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     First and foremost I must point out that I am not an employee of TSR or Wizards of The Coast. Nor am I in any way associated with either company.  I (Robert L. Vaessen) am the original Author of the following material and am not offering this 'Adventure/Scenario' for sale to any person or firm.  I have not received any form of compensation whatsoever for making this 'Adventure/Scenario' available to the gaming public.

     Although the 'Adventure/Scenario' which follows may incorporate and/or may be based on and/or derived from copyrighted material of TSR/WoTC and/or may contain trademarks of TSR/WoTC, The scenario itself may be used in conjunction with a campaign being run under any similar gaming system.  Any use of trademarks on these web pages should not be viewed as a challenge to those trademarks, and are used without authorization, endorsment, or specific permission.  Any commercial use of copyrighted material or trademarks without express permission is prohibited.  The 'Adventure/Scenario' which follows should not be considered (is not) part of the official AD&D product line, the Forgotten Realms product line, or any other product line published/produced by TSR/WoTC.

     All character names and likenesses portrayed in this 'Adventure/Scenario' are fictional. Any resemblence to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Likewise the events which are portrayed as occuring within this scenario are also fictional. (Dhuh!)

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by: Robert L. Vaessen

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