, we still got him when he was lumbering around on the ground. He definitely would have had an advantage if he was flying around. But, then he wouldn't have given his undead buddies a bonus for staying within 20 feet of him.

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Ocularon: A bizarre creature that steals the sight of its prey. An ocularon's body appears much like sickly green floating man-of-war jellyfish. Its semi-transparent body ripples due to the tremendous amount of gas carried within it. Sometimes the gas within escapes under pressure, creating a whistling sound as the gas slowly escapes. Dangling from the floating body are a number of barbed tendrils, upon which are skewered the eyes of the ocularon's former prey. An ocularon can animate eyeballs it has captured, sending them out to keep tabs on its territory. Additional traits known to the party - Regeneration from wounds inflicted by all but silver and keen weapons. The ocularon's attacks by striking opponents with exploding eyeballs or stabbing at the eyes with its barbed tendrils. Both attack forms are accompanied by a poisonous component. Although it is effectively blind, the ocularon is capable of 360 degree vision, blind sight and the ability to view remotely through the animated eyes of its former prey.

A description provided by Dynnera:
Large flying Jellyfish or Man of War. Eyes on the end of each tentacle and has the ability to direct animated dead eyes towards enemies. These animated eyes explode upon point of impact. The creature has the ability to turn itself invisible. Otherwise the monster appears fairly cowardly and withdraws after a mere arrow or two (although at least 1 crew member died from exploding eyeball attack).

Ogre: Ogres are big, ugly, greedy humanoids that live by ambushes, raids, and theft. Ill-tempered and nasty, these monsters are often found serving as mercenaries in the ranks of Orc tribes, evil clerics, or Gnolls. Adult Ogres stand nine to ten feet tall and weigh 300 to 350 pounds. Their wart covered skin ranges in color from yellowish to blackish brown. Purplish eyes with white pupils. Teeth and talons of orange or black. Long greasy hair that ranges from blackish blue to green. Their odor is foul, and they dress in rags and furs.

Ogre Mage: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: A large giant, this creature looks like a big demonic Human. It has green skin, dark hair, and a pair of short ivory horns protruding from its forehead. The eyes are dark with strikingly white pupils, and its teeth and claws are jet black. The Ogre Mage is a more intelligent and dangerous variety of its mundane cousin. Rapacious and cruel by nature, Ogre Mages often lead organized raids for slaves, treasure and food.

Ogre, Skullcrusher: An 8-foot-tall brute. This giant resembles an Ogre, but looks a bit more intelligent, standing more erect, wearing well crafted armor, wielding obviously superior weapons (compared to those an Ogre might carry). Skullcrusher Ogres are an offshoot of the Ogre stock. Bred to be vanguard warriors. They are slightly shorter, but stronger than their brutish cousins, these Ogres are far more dangerous.

Otyugh: Filth dwellers. These creatures have bloated ovoid bodies covered in rocklike skin. The one our party encountered was approximately 5' in diameter. A vine like stalk bearing two eyes rises from the center of its disgusting body. Its mouth is a wide gash across the center of the body, filled with razor sharp teeth. The creature shuffles about on three thick, sturdy legs. Two more tentacles, covered in rough, thorny protrusions end in leaf like appendages sprouting more nasty thorn like growths.

This creature lives in and on garbage. Selecting a juicy garbage pit as its home, the Otyugh will defend the pit as its home. Its territory, and its source of food. Always on the look out for fresh flesh, the Otyugh will attack anything it can get close to.

The one that our party fought was named 'Sam' by the Kobolds that lived nearby.

Ooze, Gray: This nearly transparent ooze grows to medium size, and weighs far more than it's size would account for. This protozoan like creature secretes a digestive acid capable of organic materials and metals, but not stone. The thing attacks by bludgeoning and grappling it's opponents. Any direct contact with this creature can instantly destroy armor and flesh! Difficult to see, they often lie in wait, hidden amongst wet sand or paving stones.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
A medium sized grey blob. It is a very slow, slimy mass weighing up to 700lbs. Immune to fire and cold and dissolves metal and wooden object on contact (secretes a very powerful acid) this guy is pretty difficult to destroy. It identifies potential prey using blind-sight, then attacks with a constricting grapple.

Ooze, Snowflake: A type of ooze, shaped like a large lacy snowflake with crystalline appendages, This monster lies in wait in a snowy environment, patiently awaiting its prey. Just being in close proximity to this creature causes cold damage. It will attack with its appendages, causing both physical and additional cold damage. On a successful attack, it will attempt to seize and constrict the defender. When attacking, it is best to use slashing weapons. It is susceptible to piercing weapons, but due to its crystalline shape there is a moderate chance that the weapon will pass harmlessly through the creature. Under no circumstances should bashing or blunt weapons be used. These will result in the monster splitting into two identical creatures, doubling your fun!

Owl, celestial: Another summoned creature. These creatures are often summoned by party members and allies. They look just like ordinary owls, but they're tougher than the mundane sort and they've got a few special qualities. They're good aligned and considered extraplanar. Celestial creatures have the ability to smite evil once per day (inflicting an amount of extra damage equal to the celestial's hit dice). They have darkvision out to 60 feet, some damage reduction and resistance to acid, cold and electricity. They serve the summoner in whatever capacity they can. When the summoning spell expires, or the creature is destroyed, the body simply vanishes; the creature is returned to the plane from which it was summoned.

Owlbear: This magical beast has a thick, shaggy coat of feathers and fur. Its body is like a bear's, with an avian head, big round eyes, a hooked beak and arms with long wing feathers. This nocturnal creature (has good night vision - like an owl) is a vicious predator with a reputation for ferocity, aggression and ill temper. Of low intelligence, they tend to attack everything they judge edible, and always fight to the death. Despite there abundance of feathers, they cannot fly at all, but use their wings to intimidate their prey.

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Pegasus: The party knows very little about this magnificent creature. They saw a group of them flying alongside their flying ship. They were on their way back to Whillip and a team of Pegasi appeared near the bow of the ship. Large (horse sized) four legged animals. Approximately 6 feet high at the shoulder, they're slightly larger than the typical horse. They had a 20' wingspan, and beautiful white coats. The animals didn't attack or harass the party. One can only wonder what their purpose was. Perhaps they were simply curious. After all, it isn't every day you see a flying ship streaking across the sky.

Peryton: Peryton are the creation of a twisted deity - The most miserable creatures in existence. They hate life and believe that they can ascend to a better existence by consuming the perfect Human (or humanoid) heart. Medium sized magical beasts, Peryton have a seven foot long giant eagle body and the head of a demonic purple stag - complete with a large set of deadly antlers. Peryton prefer surprise attacks, taking unaware victims with their claws, horns and a vicious fanged bite. They never pass up the opportunity to feed upon the heart of a living opponent, Peryton will use a coup de grace attack to rip the heart from an opponents chest.

A journal excerpt from Dynnera:
Hybrid creature with a giant eagle body and purple stag head. Either barely intelligent or overconfident in their ambush and flight abilities, as they attacked us although they were half our number. A curious note: While fighting these creatures, I could have sworn that they cast shadows of men, not winged foes...

Phantasmal Slayer: From the darkness manifests the most hideous, most terrifying sight you have ever seen. It exudes evil and menace in palpable waves. The air around it seems to grow cold, and the very sight of it causes even the stoutest soul to flee in terror. This creature seemingly focuses on spell casters, singling them out for 'special treatment'. With an insubstantial body, these horrific creatures cause penetrating wounds with their incorporeal touch.

Piranha Swarm: One of the most feared denizens of warm aquatic environments is the piranha swarm. Capable of devouring the largest of creatures with amazing efficiency and speed, this swarm of frenetic fish is something an adventurer should fear. Like most swarms, the combined attack of this group of monsters is distracting to the point that it causes nausea to those with a weak constitution. As a swarm, piranha need not attack individually. Instead they inflict automatic damage each round that their prey remains within the swarm.

According to Dynnera:
Carnivorous, foot-long silver colored fish encountered in large numbers. Discovered in an underwater passageway by Ysoac.  They have a natural ability to act as a swarm (increasing melee benefits the more present in the swarm) and overwhelm their opponents.  Extremely fast (improved initiative), durable (toughness feat), can seek prey via scent, and their swirling attack motions can cause nausea.

Poltergeist: A disembodied spirit - Poltergeist are the undead energies of people who have left this plane in a violent death with a quest uncompleted. Compelled to remain behind where they died, the Poltergeist is a mean spirited undead creature. Not necessarily evil in nature, they nonetheless despise the living, and detest their presence. Poltergeist are unable to come into physical contact with the living, but they will attack living creatures by throwing things at them. A Poltergeist that is 'killed' will return to the area where it died within a fortnight. Poltergeist in the vicinity of their remains cannot be harmed or tuned by Clerics or Paladins. Anyone struck by a Poltergeists missile, can be frightened to the point of panic. Fleeing the area as quickly as possible.

When a Poltergeist's physical remains have actually rotted completely away, a phantasm of the remains will persist in the spot where the corpse was. Often, the phantasm will appear to be that of a putrid rotting corpse accompanied by a foul odor. In reality it is nothing but an illusion, and any inspection will reveal it as such.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
There is nothing worse than having things thrown at you when you can’t see who’s doing the throwing. We ran into this in one of the cubes. Here we are looking around a floor with a couple of dead bodies when we start having to dodge buckets and the like. Zedd did manage to get of a lucky shot and hit something. So these invisible creatures seem to like to be more of a nuisance than anything else. They also were pretty easy to kill? Or possibly just drive off.

Porcupine Cactus: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling monster while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: These cacti explode if disturbed.

Prince of Constructs: As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

Despite the party's very high combined knowledge, we have no idea what this creature really is. We are describing it/naming it a 'Prince of Constructs' based entirely on contextual cues. It's servants - Golems and constructs (including a companion of ours named 'Zodar') all refer to it as 'The Prince'. It appears to be some sort of mechanical construct, probably a native of the lawful neutral plane of Mechanus - This construct is a mystery to us. Apparently we have been recruited (unbeknownst to us) to free the Prince from his prison on some distant plane (we're pretty sure he was being held prisoner on the plane of Mechanus - we've been planeshifted here (or at least we think we're on Mechanus), where he was being held by a group of undead and minions of Tiamat (a very powerful demi-god/evil Dragon). The Prince is on his way (with us in tow..) to the plane of Acheron (a plane of 'battle') for reasons unknown.

The Prince is medium sized, mechanical, highly-intelligent, capable of speech and has gears in his head. With some sort of golden radiance illuminating his body from inside, it's quite disturbing to look at him for more than a minute or so. If he is a construct - and we're 90% sure he is - he 's (I'm only applying gender for lack of a known pronoun) immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, disease, and similar effects. The Prince is probably not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, energy drain, or death from massive damage. Unfortunately, we're still uncertain as to his goals or where he's leading us.

Protein Polymorph, Sewer: This large, amorphous blob can shape itself into just about any (contiguous) shape. The larger the polymorph (more hit dice), the more intricate and detailed the shapes. While a young polymorph can easily assume the shape of a cylindrical column, ancient polymorphs have been know to emulate an entire worked chamber, complete with statues, alters and vaulted ceilings. The creatures innate camouflage ability allows it to perfectly match stone like colors and patterns. Younger creatures have difficulty with wood and flesh like colors and patterns as well as vibrant colors. As the creatures grow older, they acquire (by 10HD) the ability to perfectly match any texture, pattern or color. The creature has a disguise skill of +13 at 6HD increasing by an additional +2 per HD after 6.

In its natural state, a protein polymorph is an ooze-like ball of protoplasm. Rather than being a single creature, a protein polymorph is actually a vast colony of single-celled organisms amassed into an intelligent, malleable blob. The protein polymorph is true shapechanger, and is able to assume nearly any form it can conceive. A single protein polymorph can appear to be just about anything—one protein polymorph can even appear to be several different creatures when in fact each "individual" is connected to the others. The creature's cells can specialize or despecialize as it wishes, taking on different textures and colors instantly. True polymorph capabilities that allow it to complete change its shape once per round as a swift action. Change occurs immediately before or after its turn.

Protein polymorphs are voracious hunters, feeding on humanoids, animals, and other living creatures with little regard for type and size. They require a great deal of nutrients on a regular basis, and if one cannot find food in its current hunting grounds, it will forage elsewhere. A protein polymorph brooks no competition and will eliminate other predators with extreme prejudice.

A protein polymorph can recognize another of its kind instantly, regardless of the form it currently wears. They never attack one another, and while an intruder will usually leave a hunting ground to the one who found it first, sometimes more than one protein polymorph will share the same territory and divide the spoils evenly. They do not socialize with each other, and reproduce asexually by fission.

A protein polymorph can have almost any dimensions, but is roughly 2' in diameter per HD, until they reach 6HD, after they reach this size they acquire a growth spurt that allows them to reach sizes of an additional 4' in diameter per HD. A 14HD creature easily reaches 44' in diameter. In its natural form it resembles an amorphous blob, with a spherical shape. In order to attract, trap or trick its prey, the creature may distribute its body into any dimension it wishes. Flattening or inflating itself to appear larger or more spread out. A protein polymorph must reshape itself into a blob, cylinder (like a snake) or flattened shape in order to move; slithering about like an ooze or snake. In any shape it can extrude a part of its body in order to attack with a pseudopod. A typical protein polymorph (6HD) weighs about 6,000 pounds.

Protein polymorphs have no spoken language, and do not usually converse or interact with other intelligent creatures, whom they consider prey. A protein polymorph can learn any language, however, and can speak if it takes the form of a creature with speech capabilities.

A protein polymorph generally takes any form that it thinks is likely to draw prey. It can imitate a small-sized room, to fall in and crush any creatures that enter. It can look like a pile of treasure, and can mix actual inanimate objects with its structure to add authenticity; thus a room or corridor may be part stone and part protein polymorph. It can appear as a living creature or a group of creatures, and can use any items it acquired from previous victims, including armor, weapons, and magic items, to improve its effectiveness. In its natural form, a protein polymorph attacks by simply slamming its opponents with a pseudopod and crushing them.

