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This page contains house rules, and various files provided for those who are taking part in a PBeM (Play by e-mail) AD&D® Campaign administered by Robert L. Vaessen. If you are a member of my PBeM campaign then you may need to download these files in order to ensure that you have all the 'essential files'.

These files will be updated whenever necessary. And their content may change at any time. If you are a member of the campaign you will be notified of any pertinent changes, updates, or additions, via e-mail.

UPDATE: The PBeM campaign officially ended Sat, Oct 30, 1999. A change in my work schedule eventually led to the end of the campaign. I found that I could not fit the game into my new schedule. These PBeM materials will remain available for your perusal. I may eventually remove or reorganize them.

The Characters:
Here you will find a list of all the Players & Characters in the PBeM campaign. Including descriptions of all the major characters. (Both Player characters and Non-Player characters are listed here.)

Monsters Known:
Here is a listing of all Creatures/Monsters Known and encountered by the players. This listing includes brief descriptions of the creatures encountered. Intelligent NPC monsters/villains are not listed here. They are listed under 'The Characters' above.

Maps & Illustrations:
By following this link you will find various Maps & Illustrations which will be made available from time to time.

The 'Essential' Files:
Access to these 'Essential' Files used by players in the Play By EMail campaign (previously password protected).

Equipment list:
A listing of the equipment that each character is carrying. (Player knowledge only, unless revealed during play.) This listing is in a state of constant flux.

Shopping List:
A list that the characters have compiled. This is the equipment that they hope to purchase given the 500gp credit they have. The equipment will be purchased in Whillip in preparation for their upcoming adventure. The players spent a long time compiling this Shopping List. I hope they haven't forgotten anything.

Other Files:
 * Rules on how to use the pbm.com e-mail die roll generator/emaildie.txt
 * A weapon skills & proficiencies chart/wpnskls.gif

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