PBeM Campaign Files

This page contains house rules, and various files provided for those who are taking part in a PBeM (Play by e-mail) D&D® Campaign (or f2f 'Face-to-Face' campaign) DM'd by Robert L. Vaessen. If you are a member of my campaign, then you may need to download these files in order to ensure that you have all the 'essential files'.
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These files will/may be updated whenever necessary. And their content may change at any time. If you are a member of the campaign you will be notified of pertinent changes, updates, or additions, via e-mail.

UPDATE: The PBeM campaign officially ended Sat, Oct 30, 1999. A change in my work schedule eventually led to the end of the campaign. I found that I could not fit the game into my new schedule. These PBeM materials will remain available for your perusal. I may eventually remove or reorganize them.

Note:  Some of these files are compressed using zip compression standard. (Extension .zip) This is the standard currently being used by players in my PBeM campaign. If you do not have any way to decompress the files, you can download a freeware version of Stuffit Expander (or some comparable decompression software) for MAC or Windows. A simple search of the web should return numerous options. Other files are presented in pdf (portable document format) format. Files in pdf format can be read using Adobe Acrobat's pdf viewer, available for free from Adobe (or some comparable software).

The 'Essential' Files

  1. Linear character sheet/lcharsht.txt
  2. Time & the world/timeetc.txt
  3. House Rules on Saving throws/savethro.txt
  4. Miscellaneous House Rules/miscelan.txt
  5. Spell rules/spellsetc.txt
  6. Ability scores/ability.txt
  7. The checklist/plrcklst.txt
  8. Combat options/comboptn.txt
  9. Shield combat/shieldop.txt
  10. Die rolling/dieroll.txt
  11. Die roll results/dierolls.txt
  12. Master proficiency rules/mstrprof.txt
  13. Master proficiency spread sheet/profss.xls
  14. Equipment database notes/equiptxt.txt
  15. Equipment database notes/my home page
  16. Equipment database/equipmnt.xls
  17. Master weapons list/weapons.xls
  18. Master weapons text/weapntxt.txt
  19. Example Non Weapon Proficiency list/xmplnwp.txt
  20. Exceptional Strength rules/excepstr.txt
  21. Example Character/lcsexmpl.txt
  22. Combat notes/combat.txt
  23. Thieve skills/thievskl.txt
  24. Armor damage/dmgdrmr.txt
  25. 3rd Edition weapons preface/3ewpnpfc.pdf
  26. 3rd Edition weapons listing/3ewpnlst.pdf
  27. 3rd Edition weapons text/3ewpntxt.pdf

Other Files

  1. Rules on how to use the pbm.com e-mail die roll generator/emaildie.txt
  2. A weapon skills & proficiencies chart/wpnskls.gif

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Author: Robert L. Vaessen e-mail: robert robsworld org
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