Aside from this creature's uncanny ability to disguise itself as just about anything, the creature also has several abilities which aid it in defense and offense. It is resistant to any damage that isn't elemental in nature. It has a high level of spell resistance. If it successfully resists a magical attack, the magical energy is converted to heal the creature. It can grab, grapple, pin and constrict opponents; suffocation can be caused if prey is completely engulfed. Pinned opponents can be moved up to 15' per round. This amorphous creature has natural immunities to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, critical hits and flanking. Its entire body is a sensory organ, giving it blindsight out to 60'. Some of these abilities are likely the result of the creature's evolution in this sewer environment. However, our heroes haven't met a 'standard' protein polymorph...

Pudding, Sentry, Elder: First encountered in the dungeons beneath, Hellgate Keep. This creature resembles a massive mound of inky goo. This 'creature' is little more than congealed ooze, which has collected in one spot. Over the millennia it has become sentient and infected with taint. A sentry pudding has a two-fold purpose. It deters unwelcome visitors, while methodically cleaning up the waste of any dungeon setting. Waste left behind by other creatures is easily disposed of by this Sentry Pudding - Dissolving organic and inorganic (metal) materials with surprise ease. Some wizards have experimented with these primordial forms in order to increase their rather rudimentary intelligence. These experiments have resulted in a surprisingly hardy dungeon dwelling debris dissolver. With no set life-span, the pudding can live for centuries - going about its daily duties of slowly (movement of 20) tracking down and dissolving debris with relentless single-mindedness.

The creatures 'attacks' its 'prey' with bludgeoning pseudo-pod attacks. Every such attack is accompanied by a dosing of extremely powerful acid, which is capable of dissolving armor, clothing, and flesh. Wooden or metal weapons which strike an elder sentry pudding are instantly exposed to this powerful acid. If the creature constricts you - Watch out. you won't last long!

A surprisingly odd form of defense finds the creature splitting in two whenever it is attacked with piercing or slashing weapon; blunt weapons doing normal damage. Instead of inflicting damage, these types of weapons only result in a cleaving of the original monster. The cloven pair each have identical abilities (aside from hit points which are divided between the two), with the separate pieces acting as a whole - almost like a swarm. A gargantuan pudding could easily be divided into 16 medium sized or 64 small sized puddings; if anyone were foolish enough to attack it that many times. Attacking a pudding with piercing and slashing weapons actually works in the pudding's favor, as this increases the number of attacks it may make. Any piece of a pudding with 10 or fewer hit points cannot divide into smaller components.

As an 'Ooze' this creature is immune to several attack forms, and it has an added defense. A natural spell resistance (SR22) makes it an even hardier form of life than most other dungeon dwelling oozes. Given that this particular creature has been living in a 'tainted' environment for several hundred years, it has absorbed and dispatches a dosing of 'taint' every time it strickes an opponent, and wading through its remains looking for solid pieces of treasure exposes one to taint in a similar manner.

An encounter described by Farro: The far out furry Cat Folk
We almost stumbled into a room-sized, translucent, lime-green, gelatinous creature behind an innocuous looking door. It must have been feasting on rats (and I don't know who else) for well over a thousand years to get so big! It gleefully ate up our sonic arrows and kept dividing; but took enough initial damage to be vanquished by magic from the rest of the party members.

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Quetzalcoatlus: Technically not a dinosaur, quetzalcoatlus is a massive flying reptile. This fearsome predator glides through the skies searching for snacks. Although not averse to eating carrion, it prefers fresh meat or fish. Quetzalcoatlus has a long neck and head, and a relatively large brain. Its "wings" are flaps of skin ex- tended and controlled by its fore-limbs and specially evolved fingers.

When hunting over water, it flies low and scoops fish and aquatic reptiles from just below the water's surface. It also attacks small land creatures when it can find them. Vulnerable to other predators while it is on the ground, quetzalcoatlus prefers to swoop down, snatch its prey in its jaws, and then struggle to regain altitude while swallowing its catch.

A description provided by Farro: The far out furry Cat Folk
Quetzalcoatlus are fairly big, dinosaur-looking, reptilian creatures, with a blocky, big head. Their wingspan was 10 feet! And, they were fast, with a wing speed of 17 feet per second. At least they didn't maneuver very well, since they could snatch us out of the air and swallow us whole, just by flying past us! I also learned that the Quetzalcoatlus can see in the dark. Plus, they are neutral, somewhat intelligent, nasty buggers, that will eat you as soon as look at you. We got one, so the other took off.

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Raccoon, Dire: An enormous raccoon, summoned as a protector and combatant by Skifander of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights. Dire Raccoon grow to be up to 10 feet long and reach a weight of 700 pounds. Dire Raccoon usually eat plants. Occasionally, they hunt tiny or small game. Dire Raccoon stalk their prey in the dark and then leap on it, biting and clawing.

Rage drake: This heavily muscled reptile stalks about on four limbs, its fluid movements and feline grace belying its size. Its dark red scales are scarred and chipped from past struggles, and its scowling visage hints at unchecked rage. Dark red in color, this creature was lurking in a pass waiting to pounce on the party, but an alert scout spotted it before it got a chance to ambush the party.

Rakshasa: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: Rakshasa are a race of evil outsiders. This being looks like a humanoid tiger garbed in expensive clothes. The body seems mostly human, except for a luxurious coat of tiger's fur and its tiger head. Some say Rakshasa are the very embodiment of evil. Few beings are more malevolent.

Rat, Dire: An enormous rat. Bigger and more vicious than most dogs. The Dire Rat has coarse, spiky fur, malevolent eyes, and a long naked tail. Omnivorous scavengers, these creatures have been known to attack with a pack mentality in defense of their home, when cornered, or extremely hungry. Growing up to four feet long, and weighing over 50 pounds, their bite can induce a feverous disease.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
I hate rats. Especially these dog sized, disease carrying, pack fighting, little red eyed beasts. Good thing they weren’t too tough.

Rat Swarm: Summoned by a vampire to assist in it's attacks against our party, this squealing, squeaking, scratching horde of vermin closed on our group with mindless compulsion. A mass of tiny creatures with one thought in their tiny brains. Attack! This swarm of rats contains such great numbers that there's no way to avoid their attacks. As they swarm around you the hundreds of tiny bites add up, causing cumulative damage. Another danger from rats is disease. Those susceptible to disease may contract sickness from their fetid, infected, bodies. Finally, the swarming horde is such a distraction that it can sometimes cause it's prey to become disoriented and nauseous. A living, moving mass of infected rodents. If they surround an opponent, and move with it, they can easily strip an animal down to bones in short order. Avoid these things whenever possible.

Rat Swarm, Sewer: Another type of monster encountered in the subterranean sewers beneath the ruined city of Lingice-Enz, these rats were far more deadly than your typical swarm of rats. A squealing, squeaking, scratching horde of vermin closed on our group with mindless compulsion. A mass of tiny creatures with one thought in their tiny brains. Attack! This swarm of rats contains such great numbers that there's no way to avoid their attacks. As they swarm around you the hundreds of tiny bites add up, causing cumulative damage. Another danger from rats is disease. Those susceptible to disease may contract sickness from their fetid, infected, bodies. Finally, the swarming horde is such a distraction that it can sometimes cause it's prey to become disoriented and nauseous. A living, moving mass of infected rodents. If they surround an opponent, and move with it, they can easily strip an animal down to bones in short order. Avoid these things whenever possible.

The sewer variety spread more than disease, they also carry the taint of corruption, and mere contact causes one point of taint per round. Even if you survive the physical attacks, you may soon end up a pool of quivering hate filled ooze if you succumb to the cumulative effects of taint. The best strategy? Fire! If you lack a source of fire, you'd better start running.

Raver, Tainted: A tainted raver is a character whose mind has been utterly shattered by the taint of depravity. The group encountered by our adventurers were once normal Duergar. Now they are berserk warriors, driven to bloodlust by the madness which infects their very being. The eyes of a tainted raver shine brightly with the fury of unbridled insanity. A sadistic grin contorts it's features, and an unholy laugh escapes it's lips at the most inopportune times.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Creatures driven insane by depravity taint.  They have berserker like skills, and some fast healing abilities.  Although mad, they possess seemingly strong team combat tactics, and are uniformly equipped.  Someone must be sponsoring them otherwise how could they all have the same equipment? 

Rejkar: These evil outsiders resemble the caribou. They are highly intelligent (Boy were we surprised when they spoke to us!) and possess magical abilities. Should they catch you in their icy gaze, prepare to be frozen solid. Once successful, they will then attempt to bull rush their prey and shatter them into a bunch of small pieces. They are usually found in pairs or herds. Tribes of humans or humanoids have been known to follow their leadership. Some of their spell like abilities include Rage, Fabricate, Crushing Despair, and Major Image.

Remorhaz: The party knows very little about this monster. They've never encountered any, but they heard about them during one of their adventures. Supposedly, they're gigantic worm-like creatures that roam the wastes of the Great Glacier of the White Worm. Remorhaz often travel in herds of a dozen or more and they're reputedly led by a "King" worm of giant size. Their have been some reports of Remorhaz whose heads were fringed with long reaching tentacles. The bodies of Remorhaz are extremely hot, and they can burrow through the ice of the glacier with ease.

Revenant: A special case of undead in these realms. Revenant's are empowered not by evil priests or dire ceremonies, and in fact, they detect as Neutral in alignment. They are empowered by a powerful sense of vengeance against those who've intentionally murdered the victim. These undead look like a decaying, deceased version of the murdered person. The skin is drawn tightly across the victims bones as the desiccation and decomposition process work on the animated remains. The stench of death will be strong in the vicinity of a revenant. Bones, open wounds and torn flesh may be visible as the undead has no reason to bandage or sense to hide it's wounds. The skin is pale and clammy. The eyes are pallid and blank until they peer at the one who murdered them; then they seem to burn with an unnatural light.

As described by Mutteran, master of the Journals:
An undead avengers returned to track down its murderer, or those assisting it.  It possesses most of the abilities from its past life.  Once its vengeance is complete, it crumbles.  It can regenerate wounds.  They gain some special abilities against its murderer.  It can dimension door and is moving faster than the minimum speed of a phantom steed (at least 140ft per combat round)

While the revenant exists, it exists for one purpose, and one purpose only. To hunt down, track, and slay those who killed it. It may retain many of the abilities it had in life, and a revenant priest may even pray for spells. Capable of speech, they seldom converse, and do so only in an effort to locate their quarry. Revenant's have an ability to unerringly track their quarry. Their gave can paralyze opponents, they're difficult to damage, and capable of complete regeneration except in the case of complete consumption by fire. Revenge is it's sole purpose, the burning desire, the divine impetus of these undead creatures.

Rhaumbusun: A small, reptilian creature. A timid herbivore with a dangerous paralyzing gaze. The Rhaumbusun has eight legs and dorsal spikes. The male's thick hide is covered with glittering purple scales, while the female is predominantly orange. The eyes resemble small, clear, multifaceted gems.

The creature is not graceful. Its legs curl slightly under, giving the beast a scuttling gait that enables anything within 60' to hear its approach.

A Rhaumbusun communicates with others of its kind through a simple language of clicks and hisses. When agitated, the creature's foot-long tail flips from side to side.

Although the Rhaumbusun's bite is relatively weak, the creatures uses its gaze weapon to avoid predators. A Rhaumbusun's gaze can paralyze whole groups of people at a time. Anyone who approaches within 20 yards is subject to the creatures gaze, and the Rhaumbusun can also direct it's gaze at one specific target per round. Once paralyzed, the Rhaumbusun can escape unscathed.

Rhek: An extraplanar, monstrous, humanoid. This hulking, massive creature resembles a Human crossed with a rhinoceros. Clad in heavy armor, with massive fists, and a great black horn centered in the middle of their forehead, the 350lb, 7 foot tall Rhek makes a formidable warrior. The Rhek are at home on the plane of Arcadia and strive to achieve peace, harmony and perfection throughout the multiverse. These creatures are often the subject of summoning spells.

Rhinoceros, Dire: Extremely large rhinoceri. The party encountered these woolly beasts in a frigid mountain pass. At more than 10,000 pounds apiece. The party avoided any type of contact by flying over the heard. I doubt anyone could withstand a full frontal charging attack from one of these ice age throwbacks.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
Luckily we saw them before they saw us. These Rhino’s were huge. 30’ long with a 10’ horn. Weighing quite a bit. Knowing that they are very quick and that we had very little chance of surviving an encounter with them, we decided to avoid them completely and asked Duracell to fly us over them. Good thing too, they covered the pass. 

Roc: The party encountered this bird on it's way south to fight a Dragon. A huge - and by huge, I mean HUGE; larger than an elephant! - eagle-like bird that inhabits the highest mountains, and preys upon large creatures such as cattle, horses, and elephants. These enormous creatures are 30 feet long from the beak to the base of the tail, with wingspans as wide as 80 feet. A roc weighs about 8,000 pounds. This particular Roc swooped down upon the party, plucked Jusarian out of our wagon, and flew off... We never saw Jusarian again. A divination cast soon after failed to elicit any signs of life.

Rot Reaver: The party doesn't know very much about this medium sized aberration. It was one aspect of a Change-O Creature. This apelike creature is completely hairless, and cancerous blemishes and strange disfigurements cover it's thick, yellow-green flesh. Two thick tongues, dripping with black ichor, protrude from the thing's mouth. Each of the tongues winds around one of the creature's thick arms, looping down the limb to lick the blades of the cleavers that it wields. This monster attacked a party member with it's cleavers, but it missed.

Rukanyr: Heavily armored monsters, created by evil wizards in order to wreak havoc on their enemies. Unfortunately these creations proved a bit too destructive, and now they roam at free having escaped the control of their creators.

Rukanyr resemble armor-plated scorpions. The creature walks about on numerous pincer ended legs while holding it's tail 15' above its head. The end of the tail is an enormous bulb covered with jagged spikes and spines. Many twisted limbs line the sides of the Rukanyr. Many of the limbs end in flesh rending pincers. Three large, stalked maws filled with teeth are arrayed in front of it's head. One large sightless eye stares out of the things head.

Rukanyr begin battles with sundering roar and a charge. Their bite is poisonous, reducing the victims dexterity along with the shredding damage from their teeth. A strike from the spike covered tail bulb can stun an opponent. Not only are Rukanyr equipped with a variety of offensive appendages, they heal at a supernatural pace, the shifting nature of their armor is capable of snapping weapons in two, they're nearly impossible to tip over and they can climb walls like a spider.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
A bizarre aberration which resembles a mutated Scorpion. Oddly enough, these three mouthed monstrosities are capable of speech in the common tongue.

