Mutteran the Wizard


Kassera - aka Dynnera, Barrera, Clydeera, Ortega Blanc, Mutteran (Mutt):
Changeling, Wizard - Played be Lee Fiechtner
(Character illustration (at left) created/copyright held by Marcio Fiorito - Used with permission. Additional image (linked here and below) was created/copyright held by Richard Tran - Used with permission).

The party knew very little about Kassera (known to party members as Mutteran or Dynnera). She/He was first met at the Monastery of the Hallowed Doctrine in the Nether Mountains, where She/He originally appeared as Dynnera. A Human Wizard/Rogue. At that time she was at the monastery seeking knowledge and information regarding taint and necromancy. She expressed a desire to travel with the party on it's most recent quest. The party has agreed to let her tag along.

It was a trial period of sorts. While Dynnera and another one of her personas was forced into 'hiding' after a run in with Whillip's Thieves guild (and some dangerous slavers), her Mutteran persona joined up as an adventurer under the HALLOWed Knights. Mutteran revealed to the members of this new group, that he/she was a Changeling.

Background / History
(As told by Dynnera) Slavers killed off my family when I was seven years old (I don’t have many memories of my family).  They kept me as their pet, servant, and play-thing for five years.  "I HATE SLAVERS and consider slavery abominable!"

The slavers sold me to a Necromancer named Glan Sarin, shortly after a dangerous infiltration job into a competing slavers camp. In preparations, they had their pet wizard cast Stoneskin on their ‘valuable’ tool.  However on my successful return, some residual effects remained (Blade Proof Skin feat).  They’re minor physical tortures (knife cuts, etc.) no longer injured me.  In thinking back, it was their fear of no longer physically threatening me that prompted them to sell me off so quickly.

Glan Sarin kept me in a magical cage for three years guarded by his undead (mindless) minions.  When not in my cage (3 other ‘survivors’ in same room – for separate experiments), he would extract tissue samples from me (hair, blood, sweat, skin, bone, etc.).  During my “sessions” with him, he constantly talked through his experiments/magic, etc.  He was hoping my doppelganger heritage could help him to create some magic to mask the nature of his undead minions (beyond the normal disguise spells, magical items)   "I HATE Necromancers, Undead, and Cages!"

I was able to escape through 75% good fortune, and 25% ingenuity.  During one of our “sessions”, something went wrong with his experiment and the mage was rendered unconscious.  I was afraid to touch/kill the mage himself, but found a scroll with Flame Sphere on it.  I was able to cast the spell (Rogue Skill - Use Magic Item) into his tissue room in the hopes of destroying any remaining tissues samples of mine.  Since I was released by the mage, his undead minions didn’t inhibit my actions.  I freed my cage-brethren, and we escaped in the distraction.  In the departure, I took what valuables (monetary or magical) that I could quickly collect.

At fifteen years of age, I was finally FREE and on my own!  I signed on as a human domestic kitchen servant for a merchant caravan, where I started my first persona as Barrera. I worked the caravan for 2 years, eventually becoming one of the head cooks for the caravan.  "I have a love for cooking & travel!"

For the past five years (seventeen to twenty-two years of age), I have developed and created my personas for safety/security, and "dedicated myself to wizardry to empower myself sufficiently to thwart evil mages and/or seek retribution for my captivity."

Physical Description
Kassera was a Changeling, and as such, she/he could imitate the physical outward appearance of nearly anyone, any race, sex, age, height, weight, etc. (within limits). She/he cultivated numerous personas with distinct physical characteristics. She/he typically maintained one of these appearances/personas at all times (rarely in her natural form).  These personas were all cultivated after she left the initial caravan route. Her most recent persona and physical appearance was that of Mutteran Daltese (Mutt to his friends), a young (appearing to be approximately 25 years old) aged Half-Elven male, height 5' 6", and weight 128 lbs. In this aspect, Kassera presented him/herself as a Wizard with considerable talent, despite his young appearance.

She was never consciously in her true form – fear of discrimination; fear that Glan Sarin will somehow find word of her. She hoped that she was a minor distraction that he had long forgotten about!

Kassera's demise
Kassera was slain (9 Jul, 1004) in combat with a 'spell-stitched' bodak. An undead creature acting as a tomb guard during one particularly dangerous adventure. Kassera's will stipulated that she/he not be brought back from the dead.


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