The "Refuge" was built long ago by an evil church and it's members in the event that the High Preists might need to take refuge from angry villagers. The refuge served it's purpose. A bit too well as a matter of fact. The entrance to the refuge was quickly located by the good townfolk and many brave souls lost their lives below in an attempt to root out the evil which took shelter in the damp recesses of the refuge. The traps proved too deadly and too devious for the local adventurers. The town folk called upon powerful preists from nearby to enchant the entrance. The portal was sealed with a large stone slab. Holy glyphs of great power were used to prevent the evil within from escaping; Effectively transforming the refuge into a tomb.

The cult soon became nothing more than a bloody footnote in the history of Newland Greens. History barely remembers the insidious crimes that the cult perpetrated. Many years have passed. The glyphs have long since lost there potency. The stone slab has cracked and weatherd. Surely the occupants died many many years ago of starvation while sealed inside the refuge turned tomb. But the place remains a source of foul corruption. A den of evil that few dare enter.

Recent Events

Recently a new threat has invaded the peace and quiet of Newland Greens. Creatures foul and evil. With bat like wings, glowing red eyes, and the stench of the dead. These creatures have been spotted making off in the night with the tender young bodies of the towns children in tow. They come forth at night. Enchanting those who would stop them. They seek out sleeping babes. Prefering the meat of tender infants to that of weathered farmers. So far seven children have been carried off by these infernal beasts. The townfolk have searched high and low for the lair of these beasts to no avail. The only place left is the Refuge. Thus have they gathered their meager funds. A plea was sent forth, a reward offered, a call for assistance was made.

The townsfolk are confidant that you; The brave adventurers, can free them from this fetid evil. Surely you will be strong enough to descend into the depths of the lair. Strong enough to seek out the creatures who are sapping the towns lifeblood. Strong enough to survive 'The REFUGE'.

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