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Saguaro Sentinel, Tainted: Massive plants that normally act as protectors and guardians of wilderness areas. These sentinels have been corrupted by the taint of this desert. Turned evil by the constant infusion of taint, these creatures seek to destroy all intelligent invaders in their territory. Huge cacti with large, thick, jointed arms, they are capable of locomotion and fierce attacks. Dagger like needles cover the creatures thick hide (damage reduction) and tiny, dark red (capable of dark vision) eyes glare unblinkingly at all opponents. Since they're plants, they're immune to all sorts of mind influencing magics as well as critical hits and dehydration based attacks. In addition to their prickly pummeling attacks, trampling and a penchant for hugging opponents, these creatures also impart taint, temporary corruption and depravity with every strike. The taint of this area cannot be ignored.

Salamander, Frost: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: These medium-sized magical beasts like places that stay very cold.  It has a long, serpentine body, a reptilian head, and six legs that end in talons that resemble icicles.  The talons allow the frost salamander to climb any ice-covered surface as steep as a vertical wall or less.  They are omnivorous, but prefer their food frozen.  Creatures that come too close to a frost salamander take damage from the cold cloud that always surrounds it.  They are especially vulnerable to fire.  They resist damage from weapons that have not been magically enhanced.  They can see in the dark.

Sand Hunter: The party heard rumors about this wasteland dwelling monster while preparing for an adventure - Their knowledge is limited to the following: Good aligned, intelligent desert dogs that could be a potential ally.  They have red and tan markings, a long neck, and prehensile lips?

Sarrukh: A snake-like creature with a serpentine body and head, plus two powerful arms that end in vicious claws.. The creature's body continually twists and turns, weaving, swaying and contorting. It's gleaming red eyes emenate a menacing glare that pierces to the soul. It's armed with a trident, made out of cracling pure energy. When it spoke, the chamber resonated with the power of his position.

The sarrukh constitute one of the five original progenitor races of Faerūn. In their great empires, the Sarrukh created a plethora of scaly races, including the Nagas, the Yuan-ti, and the Lizardfolk.

The Sarrukh were the overlords of the first civilizations ever to rise in Toril. In cities both above and below ground, they altered the lesser scaled races via breeding and magic to create numerous servitor races. The many experiments that the sarrukh performed upon their finest creations, the yuan-ti, resulted in the wildly divergent forms of that race. The Lizardfolk and the other lesser races were rarely the subjects of magical experimentation, though they performed the bulk of the hard labor.

Today, thousands of years after the fall of their mighty civilizations, the Sarrukh are all but extinct. The few that remain spend much of their time in hibernation, but when they do interact with the outside world, they usually work to advance the welfare of the creatures they created, which now thrive in their stead.

The one that the party encountered appeared quite powerful, held sway over all the members of House Jenestas, was worshipped like a god, and spoke his name aloud to the party members - Sakufutakha

An entry from Farro the Catfolk Streetfighter:
Today, I got the pleasure of meeting a creature that is about a thousand years older than myself. It was super eerie. They called it Sarrukh. Sarrukh was a big, old snake with arms and wings attached to him. And, the way his green and white scales shimmered in the refracted light was a bit mesmerizing. I found out he's been around before humans and pretty much started the various races of snake people. He was wearing armor and holding a trident. At least Sarrukh had the good grace not to kill us outright when we ended up in his audience chamber!  

Satyr: A mythical being, these fey creatures are best described as horned men with the legs of a goat. Satyrs, also known as Fauns, are hedonistic creatures that frolic in the wild places of the world. They love fine food, strong drink, and passionate romance.

Scorpion, Huge: A normal scorpion, or so the party presumes, but larger - much larger. At nearly 15' long, these immense monsters are equipped with all the standard scorpion gear. Two large pincers, six legs, and one gigantic stinger on the end of a reticulated tail - poised to strike anyone in range. While the party hasn't suffered the sting of these creatures yet, I can only imagine that such a monsters venom might be quite deadly.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Think regular scorpions, but with a mean attitude and ~15ft of height/size. 

SerpendemeSerpendeme: A serpentine shaped demon. This creature from the lower planes attacked the party one morning. Just outside the Manor, it's attack came as a surprise as it appeared to be a friend before transforming into the snake shaped monster that it truly is. This two headed snake like beast is a summoned creature with four powerful prehensile arms and an incredibly powerful tail. The heads seemed to operate independently and it breathed a fireball at the party. One physical attack from four of it's arms quickly dispatched a summoned ally. The creature is immune to fire, cold, standard weapons, and who knows what else. Luckily, the party fought it in a wide-open outdoor space, and encounter in a confined area would definitely be a bad thing. The creature took quite a beating before teleporting away. Defeated, but not forgotten. Who knows when they'll meet this monster again? Probably in some dark, dank, dungeon corridor!

A second encounter with this demon has proven to be a very dangerous encounter. Spitting fireballs and lightning bolts, the dark damp corridors of an underground lair have created a kill zone for this monstrosity. Get too close and a barrage of physical attacks could leave you unconscious on the cold stone floor. The party learned that the creature is immune to electricity, senses without seeing, and moves about as quickly as a leopard stalking it's prey. Surrounded by a zone of darkness and silence, this creature is zipping about the familiar corridors of it's dark lair. If they're not careful, this battle may end badly for the party.

When we last left the party, they were reeling from this second meeting. Still in the midst of the encounter, the party is currently licking their wounds and trying to figure out how to effectively counter this beasts deadly tactics. Spreading out to avoid area effect attacks, the party is tempting doom by presenting the creature with seven separate targets.

The party managed to survive their encounters with the Serpendeme, and it was last seen in the company of one Ozzwehlyhxganhhakheron, a leader of C.O.E.P.A.S. Will the party ever encounter the Serpendeme again? Let's hope not.

Serpent, Silent, Dire: Giant snakes. Silent Dire Serpents. These immense (size Huge) snakes presented a more dangerous encounter than the party expected. The size wasn't all that much of a threat, but these snakes were truly silent. Radiating a magical silence, their skin seemed to be made of darkness itself, and they were capable of producing additional areas of silence each round. Spell casters not only found it difficult to wield their craft, but the snakes seemed to have some sort of damage resistance as well! The party also observed that they resisted cold attacks and their bite was poisonous; sapping ones constitution with a fortitude sapping poison. Combined with their powerful constriction attack, one could easily find themselves in a dire situation. They managed to sneak up on the party; attacking two party members and one of the horses before anyone even noticed them!

Shade: Shadowy humanoid creatures carrying daggers and wearing cloaks. Shades are evil outsiders, once a normal person, a Shade has undergone an arcane transformation, trading part of their soul in exchange for powers beyond the material plane. Part shadow and part material, they are most powerful in the shadows. Shades can regenerate and cast spells. Shades are intelligent and generally evil. All appear identical being pale skinned with sunken facial features.

Shadow: An undead creature that seems to be made of nothing more than a patch of gloom shaped like a semblance of man. With an appetite for the living, these creatures sap the strength and life force from their victims with a chilling touch. Too much contact with these difficult to spot adversaries will transform you into one of them.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
Undead shades that hate sunlight. Being incorporeal, they can’t be touched by non-magical weapons.  

Shadowcloak Retriever: The Shadowcloak Retriever (SCR) is an alien race of creatures who live on the plane of Shadow. Collegiate Wizards speculate that the SCR was bred for a specific purpose/role by some unknown race of beings. Shadowcloak Retrievers server as agents to facilitate assassinations, abductions, rescues, kidnappings and all sorts of personnel recoveries. When tasked with an abduction task, they do their best to 'capture' their targets with as little harm as possible. Once a target has been successfully 'captured' it is delivered to a specific person and or location. Able to move with ease through all sorts of confining spaces, SCRs have little difficulty traversing narrow corridors, flying, running over all manner of terrain and hiding in the shadows in order to stalk, surprise and pounce upon their unsuspecting targets. These ray shaped creatures seemingly float or hover as they descend upon their prospective targets. Each SCR has a set of glowing green eyes, a needle fanged mouth, and a long whip-like tail. The creatures attack with their 'cloak-like' wings to engulf and immobilize targets.

Shadowcloak retrievers are clever and resourceful opponents with numerous strange abilities. They coordinate their efforts when traveling as a unit, so that some cloakers constantly moan, while others attack the weakened and disoriented prey. A Shadowcloak retriever will hover out of melee range in order to use its spell like abilities before it moves in to attack or retrieve the target. They often use their shadow blend power to stay out of sight.

Noted abilities - A grappling attack based upon engulfing the victim. A successful attack renders the target immobilized; unable to wield a weapon effectively, or execute somatic gestures. A sub-sonic moan that affects the target's mind in a variety of ways (including a stupor-like state). Spell casting! Yes these particular creatures are capable of casting limited but powerful repertoire of sorcerer spells. The ability to blend, shift and manipulate shadows.

Shadowcloak Retrievers are intelligent, spell casting, cunning opponents. They are sometimes equipped with weapons or magic items used to assist them in their mission. Whatever that might be.

Shadow Mastiff: The Shadow Mastiff is most comparable to a large dog, having a smooth black coat and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.  It's sonic howl is capable of causing panic in less powerful creatures. This 'dog' is considered extraplanar, coming from the pane of shadows, it prefers to prowl and hunt it's victims in shadowy nighttime conditions. They hate light bearing devices, and they've been known to carry off and bury light causing items for this reason.  It can understand common and at will, disappear into the shadows.

Shrieker: Shriekers are purplish man sized mushrooms that screech loudly whenever animals /creatures approach within a radius of approximately 20'. A dungeon alarm system, these creatures are often intentionally cultivated in order to provide warning of intruders in a monsters lair.

Silver Tongue: A colossal extraplanar plant. A peculiar plant, comprised of a vast mat of swaying silver 'grass', and pod-like central body. The pod is actually the root organism that ties together every blade of 'grass'. This plant is named after the thousands of cilia like tongues of 'grass' which extend into a vast lawn of nearly 500' in radius. The blades of 'grass' grow increasingly dense and long as one approaches the ooze-like central pod. Moving through a silver tongue's lawn is difficult, but not impossible. The main body controls the movement of the blades, and uses them to 'gather' food from it's perimeter. Capable of grappling and conveying any potential prey, the central pod engulfs any prey conveyed to the main body. Victims are dissolved with an extremely powerful acid. If the acid doesn't immediately dissolve any potential prey, the victim may drown in the liquid filled digestion chamber. This alien creature is a predatory plant, caring nothing about politics, it eats when hungry, but otherwise ignores creatures passing over it's 'lawn'.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Colossal plant organism consisting of shimmering silvery grass and a 5 ft high bulb at its center.  Avoid conflict by not injuring it, otherwise Ysoac indicates its grasses can wave such that forcing movement to or away from it.  Its bulb can engulf a nearby creature into an acid ‘bath’ – if the acid doesn’t kill you, the drowning in the acid will.  It has both damage and acid resistance.

Skeleton: Skeletons are undead creatures. Animated skeletons of once living creatures. Typically humanoid. Skeletons, being undead, are immune to mind influencing spells and effects. Skeletons are usually animated by evil clerics and set to perform chores/tasks of various sorts. Being less substance than the living, Skeletons take reduced damage from piercing or slashing weapons.

Skeleton, Arc: As reported by Mot (played by R. Vaessen during an adventure DM'd by Mitch S. (end of 2016-early 2017)). This monster description is based upon party observations (after making Knowledge Checks) as related by Mitch S.

The Arc Skeleton is a large skeleton. Outwardly it is no different than a normal humanoid skeleton. The party encountered this undead minion as it erupted from the ground. It was wearing plate mail and wielding an invisible great sword to attack our party. Our attacks seemed to less damage than expected, even though we were using blunt weapons (we've encountered normal skeletons before and we know that they are resistant to piercing and slashing weapons. Physical attacks seemed to do very little damage at all. Even the battering attacks of our Barbarian's Great Hammer had little effect on this creature. The fire attacks wielded by our Mage were likewise blunted. Finally, the Mage decided to attack it with electricity - That had a doubling effect. The damage caused seemed to be twice what the Mage expected. I tried to turn this creature - By the power of Pelor - but it resisted my holy might! Eventually we defeated the creature through combined arms and the mighty lightning bolts of our Mage.

Giant Skeleton of Firestorm Peak: Like ordinary skeletons, these monsters are the animated skeletal remains of once living creatures. In this case, they're created from the skeletal remains of Trolls. Derived from Trolls, these skeletons are large creatures with a ten foot reach, better reflexes than most undead, the ability to see in the dark, and immunity to some attack forms. They wield two-handed/large weapons and they're resistant to all but bludgeoning weapons. Unlike ordinary skeletons, these undead are slightly more difficult to turn than your typical graveyard inhabitant. This particular variety is unique in one particular aspect. Each skeleton has a fiery heart inside it's bony rib cage (they're immune to fire damage). Once per round, the skeleton can extract a flaming orb and throw it to great effect. Upon impact, the orb bursts into a fireball with a twenty foot radius. These explosions are highly percussive, and they tend to knock down medium opponents quite easily.

Slaad, Green: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: This creature is an large chaotic outsider. This tall, gangly creature looks like a cross between an Ogre and a frog. Its skin is mottled green, and it has long, sharp claws and a wider mouth. Green Slaadi prefer to use spell-like abilities over physical combat but aren't afraid to attack with tooth and claw if they must.

Slime, Green: At first, this "creature" appeared to be just a bright green growth of some kind, like a patch of mold or algae.  We didn't think it was all that dangerous, until it ate the spear we poked it with. One of our group recognized it as a malignant ooze, capable of converting flesh into slime. We used fire to kill it, although cold would have worked as well. Well camouflaged and often overlooked, this dungeon hazard can easily ruin an adventurers day.

Slime, Olive: This creature was originally trapped inside some type of sealed specimen cube. In a battle with a golem, it's cage was broken, and the slime was freed. At first, this "creature" appeared to be just a dull green growth of some kind, like a patch of ooze or slime. The party doesn't know much about it. They do recall that contact with the creature causes flesh to transform into a zombie like 'Slime Creature' under the control of the olive slime. It's best to avoid any contact with this plant based creature. They party watched as the creature climbed up the wall and slithered across the ceiling. While it was doing this, it changed color and texture, perfectly blending into the surfaces of the room. In no time at all it vanished from view. Adding yet another threat to the workroom where the party was trapped. A few minutes later the slime attacked one of the party members. That's when they discovered that the creatures are especially susceptible to fire. Dragonsbreath arrows caused enough damage to kill the slime.

