Incarnations of Grenco the ScoutGrenco

Whisper Gnome/Half Orc/Mountain Dwarf Scout played by Stacy Ray, Todd Jordan, Currently an NPC
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The party knew/knows very little about Grenco. He traveled with the party through the end of one adventure. When that adventure ended he was accepted into the party (as a permanent member) after a somewhat controversial vote. Afterwards, he continued adventuring with our group. Agreeing to embark on his third adventure with the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S., he nearly made it to the end of the adventure, before his unfortunate demise. The first one...

Yes, that's right, his first one. After that unfortunate demise, Grenco was reincarnated as a Half-Orc, and he gave it a second try. Unfortunately, Grenco didn't wait very long before putting himself directly in front of the train that is danger. Never one to flinch at the difficult assignment or risky adventure, Grenco once again went off on his own to scout out the danger lurking nearby. Investigating the possible hiding place of an Elder Taint Elemental might seem dangerous to you and me. To Grenco it was a date with destiny. Unfortunately, he found it. With only one other party member for back up, it didn't take long for this encounter to end on a deadly note for our intrepid adventurer. Yet another glorious death for Grenco the fearless!

Grenco was a Whisper Gnome Scout, reincarnated as a Half Orc. In both forms he was a sneaky little bugger; good at infiltration, exploration and deftly maneuvering the hazards of an adventurer's life. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to learn more about Grenco. The life of a scout can be quite dangerous, and Grenco was no stranger to danger - Long live the Grenco!

Slain a second time! On 15 Sep, 1003, Grenco lost a contest with a rope? Wounded, blody and barely hanging on, a fall of several feet - followed by deadly impalement upon sharpened stakes was more than Grenco's wounded form could take. Grenco's body had barely the time to turn rigid before the party sought his advice from beyond. "Would you like to be returned to the land of the living? - Hell yes, as soon as possible. I'm not done yet!" After cleansing a tainted, cursed and haunted shrine, the party was rewarded with the services of a group of priests. They raised Zeddishous from the dead, and reincarnated Grenco. This time (see above) Grenco took the form of a Mountain Dwarve. Back in the land of the living, the party has little idea what Grenco's plans are now that he's returned to his companions. With a hard fought battle behind them, perhaps Grenco will join Duracell in Whillip. Perhaps he'll travel back to Firestorm Peak to lead a group of Dwarves? Whatever line of work Grenco chooses, you can be sure of one thing - It won't be boring!

After returning intact from Firestorm Peak, Grenco has decided to continue adventuring with the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S. The group is now an NPC group of adventurers based in Whillip. The player characters have moved over to a new group, but Zedd and Grenco remain at the core of the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S.

Note: Stacy (Grenco's original creator) had to leave our campaign in May of 2007 and Todd Jordan ran Grenco until he died fighting the tainted denizens in vicinity of Firestorm Peak. Now that he's back alive (a second time), Todd played Grenco until the party returned to Whillip. Grenco is currently an NPC, adventuring with the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S.


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