PBeM Campaign Files

This is a listing of the characters and adventurers introduced in the Rob's World PBeM campaign. This listing includes all player characters and non-player characters introduced in the game to date*.

A reminder to the players. The information here is 'player' information. Keep in mind that this information may not have been revealed to your character yet. Use it only as a player reference until revealed unto your character.

The Game Master/Administrator:
Robert L. Vaessen
robert robsworld org

The player characters:
  1. Brother Joseph
  2. Garavar
  3. Gryphon
  4. Pathos
  5. Santee
  6. Tremis
  7. Yrrdigwen
The non-player characters:
  1. Friends:
    1. The Boy. 'Ellis'
    2. The Driver. 'Lenginth Moorels'
    3. Nathis. The House Man
    4. The Master. 'Maghrehv Eiddiesse Ekhhs'. Otherwise known as "X"
    5. The Raven
  1. Foes:
  1. Unknowns/Acquaintances:

Robert L. Vaessen:
DM™ and Player of AD&D® campaigns since 1976; robert robsworld org -Excite PAL/ICQ #21849506

Currently running an AD&D® PBeM campaign based on his house rules campaign (Rob's World!). For more information on Rob's World! see the website. <https://www.robsworld.org/cmpgnpg.html>

Brother Joseph Angelo:
Human Priest played by Rob Garrity

None who choose to abandon the plow or refuse to tend the vine have a normal calling. But Ilmatar calls some into service. For generations the wineries or Angelo did bring forth a vintage of some renown to the southern districts of Whillip. To that family and my birthright I am lost. I am called Brother Joseph, a cleric in the service of 'He who suffers'. I bring with me the wisdom of monastic scholarship, the discipline of our martial training, and wine and succor to those in need. In a divine flash I was sent out upon this path to save as I was once saved, and to conquer my fears. The voice of my mentor and friend, Father Santiago Chen haunts me with wit and scorn. It is for he who is all of us; turned upon the rack, that I make my walk.

Garavar Thunderhand (Quaker):
Dwarven Warrior/Priest played by Gerald Ahern

Garavar towers above the crowd at a lofty 4'3" and weighs in at over 150 pounds. And though at first glance he appears to be a gruesome figure of death and mayhem; what with his armor and array of weaponry proudly displayed. You can't help but wonder what's truly behind "the mask" and all those deep red dreadlocks? What's he all about? Maybe it has to do with his captivity as a child. But that's another story. You're real question is how the hell do we get him to stop snoring???

Dwarven Warrior played by Rich Rubel

I, Gryphon, am a typical dwarven male, with black hair and black eyes. I stand just under 4 feet tall, though with my boots on I gain that all-important inch... Weighing in at a tad over 150 lbs, but with a penchant for (and skill with) unusual edged weapons, you'd not want to meet me in a dark alley... unless it was for drinks at a nearby tavern.

I enjoy climbing and making weapons and armor (hey... it pays the bills between campaigns), and eventually I want to clear my family name. Buy me a few drinks, and maybe I'll tell you the story sometime.

Pathos Ul Grimm:
Human Mage played by Jay Steffens
and/or Dennis Arkwright

The mysterious man known as Pathos sits and raises a glass of wine. "I am sincerely pleased you ask who it is you would work with. I am Pathos. My labour of love is the arts arcane. I have learned much in my few years. And, most secrets shall be exposed to me. Do you enjoy legend and ancient history? I do, and if we had time I could sing to you a few of my favorite ballads. But alas, we do not, adventuring is busy work." He downs his drink, smiling.

Jay is playing Pathos for the time being.

Santee Kamargo:
Elven Rogue played by Dale Marshall

As Santee once again turns from the window you get a better look at him. Santee is a slight individual of average height, not uncommon for an Elf. He has golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The hair is worn long, down past the shoulder. He has no facial hair (other than eyebrows, of course). Dressed in common travellers clothing. His long cloak is well worn, but not threadbare. His low, soft, boots are stained from much traveling. Tough, calloused hands suggest that he has seen much manual labor.

As for weapons, Santee is a virtual armory! He has a short sword and dagger belted to his waist, two more daggers are strapped to his thighs. As he throws back his cloak you see another one strapped to his left arm. One wonders if there are more hidden about his person... But more interesting is his total lack of armor. You realize that even with all of his weapons, this is no 'Normal' warrior.

His backpack is strapped tightly to his back, and you notice that a silk rope and folding grapple are attached to the left side, a heavy blanket and sleeping sack are tied to the bottom, and a small tarp is under the flap on top. He seems to be well equipped for the next adventure.

Human Warrior played by Pat Konshak

You there. My name is Tremis. I'm an average sized human with dark hair. I've got a tatoo of a dragon sword on my right arm. I usually wear chain mail and my back pack.

The one thing I've always got with me is my sword. It is my personal friend. Never having let me down, it is a sure and tested constant in this meaningless world. I've been practicing with the sword since I could lift one. What's that? No you may not touch it! A while back I decided that adventure was waiting for me outside of Baldurs gate. And I had no interest in the military so I set out to find my fortune. I haven't looked back since.