Snake, Cedweese: A anti-venomous snake approximately 3' long. Green with black vertical stripes, the bite of these lawful good snakes is an anti-venom. The bite is capable of counteracting any venom (provided the bite comes before any seriously debilitating effects). Intelligent and lawful good, theses talking snakes often live near poisonous snakes in proximity to civilized areas.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
Well I guess it should have been expected. Walk through a field full of tall grass and you bound to run into a snake or two. Never did we imagine that we’d run into three different species. I liked the last species the best. (So did Ash) This Small black and white snake actually speaks. It calls itself an anti-venom snake. Ash literally put his claims to the test after being exposed to an Iron cobras’ venom. It worked like a charm. Ash kept trying to talk the snake into joining us and asked me to do the same. The snake was persistent that he wanted to stay here to aid others if needed. Since this intelligent creature expressed his desires to Ash I felt it would be inappropriate to try and coerce him so I let him go.

Snake, Constrictor, Giant: These huge snakes are more aggressive than their normal sized cousins. To survive, they need a great amount of food. Hunting for food daily, they will not attempt to eat any creature too large to constrict. They are highly skilled at hiding (we almost didn't spot them), swimming and climbing. These creatures hunt by grappling with their prey, constricting it, crushing the life from smaller creatures, or suffocating larger prey.

Snake, Constrictor, Giant, Undead: An undead variant of the 'Giant Constrictor Snake'. Our party fought these creatures (two of them) after killing the 'non-undead' versions. They were animated by the power of a nearby 'Dracolich'. After slaying the living versions, we were astonished to see the skin peel back, decay, and fall away. Left behind were skeletal snakes with glowing red eyes - Now undead, the ghastly creatures attacked us again. In addition to all the deadly capabilities of your standard Giant Constrictor Snake, the undead variety is immune to many attack forms and spells.

Snake, Herper's: A venomous snake approximately 2' long with green and yellow markings, the bite of these evil snakes is a venom called "Dream juice". Any creature affected by the venomous bite enters a hallucinogenic coma, unable to feel any external stimuli, the victim dreams while the snake feeds on it's paralyzed prey.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
Well I guess it should have been expected. Walk through a field full of tall grass and you bound to run into a snake or two. Never did we imagine that we’d run into three different species. The Herper's snake is a small viper. It’s about 2’ long, green with yellow polka dots. These guys have venom called dream juice. Once bitten the victim will fall comatose and experience very vivid hallucinations.

Snake, Red-Venom: These venomous snakes were about 10 ft. long.  They were red and had black stripes. Their bite is highly toxic. First it paralyzes the victim, then the persons strength is sapped (1 point per round). When the person reaches 0 strength, they die!

Spectral Panther: Mysterious creatures that feed upon the fear and flesh of their prey. Preferring intelligent prey over those of of lesser intellect, these ghost like predators seem to derive nourishment fear and flesh alike. These large cats have a ghostlike, transparent, nearly insubstantial form. The amazingly black light absorbing eyes seem to create tiny points of despair when exposed to the light of a campfire. With darkvision and an enhanced ability to move silently, they are willing to track and stalk prey for hours before attacking. Generating an aura of fear, they use their incorporeal form to attack prey as a ghost does. Striking through physical armors, these deadly predators strike prey into the toughest of foes.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Twelve foot long translucent, incorporeal panther. Extremely strong magical beast with expected claw/claw/bite and speed abilities of a panther. Its ability to ignore our armor protections made it especially dangerous to those it attacked. Ultimately overwhelmed with our attacks as it was heavily reliant on its incorporeal nature.

Spectre, Hellgate: Hellgate Spectres are a form of undead. Like normal spectres, they look like humanoids with faintly luminous translucent bodies. They are a form of incorporeal undead, often mistake for ghosts. Spectres (including Hellgate Spectres), look very much like they looked when they were alive. They can be easily recognized by those who knew the individual or have seen the individual's face in a painting or drawing. In many cases, the evidence of a violent death is visible on its body. The chill of death lingers in the air around Spectres and in the places that they haunt. They haunt the places where they have died (namely - Hellgate keep and it's environs). They retain their sentience, but they hate all living things. They are cursed, as are the Demons of Hellgate Keep, to spend all eternity in the ruins of Hellgate.

In close combat a spectre attacks with its numbing, life-draining touch. They are extremely nimble (high initiative bonus), moving along the ground at a rate of 50' per round, flying (perfect maneuverability) 80' per round, or teleporting up to 30' as a free action. It makes full use of its incorporeal nature, moving through walls, ceilings, and floors as it attacks. Hellgate Spectres are difficult to damage, all physical attacks (Not force effects, positive or negative energy effects) are subject to a 50% miss chance. Living creatures hit by a Hellgate Spectre's incorporeal touch attack are affected by chilling negative energy damage, and they suffer three negative levels per hit. These negative levels become permanent level loss if the victim fails a fortitude save (DC 20 for each level drained), after 24 hours. For each negative level bestowed, the Spectre gains 8 temporary hit points. Each touch from a Hellgate Spectre also bestows one point of taint damage.

Any humanoid slain by a Hellgate Spectre becomes a spectre in 1d4 rounds. These Spawn are under the command of the Spectre that created them and remain enslaved until its death. They do not possess any of the abilities they had in life. Animals, whether wild or domesticated, can sense the unnatural presence of a Spectre at a distance of 30 feet. They do not willingly approach nearer than that and panic if forced to do so; they remain panicked as long as they are within that range.

Hellgate Spectres are powerless in natural sunlight (not merely a daylight spell) and flee from it. A spectre caught in sunlight cannot attack and can take only a single move or attack action in a round.

A description provided by Farroheena the furious furry one:
We didn't even get to open the lower-level doors before some undead Hellgate Spectres floated through them. The Hellgate Spectres immediately invited us to leave our bodies and join them in their murderous quest. We pointedly declined through the use of our magic weapons and set about ridding the dungeon of their filthy presence. It took some doing, since the creatures were sometimes able to dissipate as we attacked them. The Hellgate Spectres also enjoyed draining us of our ability to think with every chill touch they inflicted on the party. No one was safe. They flitted in and out of the walls and tried to surround us before succumbing to the inevitable death that awaited them.

Spider, Dark Shadow: A medium sized (man-sized) spider from the plane of shadow. This creature spends most of it's time between the plane of shadow and prime. Capable of shadow walking to/from either. While located part way between the planes it becomes an extremely cunning and deadly predator. With an extremely tough carapace, it's dark body generates and makes use of shadows in order to hide from potential prey. Nestled amongst this darkness, it continually phase shifts to provide a nearly perfect defense. Locating the creature while it phases between the shadow and prime material planes is nearly impossible. These defense mechanism serve it well in it's role as a hunter. As do the two forms of web it is capable of generating. One web is spun from glands in its abdomen. The slick silk coating that these glands dispense creates a nearly frictionless coating over any surface it comes in contact with (as grease spell). All but the most sure footed of creatures find it impossible to keep traction on surfaces coated with this amazingly slippery web. Of course the spider is unaffected by this silk slick. This web is used primarily as a defensive mechanism, while the other web, spun from glands near it's mandibles is used to trap prey. This spun web is ejected in a spreading spray to cover the area of an opponent with a rapidly hardening gooey white substance. As this web makes contact with air it starts to harden into a nearly concrete like resin. In addition to its tensile strength and immobilizing affect, it is also poisonous to the touch. Victims engulfed by the substance are subjected to a paralytic enzyme which renders them incapable of any movement for several seconds. Once the prey is immobilized and paralyzed, the spider is free to fully enter the prime material and begin consuming the captured prey.

The creature is equipped with a variety of other tricks. It's incredibly fast (speed 60/climb 50), highly maneuverable (high AC), is equipped with four claws that it can attack with and a poison infused bite (paralyzing poison). If it can't immobilize and paralyze its prey, it may attempt to grab the opponent - Which is then subject to all four claw attacks and a bite. The creature has damage resistance, and most notably, a high degree of spell resistance. The party fought this creature for many rounds - Or, was it simply toying with them? - until it phased fully to the plane of shadow. It's one weakness (as perceived by the party) is a decided dislike for bright light (daylight equivalent), as it has the effect of dispelling the creature's obscuring field of supernaturally dark shadows.

Spider, Dread, Sewer: This aberration is one of the deadliest creatures inhabiting that dark realm known as the 'Sewers of Oblivion'. In the accursed sewers beneath the ruined city of Lingice-Enz there are many creatures. Far from the dry and desolate desert which once was a verdant green land of magic and wonder lays the dank and dark realm of the present. A fetid swamp of endless corridors, inhabited by all manner of twisted beast and creeping vermin. The dread sewer spider sits somewhere near the top of the food pyramid in this dark realm of tainted survivors.

This particular spider is infused with the blood of a fiendish dire spider and a spell-warped back half-dragon. A hybrid that has survived to breed and dominate the food chain in the sewers. A commensurate hunter, this medium sized creature is just the right size to hunt and track prey through all levels of the sewers. A pitch black spider covered in thorns (which injure any creature that grapples or engages the creature in melee), this creature is the beast responsible for cocooning most of the party members. A full attack from this spider consists of a poisonous bite and four claw attacks. If the bite isn't enough to impress, it also has a breath weapon. A 60' line of acid that sears the flesh from most prey.

A web spinning spider, the dread sewer spider can create a sheet of webbing or project a spun web at an opponent to capture and incapacitate its prey. The web is coated in a slick substance which causes paralysis for 6 rounds. Captured prey are typically eaten as soon as possible. Occasionally, the spider takes its time (a full round action) to fully encase its prey in a cocoon. A fully encased opponent is placed in a comma like stasis. Alive but unable to act or react, the victim enters a semi dream-like state of near death. The cocooned victim can remain in that state for several years without aging.

Other known powers: Tremorsense, darkvision, vermin traits, damage reduction, cold, fire and spell resistance. Along with the spell resistance is a spell absorption ability. Any spell resisted can be turned to the spiders benefit in a variety of ways. Finally, the creatures fiendish origins allows it the ability to smite good once per day.

Spider, Harpoon: A large creature, some growing as large as an elephant; the Harpoon Spider is typically horse sized. It resembles a cross between a spider and a crab. With ten long legs, it's body is protected by a spine covered chitinous exoskeleton. It's eight eyes look like they belong on a Human face, and it's massive set of mandibles seem to flex slowly as it eyes up it's next meal.

Harpoon spiders are lightning fast predators, much feared by denizens of subterranean realms, but they sometimes make their homes in desolate stretches of broken plains. Digging warrens and lairs in the earth, they emerge at night to stalk the plains in search of warm-blooded prey. One of the most surprising things about these creatures is their harpoon. Two fangs near their mandibles are extensible, and may be fired (by way of a spring-like tendon) up to 20 feet in order to skewer potential prey. Combined with a glue to secure the prey, and a poison capable of killing smaller prey, this creature is a hunter of considerable prowess.

Spider, Huge: This black and white abomination sprang out of a hole in the ceiling. Dripping venom from its fangs, it sought to make a meal of the party. Its great size, over 15 feet in length, worked against it. We were able to surround it and destroy it. Its lair, found outside the dungeon in the swamp above, was a web infested copse of stunted shrubbery stretching in every direction, littered with the husks of its past meals.

Spider, Snow : The party knows virtually nothing about snow spiders. They heard about them when an NPC told them about the Glacier of the White Worm. All they know about the spiders is that they're 'Huge', they live on the Glacier of the White Worm, and they've been known to pursue people in the same manner that a mountain lion pursues a wounded stag.

Spiny Teleporting Spider (Tarantula), Huge: These immense spiders have been twisted by countless generations in the warped environment of the Dry Steppes. Sandy in color and extremely stealthy, these monstrous spiders are vaguely related to tarantulas. They hunt camels and other large herbivores by night. Using their stealthy ability to move silently, their darkvision and rapid movement to their advantage, they are the ultimate desert hunters. Covered by sharp spiny hairs (touch/melee attacks against/from the spiders causes additional pier icing damage from the hairs) and fast as hell, these creatures rapidly approach and attack prey with sudden finality. Combined with their rapid attack ability is an astonishing defense mechanism. An instantaneous teleport ability. Once per round they can instantaneously teleport away from danger. This particular defense mechanism made these creatures very difficult to defeat. Oh yeah, all that, and they're poisonous! The PCs never found out what the poison does, but considering all the other deadly features of this spider, the neutralize poison spell was probably a prudent move on the party's behalf.

Stalker, Blackspawn: Looking like a cross between a black dragon and a spider of nightmarish proportions, this creature glares out at the world with six baleful eyes. It drools a putrid green acid that steams and hisses. Two spined tails eject globules of sticky webbing. The Blackspawn stalker is spawn of the evil dragon god, 'Tiamat'. This patient hunter had made it's lair in a mountain cave. That mountain cave connects to a volcanic crevice, and ultimately leads into the caverns of Firestorm Peak. Carnivorous creatures with a leg span of nearly 10 feet, this monstrous spider must have weighed 4,000 lbs easily. It attacks by charging, spitting acid and immobilizing it's prey in a very resilient web.

Steeder: Monstrous looking spiders of immense size. Bred and trained by Duergar, these gigantic vermin serve as mounts in the underground lairs of the Duergar. Originally bred for hunting, these mounts have a keen sense of smell, and they can spot tentative prey easily. Capable of turning invisible at will, climbing on any surface, and armed with a poisonous bite, they make for deadly foes.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Monstrous sized, hairy, and chitin covered, these spiders are trained by Duergar in the same way that most people train horses.  Tanar indicates it has all the abilities you might expect and more: poisonous attacks, scent, vertical climb and horizontal clinging, and can turn invisible at will (including any rider on it).  Its eyes glow red when exerting itself.  During combat with some of these creatures, we confirmed the fact that they are poisonous, but fortunately, none of us succumbed to the poison, so we don't know how deadly it might be. Steeder have a reach of 10 feet.

