Belt the Cleric/Monk/Sacred fist


Beltashazzar (aka Belt):
Human, Cleric/Monk (Sacred fist) - Played by Lars Nielsen, Eric Starling, Lee Fiechtner, Lars Nielsen,
Todd Jordan, now an NPC.
(Character illustration created by Richard Tran - copyright 2009 (Used with permission))

The party knows very little about Belt. He was first encountered at the Monastery of the Nether Mountains (aka the Monastery of the Hallowed Doctrine). He was there with another adventurer; Enola. They were both employed by the Monastery, to help fight a recent onslaught of tainted creatures plaguing the surrounding communities.

Physical Description
Belt has a rather unique appearance. Despite his common garb of traveling clothes, cloak, and wide brimmed soft hat, one cannot mistake the features that make him unique. Upon closer examination, one will note that he appears to be Human in build and body type (Ht: 5' 11", Wt: 185 lbs). When you see his hands and face you realize there's definitely something different about Belt. His skin appears to be metallic. Not a shiny brass, gold, or silver finish, but the dull gray of a weather worn, battle hardened iron. No hair is visible, and even his lips and tongue appear to be made out of this curious metal. If not for the intelligent shine behind his blue eyes, you might think him a golem or some sort of construct.

Homeland (Country/City)
Belt hails from the northern most region of the Realms. The town of his birth; Five Corners (One of the towns that makes up Icewind Dale), was located just south of a glacial region of the realms. He's spent much of his life in the area around Whillip; the Dalelands, Sembia, and Cormyr. He recently made his way to a taint infected region of the North, near Firestorm peak.

Background / History
One of the four survivors of the town of Five Corners.  Belt and his companions traveled to the town of Whillip.  The survivors are the sole offspring of four handmaidens to a Lady of Whillip.  After the lady was wed and left Five Corners, the handmaidens all had a child.  Belt was was one of those four. Belt was born to a loving mother, who married one of the graduating students from the local academy.  Education was vastly important to Belt in his early days, and the sacking of Five Corners happened shortly after his 18th birthday.  After leaving Five Corners, he journeyed with the other survivors. They all vowed to rid the world of the taint and lawlessness that has befallen the lands. 

The first major battle (which Belt likes to call the "Trial of Wisdom") that Belt and his companions fought, was a minor skirmish against a band of forest-dwelling mercenaries. This band of mercenaries attempted to convince the party that they were fighting the lawless riders that run through the realm.  Belt saw through the lie with little effort, and attempted to bring them to justice.  Belt and his companions dispatched a few of the outlaws in a minor skirmish, but they were vastly outnumbered, and lucky to escape with their lives. It was a hard lesson to learn; some people will intentionally attempt to deceive the righteous. Sometimes, it's best not to reveal too much of what you know. Now hunted, without food and water, the party continued south until they came to a small shrine of Fharlanghn. There they were assisted by an elderly priest and his traveling wife.  It is there that the party was healed and learned the ways of the road.  Belt was enraptured by the teaching, and tied his fate to the master of the road.  Along the journey, he kept running into priests and holy men of Fharlanghn. They continued his education in the "Religious Travels of Fharlanghn."

The second major battle (which Belt likes to call the Trial of Valor) occurred when a small village was being destroyed by a pack of tainted Humans, Orcs, and abominations.  Outnumbered ten to one, the heroes learned how critical fighting for a cause really is.  In this battle, Belt realized that not only is a mace a weapon, but so also is the fist, the foot and the knee.  The battle continues for days, and it is only by miraculous means (Belts realization that he can do more than just heal people) that the party is able to save the village and gain his trusty footwear.

The third major battle occurred outside of a monastery of the hallowed doctrine (The Trial of Devotion).  Here the party was going to avoid the temple, but the large sense of tainted, unholy, lawless creatures approaching the temple was too much for the party to avoid.  Along the trail, Belt found a potion lying on the dead body of a traveler who carried the holy symbol of Fharlanghn. Later in the evening, just before a large battle, Belt slept fitfully. During his sleep, he received a dream vision. In this vision, he met a plain dressed traveler on the road. The traveler handed him the potion, and told him "There is mettle here. Mettle for the soul, and metal to protect the flesh. Take it and become a great hero for the Traveler".  In the morning, before the battle, Belt quaffed the potion and gained a metallic second skin.  It did not hinder his movement or his abilities, yet it proved quite sturdy and protected him from harm.  In the battle which waged that day, Belt lost control of his mace, as it continually tried to stick to his skin, rather than smiting his enemies. Belt quickly realized how useful his metallic fists were, loosing himself of his breastplate and mace, he faced his opponents as simply as the open road. 

After the victory of the Trial of Devotion, Belt sought refuge in the monastery, where he learned how to use his body as a weapon and instrument of Fharlanghn. In the months that followed, he went on sweeps outside of the monastery to rid the area of tainted ones, and bring justice to the mountain towns thereabouts.  Belt and his party traveled to Whillip for a short while afterwards, but Belt returned to the monastery shortly afterward. He continued his training and entered the small faction of Sacred Fists at the Monastery of Hallowed Doctrine. [Top]

Belt's departure
Belt was one of the founding members of the H.A.L.L.O.W.ed Knights; a new adventuring group formed from former members of the 'S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S.' and a few new adventurers. After helping to form this group, Belt departed with them (on the 1st of Mavis, 1004) on journey to help the citizens of Deepwood in their quest to vanquish a Blue Dragon from their backyard. After picking up supplies, horses, and some information in Westgate, the party took to the open road. The road was long and dangerous. The party fought many foes along the way, lost two of their own (Gregor and Jusarian), and recruited two new companions (Pyrceval and Azura) to strengthen their numbers.

During a stop over in Lheshayl, Belt and the party were approached by some road weary travelers. They brought Belt a mysterious message of grave importance. After private consultation, Belt informed the party that he would have to part ways with the group. His church had issued a summons and call for men of valor. Belt would have to leave on urgent church business...

A bit of a shock, and not at all expected, the party bid Belt farewell. They split up some treasure in order to provide Belt with his share, and said their good byes. With Belt off on some sort of holy quest, the party knows not whether their paths will cross again. The one thing they do know. Belt was a great man, a powerful instrument in the battle against evil, taint, and the unjust of our land. Our group will be hard pressed to replace him. [Top]

Note: Lars (Belt's originator) left our group (a second time) in May of 2010. With this departure, we also saw the return of another player. Todd came back to our group in May of 2010. With Lars leaving and Todd returning, Todd played Belt (leaving Quinton - Todd's former character - as an NPC) until we had the opportunity (with Mark as DM) to introduce a new character for Todd. Todd played Belt until October of 2010). Belt lives, and the party may encounter him again. Long live Belt - May all his travels be interesting and rewarding.


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