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This page contains maps, and illustrations provided for those of you who are taking part in a PBeM (Play by e-mail) AD&D® Campaign administered by Robert L. Vaessen. If you are a member of my PBeM campaign then you may need to access this page in order to view some maps and illustrations.

If you are a player in the campaign I encourage you to submit illustrations and maps for inclusion here.

Maps & Illustrations

The Carriage:
This carriage belongs to "X". The parties sponsor. It has proven to be a rather comfortable means of transport. A handsome handcrafted cab; black as night with silver trim. It's a large affair, quite long indeed. A team of six horses is rigged to the front. Sitting astride the cabbies bench is a Dwarve. With a beard nearly as long as he is tall. He tips his hat, hops down from the seat, and begins checking the harness and horses.

The Cave:
Here is a map of the Cave where the party began the campaign. All the party members were somehow gathered here, and awoke at different intervals. They stumbled around in the dark, and eventually encountered each other. After some brief discussion with the other party members this crude map was drawn in the dirt on the floor of the cavern by Gryphon. It shows the starting locations of all seven party members, (by number) the exits, the stream and tide pool, the stairs, and oil pumping device. Note that the map scale is 10' per square.

The Manor:
The Manor is "X's" home. It is a stone and wooden edifice on the outskirts of Whillip. The grounds of the Manor are located along the coast, on a bluff overlooking the sea. The Manor is situated in a wooded area near some farm lands. The building itself is two stories high. So far the party has only seen a portion of the ground floor. The home is well furnished and appointed. It is in good repair and inhabited by 'Maghrehv Eiddiesse Ekhhs' and his associates.

"X's" Symbol:
'Maghrehv Eiddiesse Ekhhs'; otherwise known as "X" has his own symbol. A heraldic symbol which doubles as his wizard mark. The symbol has been noted adorning the tabards of some hirelings, on plaques at the entrance to the Manor, and on a gate leading to the grounds of the Manor.

The Cage Post:
The characters need to suspend a magical device (a Cage) above the ground, in order to prevent a magical Island from moving once they arrive. This design is something that Garavar came up with.

Emberden's All purpose General Store:
Emberden's is a store where the characters can buy adventuring supplies and more. The sign out front is an indication of the service you'll receive. The inside is rather spartan. A simple wooden bench, an oaken counter, attendants, and shelves full of goods. The ramp in the back leads to the second floor.

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