Stinger: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: Stingers are like Centaurs, but they have the body of a scorpion instead of a horse.  Their red skin is hairless.  They can tell the exact location of any creature that is touching the ground within 60 ft., and they have the ability to transport themselves short distances through the earth.

Stirge: A tiny magical beast, this nasty-looking creature seems to be a cross between a bat and a giant mosquito. It has membranous bat wings, a short furry body, eight jointed legs that end in hooked claws, and a needlelike proboscis. These nasty flying pests are capable of sucking the blood from opponents, and leaving them weak and drained.

Stunjelly: Encountered in the 'Sewers of Oblivion', this creature was undoubtedly stronger than the typical variety - Or, it might not exist outside the singular environment of this accursed place. The 'creature' looked like a wall before it attacked. Perfectly blended into the sewer like environment. The adventurers had no idea that they were about to be attacked by a 'Wall' - This monster has an amorphous, gelatinous body. Seemingly able to extrude pseudo-pods and tentacle-like limbs at will, it battered the party with reckless abandon. Like many of the creatures in this sewer complex, the Stunjelly had a high degree of Magic and Physical resistance. Another unusual characteristic was the resiliency of its body. Many of the party's physical attacks bounced off its hide and a few even rebounded back upon the attacker, actually resulting in damage to the party! The creature was also afflicted with taint, as all its physical attacks carried the corrupting touch. Not only was this creature equipped with an impressive array of protective features, it's attacks were nothing to sneeze at. Each slam attack produced bone crushing damage, its body excreted a powerful acid, it could reach opponents from a staggering 15 feet away and it fully engulfed one of the party members before the party defeated the creature. A fearsome foe indeed. Only a very powerful party can defeat this tainted monster.

Succubus: A Demon that looks like a very beautiful woman with a pair of large bat-like wings at the shoulders. This creature can also teleport (instantaneous transport) itself at will. It can "suck" your life from you, read your mind and make itself look like anybody else. Very dangerous. Not all Succubi are 'evil'. The party has had one encounter with one Succubus who was quite different from your usual Demon. See the "Who's Who?" entry for 'Eludecia' the Paladin!

Svirfneblin: A Gnomish sub-species, the Svirfneblin live deep underground. Unlike surface Gnomes, they tend to be dull and drab. They’re also pretty reclusive. They sound a lot like Gnomish versions of the Derro. The party is familiar with one particular tribe of Svirfneblin. The 'Kagu-Svirfnebli'. A tribe of Svirfneblin who manage a forge and a library in the Earthspur mountains. The members of this tribe are led by 'Hammerinoch', the burrow warden of the tribe. The Kagu-Svirfnebli traded fairly with our group. We exchanged a meteor for a library of books, and they also forged armor and weapons for us.

Hammerinoch told us that we could trade with them again in Dunfee. Apparently they show up there once a month - "When the moon is high", in order to trade with 'Out-worlders'.

Swamp Strider Swarm: A swarm of beetle-sized, predatory insects with long spiked suckers and physiologically able to walk on water as easily as land. Four groups of these insects attacked our party as they made their way across a large lake in a mosquito infested swamp. Creatures harmed by a swamp strider swarm continue to bleed from their wounds until tended to.

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Tainted Raver: A tainted raver is a character whose mind has been utterly shattered by the taint of depravity. The group encountered by our adventurers were once normal Duergar. Now they are berserk warriors, driven to bloodlust by the madness which infects their very being. The eyes of a tainted raver shine brightly with the fury of unbridled insanity. A sadistic grin contorts it's features, and an unholy laugh escapes it's lips at the most inopportune times.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Creatures driven insane by depravity taint.  They have berserker like skills, and some fast healing abilities.  Although mad, they possess seemingly strong team combat tactics, and are uniformly equipped.  Someone must be sponsoring them otherwise how could they all have the same equipment?

Taint Elemental, Elder: A mass of seething gray rot and corruption, roughly humanoid in shape, surges from the earth. It looms overhead, giving off a reek of decay. Taint Elementals are beings of pure corruption. They consist of nothing but taint congealed into a semisolid mass of primal evil. An entity of malicious rage, the delight in slaying and corrupting any living beings that cross their path.

Tanar's Creature Notes:
“Elder Taint Elemental” – 15ft tall, 2 red glowing eyes, large maw without teeth, cracking throughout a humanoid shaped body constantly oozing a yellow fluid.  Its voice if you could call the sounds a voice, sounded like either old ladies being slaughtered or small children being ripped to shreds (Please don’t ask Tanar how he would know those sounds, hey, war is tough sometimes you know, and I’m a Warmage after all….) 

The creature materialized out of thin air in front of the party (later Grenco said it had first dematerialized after he spotted it eating corpses – damn scout getting spotted again!).  It would swing its mighty arms to flatten its opponents – fortunately for most of the group, Solmar took the brunt of the attacks (with the occasional swing at Brock & Thalidimar, and the complete obliteration of a celestial bison).  We quickly observed, (1) the normally mighty blows from our weapons were barely injuring it, and (2) it could easily hit any of us within its reach, and (3) its hits while physically hurting us additionally seemed to affect our psyche and lodge dread into the very bones of some that were hurt.  It was Duracell’s blast of cold fire that finally felled the creature (…when she uses that wand, I feel like I’m back with my Warmage colleagues, ah, good memories…).

A second encounter with this particular variety of evil, found the party facing a powerful foe intent on destroying any who disturbed the environs of a local shrine. In this encounter, the Taint Elemental was noted climbing walls, even ceilings, with uncanny ease of movement. Add another ability to it's repertoire and you'll note that it is also capable of teleporting when necessary.

This second encountered cemented the Taint Elemental's status as a 'Character Killer'. In this encounter, the embodiment of evil, managed to slay two party members, and nearly killed a third. A decidedly deadly denizen, composed of pure evil, tainted malice and coagulated corruption. A monster to be avoided at all costs.

In the end, the characters destroyed this denizen of darkness. As the material form lost cohesion, the party breathed a sigh of relief - while simultaneously couching a hidden fear that 'death' is only something this creature visits upon others. Does its dissolution put a permanent end to evil such as this?

Tall Mouther: A six armed aberration, best described as a 'Furry, blue, whirling dervish of devastation'. Any party encountering the tall mouther is likely to appreciate the ranged attacks of magic users after standing anywhere close to a Tall Mouther. Getting too close to a Tall Mouther is a dangerous proposition. The creature is rather odd looking. An immense, tusked, bobble-head aberration with six arms. It's blue fur, and crazed eyes come as no surprise when one hears its profane taunts, outbursts and insults. The creature has a 15 foot reach, moves quite quickly, and dodges missile attacks with ease.

As described by Mutteran, mage of the HALLOWed Knights:
Blue furred creature made of a head (dominated by a large mouth and teeth) and six arms (no body) similar to tentacles that stretch out 15ft or more.  They speaks common and Halfling, and constantly shout profanities.  Missile weapons have a greater chance of missing them, due to their unique body.  They seem to attack with either punches of their arms or a grapple and attack.  They were able to attack simultaneously with all their arms and in the heat of battle took the opportunity to attack moving targets multiple times (unlike most of us).

Tanarukk (Tiefling): Tanarukk are Tiefling descended from the mingling of Orcs and Demons (Tanar'ri). They are a species of Planetouched creature, originating in the Realms, they represent one of the many 'Demihuman' variety of Planetouched creatures. Tanarukk originated in Hellgate keep. Several hundred years ago, Demons (aka Tanar'ri) were summoned to the prime material in order to help conquer a keep in Faerun. They achieved their goal, then subjugated the humanoid occupants of the keep. From there, they enslaved local orc tribes to serve them, eventually undertaking a breeding program to create a superior strain of fiend-blooded Orcs to serve as their slaves. The result were the Tanarukk, a combination of some of the nastiest parts of both races.

Tanarukk appear as short, stocky humanoids with stooped posture. Coarse hair grows atop their heads and in various patches about their bodies. Their razor-sharp teeth and tusks are prominent, and their lower jaw juts out from beneath a small snout. Their eyes are reddish in hue, and glow dimly in the darkness. They have thick horn-like ridges along their low, sloped foreheads. In addition, many Tanarukk tribes ritually scar their young during their rites of passage into adulthood. Tanarukk skin tones vary from gray-green to dun brown. They rarely wear armor, since their skin is naturally tough (but not scaled). They are heavier than their height would suggest, averaging about 4.5 feet tall and nearly 200 pounds. Tanarukk speak a pidgin drawn from Abyssal and Orc.

Tanarukk fight fiercely, but make intelligent use of tactics and closely follow the orders of their immediate superiors. Twice per day they can control any non-magical source of fire within 10 feet. They can diminish, extinguish or cause the flames to flare up brightly - Creating brightness equivalent to daylight; doubling the effectiveness of the fire's illumination. This magic doesn't change the heat or fuel consumption of any affected fire. The ability lasts approximately five minutes.

As described by Farro the Streetfighter:
We are in the middle of clearing out some Orc abominations at Hell’s gate.  Seems that the Demons locked up in here got busy and made a new generation of slaves out of their Orc companions. Tanarukk's glowing red eyes and huge tusks make good targets-except when you use magic against them.  And, they enjoy playing with fireballs almost as much as Arco does. Beware, the wretched creatures have learned how to parry really well; a Tanarukk cracked my new rapier like it was tissue paper. 

Also, the Tanarukk carried some type of magic beads in their pouches which turned into a variety of stuff. One exploded. A few others turned into little Red Demons that we thankfully dispatched right away before they were able to turn on us.  Although they were weak little things, I’m sure they had some nasty surprises in store if we allowed them enough room to attack us a few times!

TaxiniTaxini: (Pronounced: tah-zee-nee) An evil outsider, a freakish slug like abomination with slimy, sickly grayish-green flesh. These evil creatures have an exceptional intelligence, and they sometimes appear on the prime-material plane in order to carry out nefarious plans of dominion. One particular Taxini was nearly the downfall of Whillip. These creatures are large (appx 8' long), but relatively slow and weak. They rely on others to do their bidding and guard their lair.

Despite it's lack of eyes, the Taxini is capable of detecting nearby creatures and objects through a combination of blind sense and tremor sense. Rarely attacking physically, the primary offensive attack used by this creature is a paralyzing field. The creature generates waves of effect that radiates 60'. The field is emitted at will (once per round) and it radiates equally in all directions, the only thing that stops the effect of the field is solid stone or earth. As a defense, this creature also emits an aura of fear, similar to that which surrounds a dragon. Those affected by the aura will either run away or cower in fear.

Once the Taxini has paralyzed a victim, it maneuvers itself over the victims head. Positioning a birth canal over the ear of the victim, it then extrudes a young Taxini into the victims ear. The small creature (nearly identical in shape, but far smaller) then works it's way into the brain where it connects itself to the cerebral cortex. Once attached, the adult Taxini is able to control the victim through the cranial grub conduit. The adult will have full access to all memories and actions of the victim.

An adult Taxini will create a zombie army by paralyzing opponents and implanting immature slugs (a cranial grub) in their brains. Using the army to protect it, the adult Taxini may have other nefarious goals in mind. In our party's experience, the Taxini created a zombie army which decimated the non-Elven population of Whillip. In particular the Half-Elves and all other 'half' breeds suffered greatly. The Taxini, through it's proxy army, waged war on Whillip towards an unknown goal. The party never learned the Taxini's true intentions, and there is some speculation that the Taxini itself may have been working for, under the influence or control of, some stronger entity or group.

While the cranial grubs derive sustenance from their host, they will die if left exposed (outside the hosts head) for any period of time. The death of the adult spells certain doom for all the immature creatures. When the immature grub is removed from a host, the host recovers it's self control. Under most circumstances, the host will not know what it did while under the control of the adult. The adult Taxini does not need to exert complete control over it's proxies. It can take full control at any time, it can create subtle influence, or choose to allow the host to act normally. A controlled creature will have no knowledge or memory of the control being exerted by the Taxini. The memory of the implant encounter will also be wiped from the hosts memory.

Taxini are immune to mind influencing spells, paralyzation and petrification, and sometimes employ creatures equipped with such attacks as bodyguards.

An excerpt from the journal of Grenco the Scout:
Taxini - Large grayish green fleshy slug with two antennae. It has a vertical mouth in the center of it's face with rows of sharp teeth and it has no eyes. This creature produces mind controlling slugs that are inserted into the ear of a victim and it's presence can cause a panicking or shaken effect.

ThogsillaThogsilla: An aberration, a freakish hulk of a monster. This monster's body is composed of three separate parts. A body, known as 'Muscle-bound'. A head, referred to as the 'Brain Eater', and four eyes - called 'eyes'. The head, or Brain Eater separates from the body, and the eyes emerge from the head - armed with small bat like wings, they're capable of quick and highly maneuverable flight.

The 'Muscle-Bound' is a bruising hulk, a brute, a crushing ape intent on bashing it's opponents to death. It's double fisted attacks dish out a boat-load of damage, and you don't want to end up in a bear-hug with this beast. The results could be - grave..

The 'Brain-Eater' is the creatures head. While this multi-tentacled horror hovers above its opponents, it attempts to carve open their skulls and sup on their brains. If it manages to make eight successful attacks, you may as well hang it up. You can't do much fighting without a brain! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. It can cast lightning bolts. Great!

The eyes of this creature are bat-winged bat-out-of-hell observation platforms. Zipping about at heart-attack speeds, these flitting little eyeballs give this monster (all parts) a perfect point of view on it's opponents.

This creature has damage reduction, magical resistance, and the ability to regenerate. Not the sort of beast you'd want to meet in a dark underground labyrinth!

An excerpt from the journal of Grenco the Scout:
Today we encountered (from what the party told me) a Clay Golem and an Earth Elemental.  Apparently those weren’t much of a threat, since the party lucked out and the anti magic gem somehow worked on the clay golem.  Don’t ask me how, they usually don’t or haven’t from what I understand.  Our gods were certainly looking on us with that one, but when I joined the party and ‘warped’ to a different universe it seems, we encountered a much more menacing threat.

I didn’t know anything about it at first, but Thalidimar knew of the creature.  It was called Thogsilla. It had the muscular human-like body of a super champion or gladiator of sorts.  The body could pummel someone into mud soup when it wanted to.  The head was something alien however.  It’s head was a brain shaped brain eater with sharp tentacles.  It actually tried to cut my head open like it was going for my brains.  The creature had four eyes that detached from the head and flew all by themselves and they were harder to hit when we attacked them than slicing a fly’s wings off while in flight.  We did manage to kill it with the luck of our gods, but our party came away quite hurt.

