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Tanar StormCloud (CloudWalker):
Human War-Mage played by Rich Clark, Stephen McMurtry, Lee Fiechtner, Lars Nielsen, Dino Starineri
(Character illustration created by Richard Tran - copyright 2009 (Used with permission))

I grew up in "The North", originally with my father Nigel StormCloud (a noted Conjuror Wizard) and Penelope CloudWalker (Druid of the mountains who worshipped Silvanus).  For the first nine years of my life, I lived in the mountain wilderness except for occasional stints at the nearest town.

Both my parents were active professionals leading a solitary life, except for the family.  They chose our home for separate reasons – father for minimum interference with his research, and mother for the protection of her wards (on the mountain).  Our year together was unusual – we were together for six months, then father and mother would each depart for three months while the other took care of me.

When I was five years old, Father left on his usual excursion but this time never returned.  After his extended absence of about six months, and mother’s confirmation that his companions never returned from their latest trip, mother turned inward and remarked on the capriciousness of nature, and that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

I have only faint memories of Father himself, more so of a few remarkable interactions he and the family would have.

As a family we would explore some of the more inhospitable peaks & crags in the area.  Father would cast a warmth spell over us and then teleport the family to whichever area we were exploring (usually chosen by mother).

I would watch Father cast various planar binding & summoning spells.  He patiently set up his equipment and magical circle protections, then call to the outsiders (elementals & other beings) to question them regarding his research and/or their home environments. 

I recall hearing stories from him (and mother) regarding the trips he made while away from the family and some adventures he had with his stalwart companions.

It was difficult for mother when Father never returned, particularly in regards to supporting me but maintaining her responsibilities (I also don’t think she is the “maternal type”).  Mother would still depart from me for three months each year, fostering me with the local believers of Silvanus.  Those were the times I remember being most scared (and to be honest – most rebellious); frequently feeling abandoned by both parents. 

My fondest memory of Mother includes:

The stories of her own adventures, running with the wild mountain caribou, living with a group of Cloud Giants, or flying as an eagle high above the lands to observe what happened below her.

The one time Father cast Polymorph spells on the two of us, so that we could spend a week with Mother running with the herd.

The harsh winter nights we had together, me in her arms, as she protected me and told me stories of Father’s or her own adventures.

Finally when I turned ten years old, Mother noted that “Nature provides for its offspring, but offspring must stand on their own two feet and survive at an early age.”  She indicated that she felt she had found the perfect spot for my maturation, and thus I came to the early admission to Tilsendale War College.

My first two years at Tilsendale were unremarkable, I was more servant than student at the time.  I continued my rebellious ways and had some significant resentment over my parent’s abandonment of me.  Ultimately time heals all wounds, and besides I couldn’t help but become interested in the martial and arcane aspects of study that was all around me!  I finally became a true “student” at the college, and spent the next 7 years learning my craft, eventually graduating with honors.

My first military assignment, lasting four years in total (age 20 – 23), was in Damara under the command of Protector Garano (a Half-Orc warrior with extensive experience in campaigns against renegade bands of bandits from the neighboring nation of Vaasa). I chose this assignment based on advice from my mother. She personally spoke of Garano on many occasion, and I believe that the funding for my education actually came from him, as our family never had much money. Mother would never confirm or deny the source of the money which put me through Tilsendale. It was in Damara that I received my first experiences at true battle and adventure.  Damara is a boundary between civilized lands and lands dominated by ogres, giants, and other huge humanoids.  My experiences over that four year tour of duty varied from small scale battalion maneuvers & battles, small group scouting and skirmishes, and once some siege work defending a border outpost.   Through it all, I experienced the usual adrenaline rush and fits of boredom that all warriors face. 

My closest encounter with death provided me with a distinctive war wound (a faint scar running across the edge of my left eye and it becoming a “wild eye” – doesn’t impact vision but the eye will appear to focus & move randomly on things in front of me).  I was a part of a three party scout team, when we were ambushed by a company of stone giants (we were supposed to have been in a recently cleared area).  One companion died, I was heavily wounded & disfigured.  My third companion, Faruthik, was able to escape from these marauders, while pulling my body with him.  He was only able to apply rough first aid to me, and clerical help wasn’t received until thirty-six hours later.  While I eventually healed, my eye never fully recovered.

After serving four years in Damara, I decided I needed to further explore other regions, experiences, and develop by skills & tactics.  I eventually made my way to Whillip and joined up with the SCREWOFFS group…

On the fateful date of 24 Augot, 1003 - Tanar met his fate. Encamped on the way to a Duergar community near Firestorm Peak, the party was attacked during the dark of the night by an immense and powerful Nightwalker. Struck down by a 'Finger of Death' spell, Tanar's luck ran out when his shroud incinerated his body and all belongings.

Note: Tanar was created by Rich Clark, who left our campaign in July of 2005. After Rich left the group, play of Tanar was picked up by Stephen. While Stephen adopted Tanar as his permanent character, Stephen left our campaign in April of 2007. After Stephen's departure, Lee agreed to run Tanar on an ad hoc basis. While Lee eventually created his own character, he continued to play Tanar in order to maintain some character/campaign continuity. Most recently (July of 2007), play of Tanar was transferred from Lee to Lars, and finally (October of 2007) to Dino. Long live Tanar!


Physical Description
Tanar was a Human male with the blood of Giants in his veins. He stood 6 ft. 8 in. tall and weighed 235 lb. He had blond hair, grey eyes and fair skin. He dressed in generic traveling clothes, wore a suit of magical chain mail (that didn't impair his spell casting), and carried a shield. The most remarkable part of his wardrobe was flames! His shield gave off flames, and he would often burst into flames! He held a magic item within him at all times. The shroud of flames appeared as a small dancing flame in his eyes - until.. He immolated himself. At will, Tanar would become surrounded in a shroud of flames. The flames burned others, but not Tanar. On many a cold night, Tanar provided comfort to his traveling companions. Curled up to sleep in a circle of stones, Tanar became the perfect campfire. Unfortunately, the shroud carried a curse. Upon Tanar's death, his body and all possessions were consumed in a deadly pyre of magical fire.

Homeland (Country/City)
This child of Penelope CloudWalker and Nigel StormCloud hails from a mountainous region within Damara. He grew up in this rugged region of the North, and was lucky enough to earn an early admission to Tilsendale War College, where he learned the arts of War and Magic. After serving four years of military service, Tanar decided to further explore other regions, experiences, and develop his skills & tactics.  He eventually made his way to Whillip where he joined up with the SCREWOFFS group.

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