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Welcome to Rob's World!. Like any other campaign, my campaign has house rules. The rules presented here cover which types of weapons and armor, a player may equip his or her character with. Unlike some campaigns/rules, I've decided to do away with totally arbitrary rulings based solely on archetypes. Instead opting on rules proscribed by physical limitations and the channeling of manna/spell points by spell casters.


All weapons selections, statistics, costs, etc, are to be taken directly from the Listing provided by the GM. (See the 'Complete Equipment listing) This listing contains weapons from the AD&D® 2nd ed. rules, as well as some extra weapons added by the GM. Weapons selection criteria is based upon two factors. STR & DEX required, and the expenditure of character points. See Skills & Powers pg's 112-119, and Combat & Tactics pg's 70-78. If your character is strong enough, and dexterous enough to use a weapon; and has spent the requisite amount of points to become proficient with the weapon, then that weapon may be used. No class/caste restrictions exist/are imposed on the selection of weapons or armor. See Combat & Tactics pg's 113-115 for non-proficiency, and familiarity penalties.


All armor selections made for a character are to be taken directly from the listing provided by the GM. (See the 'Complete Equipment listing) This listing contains armor from the AD&D® 2nd ed. rules, as well as a few extra armor suits & pieces added by the GM. Armor selection is based on two main factors. STR & DEX required, and character class. If your character is strong enough, and dexterous enough to wear the armor, then that armor may be worn. Additional important considerations to take into account when selecting armor are; Will it interfere with spell casting abilities? And will it interfere with Thieving abilities? (see below) These considerations need to be carefully weighed; as a wizard wearing plate armor may be well protected from physical blows, but will be completely unable to cast any spells. Be sure to consult with the GM on the matter when playing a rogue or wizard. Note that my campaign does not prohibit wizards from wearing armor. Instead the use of wizard spells is restricted by the wearing of metal armors. See rules on spell points; Use of armor by spell casters for additional information.


If your character uses a weapon, or wears armor, which has a minimum STR, or DEX requirement that is higher than that characters rated abilities, then the standard non-proficiency penalties for the particular class are assessed. Additionally, if the character is not proficient with the weapon then the non-proficiency penalties are assessed twice. Additional situations where application of the illegal use penalty will be applied are: Using a two-handed weapon with one hand; Throwing a weapon that is not designed to be thrown; Performing a melee attack with a weapon designed to be fired (i.e. bow), and in some situations thrown (i.e. boomerang). Other situations may also incur the illegal use penalty. Application of the illegal use penalty is ultimately left up to the GM. If a character is attempting to use a weapon, or armor; In a manner which is not consistent with it's intended usage; then the illegal use penalty may be applied.


The use of armor, by all classes which have any of the following thieving abilities, has detrimental effects on those thieving abilities; as detailed on the chart below. Any class which is effected by this chart may not use pieces for armor. With the exception of magical bracers, and or helms.

Pick Pockets +5% - -5% -10% -20% -40% -65% -85% -100%
Open Locks - - - -5% -15% -40% -70% -80% -90%
Find/Remove traps - - - -5% -15% -40% -60% -80% -90%
Move silently +10% +5% -5% -10% -25% -45% -65% -85% -100%
Hide in shadows +5% - - -5% -20% -35% -60% -85% -100%
Hear noises - - - -5% -20% -35% -45% -50% -70%
Climb walls +10% -5% -10% -20% -30% -45% -65% -85% -100%
Tightrope walking +10% -5% -10% -20% -30% -45% -65% -85% -100%
Pole vaulting +1' - -1/2' -1' -2' -5' -8' -12' -18'
High jumping +1' - -1/2' -1' -2' -5' -8' -12' -18'
Broad jump standing +1/2' - -1/2' -1' -3' -5' -7' -8' -10'
Broad jump running +1' -1/2' -1' -2' -4' -7' -10' -15' -20'
Tumbling, attack +2% - -5% -10% -15% -15% -20% -30% -50%
Tumbling, evasion +4% +1% -5% -10% -15% -20% -35% -50% -70%
Tumbling, falling +5' - -2' -5' -15' -35' -40' -55' -70'
Bribe -10% +5% -2% -5%  

Keep in mind that not all magical armor is the same. In general there are three types of armor when it comes to encumbrance. There is armor which is both encumbering and has weight. There is also armor that has no weight, yet is encumbering. If this is the case the armor's weight is added to the characters total weight carried, in order to determine whether the character is encumbered or not. However, the weight of this armor is not counted towards the total amount of weight the character can carry. The third type of armor is non encumbering. This type of armor adds it's weight to the characters total carried, yet has no effect on whether the character is encumbered or not. Of course, magical armor is not non-encumbering, or weightless, unless specifically stated. Note that it is possible to have magical armor that is both non-encumbering, and weighs zero. When wearing armor that is both zero weight, and non-encumbering, it is equivalent to wearing no armor at all for the purposes of the chart above. If the armor is non-encumbering only, then it is considered 5 categories lower on the chart above. If the armor is zero weight only, then it is considered two categories lower on the chart above. In both instances the lowest category attainable while wearing any armor is category 0. Wearing protective bracers, cloaks, rings, etc. is equivalent to category 0.


0=no armor; 1=cloth & elfin chain; 2=leather and furs; 3=padded, quilted silk/cotton, studded leather & skins; 4=cuirboilli, cured hides & mesh; 5=ring, chain & spun metal; 6=plant fiber, scale mail & lamellar; 7=heavy scale, splint, banded; 8=half plate, plate mail, plate, spiked plate, field plate. If the armor you are wearing is not listed on this chart, choose the nearest equivalent based upon A.C. afforded.

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