Spiny Teleporting Tarantula (Spider), Huge: These immense spiders have been twisted by countless generations in the warped environment of the Dry Steppes. Sandy in color and extremely stealthy, these monstrous spiders are vaguely related to tarantulas. They hunt camels and other large herbivores by night. Using their stealthy ability to move silently, their darkvision and rapid movement to their advantage, they are the ultimate desert hunters. Covered by sharp spiny hairs (touch/melee attacks against/from the spiders causes additional pier icing damage from the hairs) and fast as hell, these creatures rapidly approach and attack prey with sudden finality. Combined with their rapid attack ability is an astonishing defense mechanism. An instantaneous teleport ability. Once per round they can instantaneously teleport away from danger. This particular defense mechanism made these creatures very difficult to defeat. Oh yeah, all that, and they're poisonous! The PCs never found out what the poison does, but considering all the other deadly features of this spider, the neutralize poison spell was probably a prudent move on the party's behalf.

Thudhunter: An odd creature, companions to a group of Wemic. The party encountered these creatures upon a chance encounter with a group of Wemic. The group was hunting a Bulette. The Wemic hunting party was using these creatures to help locate the Bulette. Thudhunters are dark blue, thick-skinned, hairless predators. Thudhunters stand 2.5 feet tall at the shoulder, they can easily weigh 100 pounds or more. Like their subterranean prey, thudhunters can also move through the earth with relative ease. They excel at hunting subterranean creatures. Their footfalls (which can be heard up to a quarter mile away, above ground) rumble through the ground, upsetting their prey's tremorsense and driving it to the surface. Once their prey is forced to surface, the pack pounces upon it, grappling and attacking to prevent escape. These creatures hunt in a pack, and are sometimes domesticated by humanoids as guards creatures or hunters.

Thunder Squawk (aka Vorpal Chicken): A rather interesting flying foe. This creature is typically neutral in its outlook, and may best be described as lawful hungry. These small dog-sized creatures have four legs and four wings. This mild-mannered foul has a chicken like head and a fine white covering of downy soft feathers. While they aren't overtly aggressive, they do hunt in flocks (called a 'Squall of Thunder Squawk'), and can be single minded when they decide to take down their prey. They're don't look all that deadly, but their sonic squawk attack leaves opponents dazed and vulnerable, while their vorpal beak attack can easily sever limbs. They aren't the sort of fowl you'd want to run a-foul of.

As described by Farro the Street Fighter:
We met an interesting sort of beast, called a Thunder-Squawk, this morning.  There was a whole flock of ten creatures. They reminded me of small dog-sized chickens.  But, watch out! Thunder-Squawks have a sonic attack, that stuns opponents and causes them to fall out of the sky - which are usually small birds. They also have a nasty bite that can sever body parts! And, they are immune to fire and sonic attacks. But, Thunder-squawks aren’t aggressive; more inquisitive and neutral.  One of the group members spoke avian, and convinced the creatures to leave us alone. I almost wish he hadn’t, because I hear they are a tasty delicacy!

Tiefling: Tiefling are non-native Outsiders - They are born and bred on the Prime Material plane, but they're considered 'Outsiders'. One of their parents (Usually the more powerful parent) is native to an outer plane. They inherit many of their abilities (and 'Outsider' status) as a consequence of that blood-line. The effects of having a supernatural being such as a Demon in your heritage can last many generations. Planetouched is a general word used to describe those who can trace their bloodline back to an outsider, usually a fiend or a celestial. Tieflings are humanoids with some amount of fiendishness in their family tree. The most common mixings are Demons and Humans, although Orcish and Elvish blood are also targets of Demonic breeding. By design or out of passion, the offspring of Demons (Tanar'ri) and other humanoids can make for a powerful, intelligent and unpredictable foe.

Tiefling have several racial traits and characteristics common across all types of Tiefling. They have higher Dexterity and Intelligence than normal and a slightly lower charisma due to their unusual physical characteristics. They are not subject to spells or effects that only affect Humanoids (such as Charm Person or Hold Person). They are medium sized and have a movement of 30 feet. All Tieflings have darkvision 60 feet, and they're better at Bluff and Hide than most other Humanoids. Most Tiefling can cast a Darkness spell once per day. Due to their fiendish ancestry, they are resistant to cold, electricity and fire. They speak an assortment of languages, including: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling and Orc.

Tiger, Red: A large cat. An ordinary animal? Not quite.. A variety of tiger common in the north. The red tiger is a hardier, more aggressive tiger than the common variety found in other lands. Like other large cats, this one is prone to pounce upon prey, using the opportunity to rake with its hind legs. These cats are big enough to prey upon horses and other large herd animals. Aggressive enough to attack domesticated herd animals in the company of herdsman, the red tiger relies on its stealthy abilities to slay and drag away prey without alerting herdsmen or the rest of the animals.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
A tiger of immense proportions, horse sized, with red colored fur. Possibly nocturnal, capable of attacking and killing a full sized horse in a single attack. Strong enough to drag or carry that sized creature. We suspect the usual claw/bite attack sequence.

Tiger, Sabre-Tooth: A throw-back from the Pleistocene epoch, these fearsome and aggressive predators are seldom encountered. A dun colored cat of immense size (over 1,000lbs), these animals have fangs that are 6 to 8 inches long. An attack from a Sabre-Tooth Tiger can disembowel an adventurer in a matter of seconds.

Tlalusk: Huge and powerful, this horse like creature has six strong legs and is covered with short white fur. A pair of curving horns and two razor-sharp tusks jut from its fearsome head. Although the tlalusk is an herbivore, it is notoriously ill-tempered, and many carnivores give the creature a wide berth. The bellowing call of a tlalusk is so loud that it sometimes stuns and deafens creatures within 30 feet. The charge of a group of these creatures is particularly deadly as they will coordinate any such defensive attack. Sufficiently sized humanoids have been known to domesticate these ornery behemoths.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Similar to a Mammoth (woolly elephant) bug of larger size and with six legs. These six were a pack and domesticated. Unsure of in their nature state whether they would congregate in groups, although I suspect that’s true if they are like elephants.

Treant: This tall creature looks much like an animated tree. Its skin is thick and brown, with a bark like texture. Its arms are gnarled like branches, and its legs look like the split trunk of a tree. Above the eyes and along the head are dozens of smaller branches from which hang great leaves. One of the party members encountered one on the path to Ramne's hut in Orlane.

While engaged in a quest to 'lock down' the remains of Hellgate Keep, our party of adventurers encountered an organized group of Treant. While the party was trying to find a route into the ruins they were challenged by these Treant. The Treant of Turlang parlayed with the party until they were satisfied that the party was not there to provide aid to the Tanar'ri (aka Demons) trapped within the ruins.

Described by Farroheena the Street Fighter:
My first impression was of potentially huge walking torches.  Lucky for them, Arco kept a lid on his fireballs, since they were trying to protect the area and keep out Demon sympathizers. They turned out to be a good help and showed us where to start. They seemed really old.

Triton: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: This being is roughly human-sized. Its lower half ends in two finned legs, while its torso, head, and arms are human. Tritons are sea dwellers, preferring warm waters but able to tolerate colder depths.

Troglodyte: Troglodytes are a warlike race of carnivorous reptilian humanoids that dwell in subterranean caverns. They hate humans above all, and often launch bloody raids on human communities in search of food and steel. Sic foot tall leathery, and lizard like. Troglodytes are weapons wielders, and often follow strong evil leaders.

Troll: This large, bipedal creature is about one and a half times as tall as a Human but very thin. It has long and ungainly arms and legs. The legs end in great three-toed feet, the arms in wide powerful hands with sharp claws. The hide is rubbery, and its hair is thick and ropy.

They walked upright and had rubbery gray skin. They looked like they had been stretched out. Their arms and legs, their fingers, their noses, their bodies, everything was really long and thin. Emrikol called them "Trolls," and he said that they "regenerate." He also said that fire or acid are the only things that hurt them so they can't "regenerate." After we killed them and put their bodies on the campfire, Emrikol explained to me that "regenerate" means that they heal really fast, even when they're supposed to be dead.  They can even grow back parts of their bodies that get cut off. The only way to make sure they stay dead is to either completely burn their bodies or dissolve them with acid.

Troll Mutate: The parties knowledge of these creatures was gathered from contact with the Duergar of Firestorm Peak, a Dread Witch and a colony of Myconid: This large, bipedal creature is about one and a half times as tall as a Human but very thin. It has long and ungainly arms and legs. The legs end in great three-toed feet, the arms in wide powerful hands with sharp claws. The hide is rubbery, and its hair is thick and ropy. These particular breed of Trolls have been mutated by the corrupting influence of taint from the Far-Realm. While they oppose Madreus, they also are friend to no one. They make their home in the southwest section of an area known as the 'Twisted Caverns', deep inside Firestorm Peak.

Troll, War: These intelligent and dangerous creatures were bred specifically for war. Never without their weapons and armor, War Trolls know nothing of peace, only the chaos of constant battle. They typically travel from battle to battle in mercenary bands. Capable of sophisticated tactics that most other trolls cannot match. War Trolls have a great love of magic weapons and armor, and they actively seek such equipment if it is properly sized for their frames. A typical War Troll stands nine feet tall, weighing approximately 700lbs. The party encountered a War Troll on the road from Sundabar to Silverymoon. The Troll was manning a toll bridge. The party chose to bypass the toll bridge; crossing the river by means of magic. Later, Dynnera revealed the presence of magical weapons and armor on the 'Trolls'. Apparently there was at least one other troll, concealed through magic.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Trolls that have been bred for war.  Seemingly intelligent and well equipped, we avoided an encounter with them.

Troll, Wasteland: Night black in color, these bulky creatures are half again as tall as a Human (appx 10ft tall and weighing appx 600lbs). They have thick, long arms and legs that end in powerful feet and hands with sharp claws. The hide seems as thick as stone but there is no hair. A larger and more powerful version of Troll, the Wasteland Troll prowls the mountains, hills and badlands of deserts and wastelands. Often forging bandit groups, they set up their lairs near settlements and prey upon inhabitants night after night until they've devoured every living creature. The Wasteland Troll is the bane of caravans and nomads.

These creatures of the night shun the daylight. The party discovered that Wasteland Trolls can be dazzled by bright sunlight or the glare of a daylight spell. Wasteland Trolls exposed to sunlight find their movement slowed, their reactions sluggish and their defenses weakened. Like other Trolls, these creatures can regenerate from all normal wounds. Only fire and acid can truly prevent the Troll from full regenerating.

Tunnel Terror: The party doesn't know very much about this huge aberration. It was one aspect of a Change-O Creature. A tube shaped worm nearly 40' long. The creature looks like a gigantic stony worm that has been hollowed out, leaving only a thick, tubular hide. It has two flat tentacles positioned at each end of it's body. This creature attempted to grapple a party member and swallow him whole. Luckily, it didn't stick around very long as it's stony hide made it nearly impervious to normal weapons.

Tunnel Terror, Sewer: Encountered while exploring the labyrinth of sewers under 'Lingice Enz', this immense creature proved deadly and evasive. In the depths of the earth, tunnel terrors carve out treacherous mazes and pitfalls to misdirect prey into their great gaping maws. This bizarre dungeon dweller is perfectly adapted to life in the Sewers of Lingice Enz. The creature has a stony hide, that can change hue and texture to match it's environment. Able to match it's surroundings, the interior of this creature - with it's jaws spread wide - appears to look like a long passageway tapering off in the distance. The body is a large tubular digestive tract, capable of crushing it's prey and absorbing the fluidic remains. With darkvision, tremorsense and a keen sense of smell, it senses it's prey by tremorsense and scent. When prey approaches closely the creature attacks with two flat tentacles. Each end of the creature features a pair of tentacles used to grab reluctant prey or batter opponents.

This gargantuan creature can easily ingest large or smaller creatures. Once swallowed, the creature can move it's 'meal' down the length of it's body, effectively isolating the prey deep in the creatures gullet. Constricting, crushing and smothering the prey continuously (no need 'to hit' once swallowed). The tunnel terror that our party encountered was an immense and powerful creature. Some of it's defences included damage resistance to all but slashing weapons. The ability to move like a snake, climb walls and swim. With a reach of 15 feet, it was difficult to stay out of it's reach, and it eventually engulfed three party members before it was defeated.

Twilight Bloom: One of the party members identified this plant while investigating the 'Living Room' in a hidden complex of rooms deep beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz. A tree-like plant with multiple stalks emerging from a woody trunk. This plant has a dozen or so flowers that give off a very pleasant scent. Unfortunately, vibrations near the plants roots cause the leaves to tremble and curl, this causes a sap-like poison to drip from special receptacles near the flowers. This sap is highly poisonous; easily killing medium-sized creatures. Insects are immune to the poison, but they are attracted by the scent. According to Ryx, the poison can be safely harvested and remains viable for some period of time.

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Urd: A flying lizard covered in scales. This creature has a long tail, a pair of bat like wings, and four clawed limbs. This flying creature was seen flying low over the forests of the Oversember vale. With large multifaceted eyes they're kind of odd looking. Trained and kept by Kobolds, these creatures make excellent flying guard dogs.

Urquirsh: These strange spider-like creatures are not native to our plane. Transported here by vile wizards or gates to another place, these aberrations are extraplanar in origin, reputedly originating from a place known as the 'Far Realm'. Their physiology is alien to most forms of life on our plane. These eyeless creatures appear to be fleshy sacks with three arms dangling beneath a central body. That central body is supported by three spider-like legs which originate from atop the creatures bulbous central body. The central body is covered with various prehensile proboscis like tentacles. The creature attacks by spitting acid or hurling sacks of acid. This foul creature moves extremely quickly, and it's capable of moving across walls and floors with a grace that is hard to describe. As a matter of fact, it's so nimble, that no form of obstruction seems to slow it's progress! Despite it's lack of 'eyes', this creature is seemingly able to sense nearby life-forms. Leaking an acidic ooze from it's multiple orifices, the stench emanating from the beast is abominably offensive; enough to make one sick to their stomach. When killed, the urquirsh explodes in a nauseating cloud of poisonous acid. When it explodes, there's a chance that another of it's kind will be instantaneously summoned.