Glad to have met you. Now where exactly did you say I could find the lair of that dragon?

Elven Rogue played by an anonymous player.

Because of the treatment given to him during his childhood by the rest of his village and surrounding areas Yrrdigwen finds it extremely hard to trust anyone. He is very much a loner and doesn't say much to anyone. He keeps to himself a lot and some people may find him sullen. He doesn't make friends easily being always suspicious of strangers and what they may do to him should they think he is anyway connected to Drow. This stigma is so strong that he rarely uses his innate abilities in view of anyone, except friends that already know of and except his abilities. It takes time and a lot of effort to truly become a friend and be trusted by Yrrdigwen but once he has accepted you as such he is an extremely loyal friend. He is especially distrustful of other Elves because of the Drow like abilities he has and Elves hatred of Drow and of course he hates Drow because of the same abilities they share and the trouble they're reputation has caused him all his life.

The 'Boy'. Ellis:
Ellis is a small human male child, approximately 8 years old. Ellis has reddish blond hair and blue eyes. A disarming smile adorns his face. A cheerful demeanor dispels your doubts. Ellis wears knickers, tights, a brown vest and a white cotton shirt. His feet are clad in hiking boots. He is an apprentice to 'X' the Magic User. He has exhibited uncharacteristically high intelligence for someone so young. His mannerisms are not what most would consider consistent with those of an eight year old child.
     "Hello in the cave below! Hello to all below! Be still your cautious hearts. Know now I mean no harm. I've come to help you. I mean no malice. I am unarmed. Gather near, be not afraid. Let knowledge now dispel all fear."

The Driver. Lenginth Moorels:
We first saw him sitting astride the cabbies bench of the carriage which conveyed us to see "X" for the first time. The driver is a Dwarve of middle age? It's hard to tell with Dwarves; who's beard is nearly as long as he is tall. You notice that his hands are very large and worn. He wears a livery uniform, and aside from the rather long beard has a clean and well kempt appearance. His steely gray eyes focus directly on yours. He seems friendly towards our group. According to the boy he has some healing skills. He must know something of horses and horsemanship. We saw him checking the teams harness and his name is 'Lenginth Moorels'. He speaks with a slight accent..
     "Good day young sirs. Me name be 'Lenginth Moorels'. I'm a stableman, smithy, coachman and more to master X and the young Ellis. Nathis tells me that the master has employed your services. It appears he's chosen well, you look to be a strapping fity group. Nathis says I'm sposed to take ye' into town for shoppin. If ye've nay questions we'll be on our way. Where would ye like to go? Straight to Emberden's; or to a dinning establishment affore your business?"

X crestThe Master. "X".:
True name, 'Maghrehv Eiddiesse Ekhhs'. Otherwise known as "X". He is an aged man. Human, at least 60 years old. Bald on top, with a well trimmed gray beard on his chin. His eyes immediately draw your attention. You note that he is most likely blind. As his eyes are but two milky white spheres showing no pupil. Most disconcerting. He seems to walk somewhat more assuredly than other blind people you have seen. Yet that slight hesitation, that tilting of the head, and other tell tale signs, assure you that he is indeed blind. It is believed by most that X has a familiar. A Raven which was first noted accompanying the boy Ellis.

"X" has been noted wearing gray slacks and an off white shirt with leather lacings and embroidered cuffs. Over his back and shoulders rests a light brown robe with black embroidered glyphs or symbols along the edges. He wears leather sandals, and carries a dark wooden cane. "X" owns/lives at the Manor. A large wood and stone villa outside of Whillip. "X" was responsible for the parties initial summoning. He worked magics to gather the group together so that he could offer them a job. Much more remains to be learned about the one called "X". For now we should suffice it to say that his intentions do not seem malefic.

Nathis. The House Man.:
A Half-Elven male of indeterminate, middle? age. Dressed in formal wear when first met. He met Ellis and the rest of the party at the entrance to the Manor proper. He is "X's" house man. In charge of supervising the other staff members and ensuring that the needs of the master and his guests are well met.

The Raven. Twilight:
A large black Raven which can speak. Believed/supposed to be "X's" familiar? "Twilight is a terrific bird." This raven is capable of speech. Or so it seems. We've heard it speak on occasion. We're not quite sure how intelligent it is, but it certainly is a magnificent creature.
     "Then the boy reaches out and pets the birds head as it continues to eat the apple. The bird is rather impressive. Surely it must be two feet from beak to tail. The beak is sharp and straight, the talons look rather formidable as well. It's handling that apple rather easily. And the coat. It gleams as if polished. The bird reminds you of an obsidian dagger.

*Some non-player characters may not be included. If a player character meets an NPC and chooses to keep that characters identity secret then that NPC will not be listed here. One example of this might be the name of a 'guild' member or contact.

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