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Human Cleric played by the Dungeonmaster, Dino Starineri, Sean O'Brien
(Character illustration copyright: Joe Raiten, 2003)

Physical Description
A human male, scarred by battle, and burdened by the curse of a long lived adventurer - a pile of gear! Thalidimar lacks much in the way of distinguishing characteristics. He has no flaming shroud, wings, talons, aura of power or other magical calling card to announce - "Adventurer" to those he encounters. He does however, exude that quiet confidence in his certain gait and dominating presence when he enters a room. The qualities by which the common man can identify those heroes in their midst. Brown hair, brown eyes, average height and weight.

Always one for adventure and excitement, Thalidimar drove his parents crazy. They never quite understood why he did the things he did. Why wasn't farming good enough for him, why did he seek excitement at the towns gambling halls instead of working the fields with his father and brothers? Simply put, Thalidimar was born to 'Adventure and Excitement', not to 'Farming and Church going' as his siblings and parents were.

The eldest of four children, Thalidimar was born into a loving home in the country. His father, his father's father, and so on, were all farmers; he was destined to become a farmer as well, at least in his father's eyes.

One day, while his father and brothers were raising a barn, Thalidimar ran into some "city boys", who for whatever reason, were out in the country watching the barn raising and playing knuckle bones. From the moment Thalidimar saw the dice roll and heard the bets of the other boys, his pulse raced, he felt excitement running through him. He politely asked if he could join the game, and of course the other boys asked if he had money. Just one Bronze, Thalidimar replied. Two hours later, he had nearly a Silver in coins, and found his calling in life.

The betting, the dice rolling, the sheer excitement of gambling. How could anyone want to do anything other than gamble. Why not use skill and luck to earn a living, instead of blood, sweat, and tears. His father forbid it, gambling was no profession, he was to stay and help at the farm, Thalidimar refused, said he had to follow his own calling, they always said that at temple. "Follow your calling". Well, my calling was not to be a farmer. His parents were devastated, but he left home at the age of 15 to seek out his fortune as a gambler.

Thalidimar hated going to temple, praying for good weather and good crops, he detested it actually. But since it couldn't hurt to have a god on your side, why not worship one that granted luck and good fortune, so Tymora was now his patron. Thalidimar would mutter a prayer before every roll. He asked countless times for luck, but never offered anything in return. Tymora would grant him this luck, always, but it seemed that she had plans in mind for thalidimar. Plans that to this day, he still does not understand.

Two Years of gambling; knuckle bones, dragon poker, cock fights, horse races, all in all, Thalidimar had his share of winnings, and always sent money home to his family, never seeing them in person, but always sending the money home. Thalidimar lived and spent like a wealthy man, he spent like there was no end to his winnings, generous to friends and strangers alike. He talked often of sending his winnings home to his family, laughing that knowing his parents, they either threw it in a chest, refusing to use it, or donated it immediately to temple.

His willingness to chat during games; to enjoy the winning along with the company of those whose money he took, was his downfall. During one game of dragon poker, a stranger new to the gaming circle started asking Thalidimar about his family, his background, evidently this stranger had heard the tales of Thalidimar's winning ways, and wanted to know where this 'farm boy turned gambler turned rich man' kept his money.

The stranger lost badly, always pressing Thalidimar's bets, always chasing the pot, and in the end, Thalidimar won more in that single night than he had ever won before. The stranger was visibly upset at loosing, but seemed to accept it and left the table without saying a word.

Two years was enough, it was time to go home. The previous nights winnings were the most he had ever won. Two Adamanite in all, it was time to go home, and convince his father that it was time to retire, to live a good easy life.

Unbeknownst to Thalidimar, the stranger from the previous night had other plans in mind, and followed Thalidimar home to his father's farm.

The Stranger, and his band of cutthroats, followed Thalidimar home, jumped him and his family took the Adamanite, and demanded to know where the rest of his winnings were.

The man threatened to kill Thalidimar's family, who were all being held at sword point, if he did not hand over the rest of his winnings that were obviously hidden somewhere in the house.

Thalidimar asked his father; "What have you done with all the money I sent you? We need to give this man the money", Thalidimar's father frowned and replied, "The only thing that can be done with money that's not earned through hard work, is 'Throw it in the river', every last coin! Nothing good can come from money won through gambling, and now you've proven it. Your gambling has brought these criminals to our home, and placed our entire family at risk. Now do you see the error in your ways?"

The stranger was furious. "All this for nothing! Two measly Adamanite. Bah, kill them, take the girl. She should fetch a nice price on the market". The girl, Thalidimar's sister, was barely 12. The strangers statement of his intentions was the spark to an already combustible situation.

The parlor erupted in action. Thalidimar's mother screamed, "You will not take my daughter!" and for that she was knocked unconscious. Thalidimar's brothers were slain instantly where they stood; the cutthroats not even blinking as they killed the two young boys. His father lunged at the men holding his daughter, and was cut down before he took two steps. Thalidimar jumped at the stranger, but the stranger muttered a word, and thalidimar found he could not move. He was stuck motionless, and watched in horror as his sister was dragged away screaming, and the house was set ablaze.

"Let him burn", the stranger said, "The spell will hold till he's dead", was the last words Thalidimar heard, as the smoke filled the house and the smell of burning flesh filled the parlor.

Thalidimar's last thought was, "So this is the payment for my luck, huh Tymora? Well thanks for nothing. All the luck, the good fortune, to loose my family. Quite a step price you charge." Something flashed in his mind as he thought this. The realization that Tymora had not charged anything. She had granted his luck, only asking for his actions to show him worthy of the luck he received; actions which he never took, actions to repay Tymora for the fortune she granted him.

Morning found a burned farmhouse, and four dead bodies. A mother, father and two young boys. A soot covered young man was burying the bodies. Thalidimar had somehow escaped the grasp of the spell, and now vowed to repay this stranger for what he had done, and to find his sister if it was the last thing he did.

As he was burying the bodies, an image of the temple of Tymora flashed in his mind. Funny, he prayed to her constantly, but had never once set foot in her temple. Perhaps it was time to go. With that thought, Thalidimar took his first step towards coming a cleric of Tymora.

On that fateful day of 15 Sep, 1003, Thalidimar was slain:
Thalidimar was the longest lived of our group. Gone now are all the original 'Summoned Six'. Our brave leader fell in combat with the undead he had vowed to destroy - Evil incarnate. In combat with an Elder Taint Elemental, Thalidimar was felled by one of the most powerful denizens our adventurers has ever faced.

Ravek: Thalidimar has been carrying a magical mace of crushing for quite some time now. It was discovered when he was low level, and he's been carrying it around ever since. This weapon is more than a combination of wood and steel, more than a simple cudgel with which to smite his foes. Officials in Thalidimar's church discovered that the weapon was sentient, and it had bonded itself to Thalidimar. The weapon was then consecrated and enchanted by members of Thalidimar's church. This magical item familiar was then bonded to Thalidimar as part of a ceremony, during which he was elevated to Auspicion rank within the church hierarchy. The weapon is a powerful foe of evil, and it serves Tymora through the capable hands of Thalidimar. Ravek is an intelligent, sentient weapon. It is capable of sensing it's surroundings and communicating (telepathically) with Thalidimar.

Item familiars are linked to their owner, they gradually gain in power and sentience, and often fulfill small roles similar to those of living familiars, but sometimes they become powerful entities in their own right. By establishing a link with the item, the item gains power as Thalidimar gains levels. Thalidimar has invested life energy, skill ranks and spell slots in the item familiar.


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