Timid in small numbers, these creatures hesitate to attack until sufficient numbers are present. When they attack, they use hit and run tactics. Employing ranged attacks, they seek to sicken opponents, and then coat them in a hardening coating of regurgitated mucous. Contact with these other-worldly aberrations brings taint to those touched.

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Vampire: The party encountered vampire during an adventure to help the town of Deepwood with a Dragon problem... Oh what an adventure that turned out to be! The party doesn't know too much about the Vampire, and hopefully this one will be the last they'll encounter. These powerful undead creatures (the one the party encountered survived a fierce battle with powerful adventurers only to be trapped within a solid stone crypt, where it survived without air or water for several centuries) appear just as they did in life, although their features are often hardened and feral, with the predatory look of wolves.

Being vain and long lived, they often embrace finery and decadence. Some assume the guise of nobility or other offices of stature. Despite their human appearance, vampires can be easily recognized, for they cast no shadows and throw no reflections in mirrors. Vampires speak any languages they knew in life. They are capable of creating and controlling undead minions called 'Vampire Spawn'. They have some form of damage resistance or reduction (10 points), resistance to cold attacks, a powerful form of regeneration, can summon swarms of rats, can transform themselves into a gaseous form (which is immune to damage), dominate the will of weaker beings (the one our party fought tried to dominate some members of our party), spider climb (An ability which allows them to walk on any solid surface; yes they can even walk upside down on ceilings) and radiate a strong aura of evil. Their physical attack causes much more than corporal damage. It can also drain away a persons life force; inflicting the loss of two years (levels) worth of experience.

Recalled later (as Skif and Solmar dredged up memories from journals they had read long ago):

The vampire our party encountered was 'spell-stitched' which allowed it to cast certain spells at will. When it raised it's palm (as if to cast a spell), Solmar saw a symbol (A floating skull surrounded by flames) of Velsharoon on it's palm. Velsharoon is an evil deity of undeath, lichs and necromancers.

Vampire spawn: The party doesn't know very much about this medium sized undead creature. It was one aspect of a Change-O Creature. This feral looking creature virtually drips with evil. Its garb in noble-looking, though in a state of disrepair. Its dark red mouth is dominated by a pair of vicious-looking canine teeth. This undead creature tried to suck the blood from one of our party members. Luckily it was relatively easy to defeat. In a later encounter, we learned that vampire spawn, like the creatures that create them, are capable of spider climb. An ability which allows them to walk on any solid surface; yes they can even walk upside down on ceilings. If reduced to extremely low hit points, the creature becomes a cloud of red vapor. Still capable of moving in this state, it allows the undead minion to escape or flee. The spawn can still be harmed while it's in this state.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
This undead minion's special powers include domination and energy drain.  It can ‘crush your will’ if eye contact is made.  It has fast healing abilities and can assume a gaseous form to escape from enemies. Unfortunately - for it, we didn't give it time to escape!

Vargouille: Encountered late at night along a dark stretch of highway between Sundabar and Silverymoon. These revolting creatures come into the world from the deepest pits of hell. They haunt graveyards, ruins and other places of death and decay. A Vargouille - essentially a large demonic head with wings - is slightly larger than a human head, with a four foot wingspan. They attack with a poisonous bite (which cannot be healed normally) and a fear inducing shriek which paralyzes opponents. Once paralyzed by the Vargouille, the creature may attempt to 'Kiss' it's opponent. Upon doing so, the victim is condemned to a horrible fate. Over the next 24 hours they will transform into another Vargouille.

A second encounter with the Vargouille occurred when our adventurers were engaged in a quest to 'lock down' the remains of Hellgate Keep. As the party approached the ruins of the keep they encountered two groups of Vargouille. As often happens in these realms, this particular group of monsters was slightly different than the standard variety. These particular Vargouille were endowed with the ability to teleport short distances. Once they were in range they began teleporting adjacent to party members. Their power of flight wasn't as good as that of the party, but the combination of flight and teleport made the encounter quite memorable.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Winged demonic faced creatures with a paralyzing shriek and a kiss that converts its victim to its own race.  Easily killed if you can safely survive the wave of initial shrieks.

Described by Farroheena the Street Fighter:
Update: I saw those nasty little egg-heads bobbing through the air as they teleported towards us. I got a good shot at one of them with my cold-iron tipped arrow.

Vasuthant: A spherical cloud of impenetrable darkness which moves through the air effortlessly. Reaching out from it's opaque core are black tendrils capable of sapping the strength from even the strongest of creatures. This undead abomination grows larger as it sucks the life energy from it's victims. Varying widely in size the smallest are a nuisance, the medium sized are moderately dangerous. The larger ones, huge or gargantuan are truly fearsome opponents as they seem to have the ability to alter reality, eat light and resist most forms of energy attacks.

Vortex: A living whirlwind. A creature from the elemental plane of air. Who knows what motivates these odd creatures? Surely not kindness and love! Only visible by the disturbed dust and detritus stirred up in their wake, these creatures reach upwards 40 feet, and cover 10 feet worth of ground space. Characters struck by these creatures are lofted skyward and spun violently. Buffeted and barraged by powerful gusts of wind, the bruising beating endured leaves one disoriented and stunned and physically battered. These creatures are immune to everything but physical attacks. Only attacks that have force behind them are capable of disrupting the supernatural air currents that sustain their life force.

Vortex, Pyroclastic: Not really a monster, this is actually a natural phenomena. This type of vortex will only form under certain specific conditions. This particular type of whirling vortex can be extremely dangerous to anyone/any creature that comes in contact or near the vortex. The vortices are visible as whirling cones of superheated toxic gasses, minerals, cinders, ash, pieces of pumice and other caustic materials. It's a swirling, superheated vortex of death. Contact with any such vortex can cause considerable damage. Fire, poison, electricity (static charges build up as the ash swirls about inside the vortex) and physical damage from the scouring effects of the pumice and blunt trauma from the buffeting winds. In addition to the traditional damage caused by these vortices, there is another ominous effect - An electromagnetic field builds up around the vortex as it swirls about. As the electromagnetic field grows stronger (with increased duration) it becomes stronger, eventually the field causes the vortex to be pulled towards conductive metallic sources. The powerful magnetic fields can even warp metal if direct contact is sustained within the field.

As chronicled by Farro the Street Fighter:
We barely got back over the water today, when some innocuous, swirling, little tornados called Pyroclastic Vortexes started forming near us.  We couldn’t get away from them fast enough to keep all our metal objects; they immediately started sucking them away from us. That’s because Pyroclastic Vortexes generate magnetic fields.  They do ash damage, contact fire, electrical damage, emit poisonous gas, warp metal objects, and are a natural phenomenon.  Although Pyroplastic Vortexes are immune to fire damage, they are highly susceptible to cold damage. Basically, the other party members started whacking away at them by any means possible (including a well-aimed head butt) and the Pryroclastic Vortexes eventually dissipated.

Vulture, Dire: The party encountered this wasteland dwelling monster while traveling down an old abandoned trade route. An enormous bird of prey. The dire vulture is a much more aggressive version of the mundane vulture. These creatures feed upon the living as well as the corpses of dead animals. The stench of carrion surrounds these creatures.

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Weasel, Giant: Looks like a normal Weasel on steroids. This aggressive creature is about the size of a large dog. We avoided this beasty by feeding it some Giant Crocodile meat.

Wereboar: (As described by Mot - Elven Cleric of Pelor - played (temporarily) by Robert Vaessen) Knowledge gained from an encounter outside of Ordulin, the capital of Sembia. Our party of adventurers was on their way to investigate some 'haunted' or 'infested' tower - A new adventure! We're not sure where we're going yet, but we'll get there eventually. Our party encounter these unfortunate creatures on the northern boundary of the city. We were encamped for the night when we heard a noise! Arise all, prepare for battle!, wait a second, I didn't say do battle. Well, o.k. now that we've attacked.. As soon as our guards (me and Imago) sounded the alarm, the party was roused and poised for action. Not waiting for a formal introductions - Some members of our party decided to attack when they saw these creatures - Really just dark shapes in the distance (what like 300 yards away!?) - 'charging' towards our group.

Attack! Our group attacked and defeated these creatures, but it wasn't as easy as one might expect. We took a bruising, and used up much of our strength. Luckily it was just before midnight, so a good night's sleep should see us ready to tackle the next challenge.

What did we fight? Well, once the smoke had cleared and the corpses were deposed (of their loot!), we discussed the issue. It was immediately obvious that our opponents were some sort of Lycanthropes. Like 'Werewolves', these creatures were humanoids afflicted with some sort of curse. Transformed into fur covered beasts. These immense (nearly 10' tall) beasts were covered in short, bristly fur, equipped with sharp claws. The creatures (there were four of them) had piglike heads with large jutting tusks, and small, angry red eyes. At least that's what they looked like until they died.

While fighting the creatures, we discovered that our weapons were quite ineffective. And, as usual we learned from our near defeat - As it turns out, Lycanthropes are resistant to most physical attacks - Unless, unless the weapons are silver or silver coated. Thankfully, Enola's onslaught of arrows included silver tipped ammunition. We're just outside Ordulin (a large city). Perhaps we should take the time to get our weapons coated with silver?

After they died we realized the full extent of these were-creatures. Wereboars when changed into their 'animalistic' form, these accursed creatures were originally Hill Giants. We're actually not sure what alignment these wereboars were. Were they evil? The Paladin spent a great amount of time lamenting the fact that she didn't know whether they were evil or not. Perhaps they were good aligned! That would be bad - possibly evil. We did attack them without much in the way of provocation.

While the 'Dragon' roared (Azura's enchanted armor warns of 'imminent danger' by way of an audible 'Roar'), we clearly took matters into our own hands and made some fairly general assumptions when this encounter began. We immediately assumed that these opponents were 'evil' and had to be killed. We didn't attempt any parlay or even a detect evil before we attacked.

In the future, we should consider ways to reduce the unnecessary slaughter of innocent creatures. Who knows, we might have learned some important information from these creatures?

Wereboars are humanoids who transform into boars. In their natural form, they look just like normal humanoids (Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, even Hill Giants). In animal form, these creatures resemble powerful versions of a boar, and possess all the natural abilities of a boar. These were slightly different - They were as large as a horse, and their eyes had a malevolent red glow. These particular wereboars were able to take on a half man, half boar aspect/shape. In combat, these creatures attacked as boars, and used their tusk goring attacks to great effect. The extremely large form appeared to possess some sort of damage reduction, as the party's physical attacks did very little damage.

Werewolf: Knowledge gained from encounters in Deepwood, a small village located in the southern end of the Shilmista Forest, near the eastern border of Amn and/or Tethyr. Our party of adventurers did battle with various monsters; one of the monsters was a group of humanoids who could transform themselves into wolves. In their natural form, they look just like normal humanoids (Humans, Elves, Half-Elves). In animal form, these creatures resemble powerful versions of a wolf, and possess all the natural abilities of a wolf. One in particular was nearly as large as a horse, and it's eyes had a faint red glow. This particular werewolf was also able to take on a half man, half wolf aspect/shape. In combat, these creatures attacked as wolves, and used their trip attacks to great effect. The extremely large form appeared to possess some sort of damage reduction, as the party's physical attacks did very little damage.

The group that our party encountered was being led by an evil werewolf. While the large sized leader was evil, the remainder of this pack wasn't evil. In discussions after defeating the evil pack leader, our party learned that the pack had been protecting the village and it's residents. The evil pack leader appeared, subjugated the pack, and was forcing the pack members to mine gold.

Wight: A gaunt, emaciated creature with malicious, blazing eyes. It's an undead Human whose touch chills and numbs it's victim, eroding his or her life force to feed the hunger of the wight. We encountered it with an evil human priest, whom it appeared to be in conference with. Thalidimar called upon his goddess and turned the vile creature, sparing the party from its touch, while Emrikol-Oz and Solindria destroyed it with sword and spell.

Will-o'-wisp: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: This creature seems to be nothing but a faintly glowing sphere of light. Will-o'-wisps are evil creatures that feed on the powerful emotions associated with panic, horror, and death. They delight in luring travelers into deadly peril, then absorbing the resulting emanations.

Windscythe: A heavily muscled creature, long of limb with a leathery membrane between arm and body. Soaring, gliding and flapping, these creatures power themselves on high using muscle and a keen sense of aerodynamics. The long blade like tail cuts the air behind it, slashing and snapping like an angry hornet confined to a leash. At the tips of its wings, short bony claws clutch at the wind, as though grasping at the flesh of some unseen prey. This flier's narrow skull is crowned with knobby hornlike protrusions, and the mouth is full of sharp teeth. It wears a tunic of chain armor, and a quiver of javelins is slung low across it's back.

Initially attacking with a swooping flyby assault, the party is wondering whether these creatures are smart enough to present a real challenge. Armed with very little knowledge, the first round must go to the swooping aerial assaulters.

Wolf, Dire: Dire wolves are larger, tougher, meaner versions of ordinary wolves. These immense gray wolves seem as big as a horse (appx 9 feet long and weighing around 800 pounds). They have fiery eyes and a thick coat of fur. Efficient pack hunters, they kill anything they can catch.

Wolf, Worg: Worg wolves are very large beasts that look like oversized normal wolves. Unlike their natural counterparts, Worg wolves are highly intelligent. The creatures have their own language, and some can even speak common and Goblin. They live and hunt in packs, and have been known to hunt humanoids when other prey is scarce.

As described by Mutteran, master of the journals:
Magical beast with wolf shape, greater than animal intelligence, and an evil disposition.  Some humanoids (e.g. Goblins) use worgs as mounts.  They generally hunt in packs; speak their own language, and can occasionally speak goblin and common.   They have excellent scent and night sight, and can attempt to trip a person upon a successful attack.

Worm, Lucent: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: This massive creature is very skilled at hiding its enormous bulk.  It can grow to be five feet in diameter, and over 100 feet long.  Its skin is translucent, and its internal organs are clearly visible.  It is covered in millions of tiny cilia, which provide the creatures locomotion.  Its mouth is lined with sharp teeth, allowing it to eat pretty much any organic material.  When faced with multiple foes, it attempts to crush enemies with its massive body.  Creatures that come into contact with a lucent worm often find themselves paralyzed.  A lucent worm automatically knows exactly where any creature within 60 ft. is as long as the creature is touching the ground.

