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Female, Half-Elven, Paladin. Played by: Jason Hohler

Solindria Silverthorn was Jason's first character in this campaign.

We didn't know much about Solindria. Only that she used to be a member of 'the Clean-up' crew. A group of adventurers hired by "X" to assist with the fight against the Dark Naga in the town of Orlane.

After helping us and the 'Clean-up crew' in our adventure against an evil Naga, she was accepted as a full member of our band of adventurer's.

Solindria fell in a desperate fight against Zhabovekh of the Rusty Hinge tribe. Fighting valiantly, she went with honor.


Physical Description
Solindria was 26 years old when she died. Standing 5' 9 " tall, and weighing 135lbs, Solindria was deceptive. Incredibly good looking, strong as steel, but very aloof. She kept the men of the party in line. With silver hair, grey eyes and an ample build, more than one opponent was defeated by this gorgeous champion of truth and justice.

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