Gregor the Barbarian


Gregor Harthcanute:
Hakheerian, Barbarian - Played by Kevin McGhee
(Character illustration is copyright: Kevin McGhee - Player in the campaign)

The party knew very little about Gregor. He was first encountered outside the city of Silverymoon, at a Shrine to Fharlanghn. He was there with a couple of other adventurers. Greywing and Quinton. The three of them were members of the 'Cleanup Crew' until the group decided to hire out as mercenaries to a clan of exiled Duergar from a Dwarven fortification called 640.

Physical Description
Gregor is a Hakheerian Barbarian. As anyone who meets Gregor can clearly observe, apart from having four arms, Hakheerians are basically Human. Gregor is a martially minded Barbarian who wields four longswords. When enraged he resembles a possessed windmill more so than a thinking, reasoning denizen.

A description/Introduction from Dynnera's journal:
Gregor is a Hakheerian barbarian with a gruff manner and an exceptional number of long swords on his body and pack horse. Quinton describes him as an almost unstoppable fighting force once alerted of a fight. Gregor seats himself at the fire and while introductions are underway, rummages through his equipment and starts distributing supposed magical items to us! (I’ve never encountered such a disregard or disdain of magical items as he displays.) He provides Khurshel, Enola, and I some items (some eggs to Khurshel, a chain to me, and I think a weapon to Enola.) We do laugh at Gregor’s statement on handing the item to Khurshel, “This will save you, now you owe me your life.”

More tales of Gregor, as recounted by Dynnera:
I actually recognize Gregor from a particular story during my caravan traveling days. The caravan he was guarding was ambushed in a ravine by a herd of raptors - vicious, predatory, carnivorous dinosaurs that hunt in deadly packs. All the guards were killed but for Gregor, who was severely wounded at the time. He killed the last five raptors in single combat and successfully led the caravan to the nearest town, preventing further loss of life or property to the caravan merchants. I recall hearing the story from one of the merchants who was so moved by the event that he asked me to tattoo an image of the battle on his arm.

Background / History
Gregor has been wandering the land for some time now, only recently arriving in Whillip. Since arriving in Whillip, he joined forces with a group known as 'the Clean Up Crew'. As the composition of that group has recently acquired a more materialistic outlook, they decided to hire on as mercenaries for a group of Dark Dwarves. That move marked the final straw in a series of changes which Gregor couldn't abide by. He said his goodbyes and parted company with that group. Gregor and a few other party members left the Clean Up Crew in Silverymoon. Unsure of where they would go from there, they heard of the 'SCREWOFFS' most recent predicament (just outside of Silverymoon) and decided to lend a hand...

Gregor's Demise
On the 13th of Mavis, 1004, Gregor was slain in combat. A glorious ending for a Barbarian. During combat with a monstrous Guulvorg and its master, the party suffered their first fatality. Standing toe-to-toe against this regenerating beast was a bit more than Gregor could withstand. His valiant efforts were not in vain, as beast and master retreat into the night. Unfortunately, no amount of healing can revive our fallen comrade. Long live Gregor!

Lupe Garou
Accompanying Gregor is a large dog. An 'English Wolf Hound'. A faithful companion, an eater of scraps, and chaser of rabbits. Lupe isn't some sort of familiar or celestial creature. He's just your ordinary campfire companion. Some might say he barks too much, and smells of skunk, but he's always faithful to his master and that's all that really matters for Gregor and his trusty Lupe Garou.

The Hirelings/House Guard
Accompanying Gregor is a group of cocky, overconfident, low level, hirelings. (Bede Uthgar, Guthred Lothsbrok, Ragnar Ragnarson, Uthred Ragnarson (brothers)) These mercenaries were hired in Whillip, and Gregor trained the crew himself. They get fair pay for their services (10gp/month when they're not accompanying Gregor on an adventure, and 1gp/day when they're out on an adventure), but all they've been called for is guarding horses and Gregor's dog. How will they fare when the ichor hits the fan? Only time will tell.


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