Wraith: This creature is a sinister spectral figure robed in darkness and gloom. The only visible/discernable feature of a wraith are the red glowing eyes. These incorporeal beings are darkness and evil incarnate. Hateful and driven, they despise all life and the light of day. Medium in size, these malevolent creatures are a powerful form of undead. These creatures of the night are utterly powerless in natural sunlight, and they will flee from it. The bone-chilling touch of a wraith sucks the life from it's opponents (in the form of Constitution points); strengthening the wraith, and weakening the opponent. Any humanoid slain by a wraith will rise again as a wraith under the control of the wraith which slew it.

Wyvern: This two-legged lizard is bigger than an ogre. It has a long tail tipped with a poisonous stinger much like a scorpion. The creature can fly with its large leathery bat-like wings, and its jaws are filled with long, sharp teeth. Wyvern prefer swooping aerial attacks, and if it manages to get a good grip on its prey, it'll lift it skyward to dash it on the rocks. Often attacking in packs, these Draconic relatives make deadly predators.

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Xorn: A creature which moves through the earth as easily as fish move through water. Xorn spend most of their time within the strata of the plane of earth, an extra-planar elemental plane. Living their lives in a subterranean world that most of us will never comprehend, the Xorn are an intelligent race of neutrally aligned creatures. Xorn devour metals, silicates and gems as food. They are also quite fond of magical items. They sometimes attack wealthy adventurers in order to obtain food items. Due to their mode of movement, they naturally use it to strike in ambush, hiding just below or above potential victims. The creatures are barrel shaped, with a trilateral symmetry. Three arms, legs and eyes spaced around its body. The Xorn's mouth is located at the top of its body.

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Yellow musk creeper: A plant that wants to eat your brain! This fast growing vine eats flesh. More specifically, it eats brains. Capable of mesmerizing its victims with a poisonous mind affecting spore, the plant eats it's victims brains and they become zombies under the control of the plant. Insidious! The plant is a vibrant green in color with yellowish flowers that give off a faint odor of musk.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
This plant was quite dangerous. It appears to be a large bush with thorny vines, purple and yellow flowers. It attracts its prey by spraying musk out to about 30’. If the victim succumbs to the musk it will be compelled to walk straight into the center of the bush then stand there helpless. The plant will then attack with its vine like tendrils. The thorns will attempt to penetrate the skull and consume the victims’ brains.  The victim will then become a Musk zombie and function only to serve the plant. One additional note of caution. The musk need not be inhaled; it can also be absorbed through skin contact.

Yellow Mold: Not your typical 'monster' - This dungeon hazard is nonetheless a great danger to delvers. The fungal form of life comes in variations of color - ranging from a pale yellow to a golden orange. If disturbed or touched roughly, it may emit a cloud of spores in a 10ft radius. The spores are released for many reasons: As a means of propagation, a form of communication, and method of defense. Any animal caught in the cloud can be killed instantly if it inhales the spores.

Some colonies of this mold grow to enormous size and with that size comes a sort of sentience. The larger the colony the more 'aware' and the more 'intelligent' it becomes. Sentient colonies can 'sense' creatures up to great distances, and they may 'project' their spores towards any creatures deemed to be a threat or possible prey. Spores can also be used (as desired by the creature) to communicate with or control a creature. A creature caught in such a spore cloud can be compelled to perform some action. When a creature is compelled in this manner it is also damaged - Permanently losing some small measure of intelligence.

Azura tried to affect it by breathing cold on it - He's got a breath weapon, just like a dragon! That had no effect whatsoever. Luckily, the party discovered that these fungi forms of life are susceptible to light and fire. Bright light puts them in some sort of dormant state, and fire destroys the colony quite easily.

Yeth hound: This creature looks something like an oversized greyhound; thin and long, with dull black fur. It's face is somewhat humanoid with a goatee and pointed ears and yellow eyes. These evil outsiders were likely summoned to serve some specific purpose. Flying without wings, they ambushed the party along a mountain trail during the dead of night. Their baying caused some party members to panic, and their damage reduction made them tough to kill. After an extended battle, they sensed the tables turning and fled before the party could regroup.

An entry from Zeddishous the chronicler:
While traveling through the night the party encountered what at first seemed to be a familiar foe. An eerie howl cut through the night somewhat reminiscent of the hounds we’ve encountered before. However, there did seem to be something different in the quality of the howl. As we rounded the bend the creature flew into sight. To our surprise these flying creatures resembled tall greyhound looking dogs without wings! Some members of the party identified them as Yeth Hounds.  These hounds had a bay that could cause fear, an innate ability to fly, and where resistant to physical damage unless afflicted by silver weapons. They also demonstrated above average intelligence in the way they conducted battle.

Yochlol: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: Also known as “Handmaidens of Lolth,” these chaotic evil outsiders look like a giant pile of shit with a single, large red eye and eight tentacles.  They exist only to serve Lolth.  These demons can also assume the form of a spider with a poisonous bite, a gaseous cloud, or a humanoid.  They can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 ft. that understands any language.

Yochlol: The party read about this monster in a Bestiary - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: Also known as “Handmaidens of Lolth,” these chaotic evil outsiders look like a giant pile of shit with a single, large red eye and eight tentacles.  They exist only to serve Lolth.  These demons can also assume the form of a spider with a poisonous bite, a gaseous cloud, or a humanoid.  They can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 ft. that understands any language.

Yuan-Ti: The party has heard rumors about these 'Snake-People' - Their knowledge is limited to the following information: They're 'Snake-People'... Intelligent (capable of reasoning and communication) reptilian creatures that live in tropical regions of Faerun. Obviously (see below), the party has learned more about the Yuan-Ti as they adventured in the Black Jungles of Faerun.

Yuan-Ti, Abomination: Here is one kind of 'Snake-People' that our adventurers have heard about. Apparently, there's more than one type. Intelligent reptilian creatures that live in tropical regions of Faerun. The party encountered these creatures during an adventure in the Black Jungles of Faerun, but they didn't learn too much about them. This creature looks like a large snake, except for the eyes which betray a baleful intelligence. It also has two burly, humanoid arms. Yuan-ti abominations are monstrous serpents with humanoid arms. The snakelike features may reflect any variety of venomous snakes, so an abomination may have a black mamba's glossy scales or a viper's wedge-shaped head. These features are typically consistent within a single group of Yuan-ti, and often mark that group's status within a larger tribe. Yuan-ti abomination are 8 to 12 feet long and weighs 200 to 300 pounds.

Description provided by Farro the Cat-Folk:
There were a number of Yuan-Ti Abomination in the chamber, too. Yuan-Ti Abominations are huge snakes with human arms sticking out of them. I could see the Abominations glancing back at the entrance and then at us in a predatory way, as if they were counting the number of steps between them and lunch. Apparently, the Yuan-Ti Abomination are the masterminds of this society. They have the same abilities as others Yuan-Ti I've described. Interesting that the other snake creatures seemed to be looking up to the Yuan-Ti Abomination for instructions. The Abomination looked like they were used to bossing everyone around.

Yuan-Ti, Half blood: Here is one of the 'Snake-People' that our adventurers have heard about. Apparently, there's more than one type. Intelligent reptilian creatures that live in tropical regions of Faerun. The party encountered these creatures during an adventure in the Black Jungles of Faerun, but they didn't learn too much about them. This creature has the body of a lithe human with sharp features and unblinking eyes. Its skin is covered with scales, and it has a serpent's head, complete with fangs and forked tongue.

Like purebloods, yuan-ti half bloods appear mostly human, but they always have obvious snake features. The snakelike features of a half blood may reflect any of a variety of venomous snakes, so a half blood may have a cobra's hood or a diamondback's distinctive scale pattern. These features are usually consistent within a single troupe of yuan-ti, and often mark a troupe's status within a tribe. A half blood is about the same height and weight as a human.

Description provided by Farro the Cat-Folk:
There were all sorts of other creatures around where Sarrukh was keeping court. We've seen the Holy Guardians and the Mage Slayers before. But, there were other things… mixtures of snakes and people. Some were Half-bloods. They had human bodies that were covered in scales, but oversized poisonous snake heads perched on top of them. Their unblinking, pinkish eyes followed us as we crossed the hall, and they seemed to melt into the background if you didn't pay attention to them. They have spell-like abilities, poison and a couple spat upon the floor as we passed by. I noticed it made holes and was glad it didn't come in contact with my skin.

Yuan-Ti, Holy Guardian: Here is one of the 'Snake-People' that our adventurers have heard about. Apparently, there's more than one type. Intelligent reptilian creatures that live in tropical regions of Faerun. A holy guardian resembles a yuan-ti half- blood with its serpent head, human arms, and serpent tail. It stands about 7 feet tall when rearing upright and weighs about 270 pounds. Its dark scales lighten only slightly toward the tail and are always of uniform hue, never patterned or lighter on the underbelly.

Although these creatures have no wings or apparent means of natural flight, the Holy Guardians encountered by the party had magical wings made of shimmering light that seemed to hoover over their shoulders. The wings looked similar to those of a dragonfly. They were obviously magical, providing near perfect flight. In addition to the magical wings, the creatures were also armed. They were carrying crystalline scimitars and bows. The weapons looked like they were made out of some gem-like materials.

The holy guardian is rare kind of yuan-ti bred to guard temples and altars of Sseth. Unless ordered to do something else by a yuan-ti cleric of Sseth personally known
to them, holy guardians defend the sacred places and property placed in their trust with alert diligence and dedication—to the death if necessary.

A holy guardian fights cunningly, seeking cover and ceding areas as needed in order to encircle, outflank, or otherwise trap intruders. Given their powerful, snakelike bodies, they are capable crushing the life from opponents with little effort. The constriction attack isn't the only attack form available to them. In addition to the weapons they wield, they are also able to attack with a venomous bite attack.

Not only are they capable of physical attacks, the Holy Guardians are able to cast spells. They have spell-like abilities which allow them to cast spells as high level wizards. One of their most effect spell-like abilities is an effect similar to the Evard's Black Tentacles Spell, except that the tentacles also deliver poison on contact.

Description provided by Farro the Cat-Folk:
We are going to get those Holy Guardians, though.  They came after us when we rescued the prince from their temple! They were bred to guard temples and sacred places, so there are a couple of different types. The Holy Guardian type look like flying snakes with magic wings that aren’t quite attached to their backs, and arms sticking out underneath them, so they can use their green crystalline scimitar swords and bows.  Rumor has it that the Holy Guardians will carry out their orders to the death.  The ones we faced, were about 250 lbs, medium sized, and were dark red that slowly became darker towards their tails.  Holy Guardians have a constricting attack, and a poisonous bite. They also have spell-like abilities, excellent camouflage, can fight well even blinded, have improved initiative, are spell resistant and can see in the dark

Yuan-Ti, Mageslayer: Here is another type of the 'Snake-People' that our adventurers have learned about. Apparently, there's more than one type. Intelligent reptilian creatures that live in tropical regions of Faerun. Mageslayer's are serpents with human arms and a human head. Its serpent eyes glitter with malice. Mageslayers were bred by certain Yuan-Ti elders concerned about the rising magical vigor of humans in Faerun.

A Yuan-Ti Mageslayers have human arms and a serpent tail. A typical specimen has a human head, though its tongue is forked and its eyes have vertical pupils, like a serpent's. It stands about 7 feet tall when rearing upright and weighs about 270 pounds. Mageslayers have a wide variety of scale patterning and hues in their natural states. Mageslayers speak Abyssal, Common, Draconic, and Yuan-ti.

Although these creatures have no wings or apparent means of natural flight, the Mageslayers encountered by the party had magical wings made of shimmering light that seemed to hoover over their shoulders. The wings looked similar to those of a dragonfly. They were obviously magical, providing near perfect flight. In addition to the magical wings, the creatures were also armed. They were carrying crystalline scimitars and bows. The weapons looked like they were made out of some gem-like materials.

Yuan-Ti Mageslayers are trained for spell battles, and they thoroughly understand the side effects and unorthodox uses of their spells. They're used to hurling spells so as not to endanger allies in a fast-moving fray, and they are quick to set up traps and take advantage of cover and deception where possible.

Not only are they capable of physical attacks, the Mageslayers are able to cast spells. They have spell-like abilities which allow them to cast spells as high level wizards. One of their most effect spell-like abilities is an effect similar to the Evard's Black Tentacles Spell, except that the tentacles also deliver poison on contact.

Description provided by Farro the Cat-Folk:
The Yuan-Ti Mageslayers are more fun to play with. They are called Mage Slayers for good reason. That’s because they were bred to take out wizards!  In addition to the abilities of the Holy Guardian, Magic Slayers can also cast arcane spells. Our magic and fighting skill was stronger, so they ran off pretty quickly.

Yuan-Ti, Pure blood: Here is another variety of 'Snake-People' that our adventurers have heard about. Apparently, there's more than one type. Intelligent reptilian creatures that live in tropical regions of Faerun. The party encountered these creatures during an adventure in the Black Jungles of Faerun, but they didn't learn too much about them. The party didn't actually see or encounter any of these creatures, but they did see depictions of them.

Description provided by Farro the Cat-Folk:
I didn't see any Pure Blood Yuan-Ti, but the pictures on the columns were interesting. The Pure Bloods looked human! Except that some of their eyes were drawn more like snake eyes, so maybe the Pure Blood's eyes contract in a weird way or something when they blinked.

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Zombie: Decayed, rotting, and stinking animated corpses dressed in their burial finery, these creatures were busy working an apparatus involving a pulley, a rope, and numerous buckets. The undead creatures seemed to be bailing out the dungeon and we decided to leave them to their task.

Zombie, Myconid: Decayed, rotting, stinking animated corpses. Covered in a purplish layer of fungus. These creatures are created by the spores from a Myconid sovereign. Animated with the assistance of a powerful fungal agent. These 'Zombies' are under the control of the Myconid sovereign. They serve as guards, servants and workers. They are not undead. These zombies only last a few weeks, before they're consumed by the fungal growth which dies when all the nutrients are taken from the host body.

As described by Dynnera, mistress of the journals:
Animated humanoid corpse. Not created through necromantic ability, but through purple colored fungus.  On the destruction of the corpse, death, a spore cloud erupts approximately 20ft radius (unsure of what effect the cloud has).

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