Khurshel the Ultimate MagusKhurshel

Scriptkeep Khurshel:
Illumian Wizard, Beguiler (Ultimate Magus) - Played by Richard Tran
(Character illustration created by Richard Tran - Creative Commons copyright 2009 (Used with permission) Click on image for larger/full color image)

The party knew very little about Khurshel. He was first encountered at 640, a Dwarven fortification currently inhabited by a clan of exiled Duergar. He was there with another adventurer; Ysoac. They were both employed as guards by the Duergar at 640. Everyone needs help fighting the tainted creatures plaguing the surrounding communities.

Physical Description
Illumians are a race created by sorcery. Through painstaking ritual, they have developed a mystical connection to the magic runes that make up their alphabet. Glowing sigils surround them, granting the power of an eldritch language made flesh.

Illumians are contemplative humanoids, driven and ambitious, taught from an early age to master every field of study. Illumians tend to somewhat cautious, choosing to study a situation and develop a plan before acting. They're also proud of their heritage as Illumians, extolling the virtues of Illumians in general, and their cabal in particular.

Illumians look like the Humans who first learned the 'Ritual of Words Made Flesh'. Pale skinned, weighing 200 lbs, and standing 6' 1", Khurshel wears a black formal suit and a top hat to cap his wavy red hair. With silvery eyes and a bright ring of pink-violet runes circling his head, one could say that Khurshel's appearance is markedly odd.

A description from Dynnera's journal: Khurshel is an Illumian wizard.  As with all Illumians, he has magical sigils floating around his head.  He wears a strange black suit and top hat that is large enough to hold a swing for his bat (I assume familiar).  He openly proclaims himself a wizard/beguiler/ultimate magus studying magical fortifications.  He mentions something about being in the ‘script keeper kabal’.  I mention to him my specialty lies in conjuration and find necromancy, illusion, and enchantments as anathema.

Homeland (Country/City)
Khurshel was born into a cabal of Illumians located in the Dessarin Hills of the Savage Frontier. A somewhat mountainous region of the western realms. This Illumian community is centered around Scriptkeep, a repository of Illumian knowledge. The 'Script Keep' is an inverted keep. An immensely tall tower sunken into the earth so as to avoid detection and attention by non-Illumians. This tower is home to more than two thousand Illumians, who live within the sunken confines of this immense library.

Background / History
Like many Illumians, magic had a strong appeal to Khurshel, but to fully master magic, he decided to explore all sides of magic; learning wizardry and exploring the sorcerous powers manifested early in his life.  Deeply moved by the agenda of his cabal, Khurshel pledged to advance his talents, in order to protect the progress that his cabal had already made. Taking its lesson from the fallen Library of the Sublime (famed Illumian library of legend and lore) the elders of Scriptkeep do their best to protect the treasures of their community.

Even though the books stored in Scriptkeep are miniscule when compared to the treasures of the great library, the mounting knowledge had already attracted dangers to the cabal. In compliance with the elders plans, Khurshel set out from his cabal. Traveling to places of security such as tombs, gates, and castles, Khurshel's goal is to research the fortifications set in place at these places. With the collective ideas from these locations, perhaps the Illumian might create the perfect defense against an invading force.

Attaching himself to adventuring groups, Khurshel joined these groups as they broke into and explored various dungeons and lairs. Observing the flaws which allowed these groups to enter, Khurshel was making note of all the weaknesses and strengths at these sites.

While Khurshel's arcane powers appeared less advanced compared to other spell casters in his adventuring groups, Khurshel illustrated an impressive breadth of powers with his ability to perform incredible feats of spellcasting. His primary flaw as a relatively new adventurer, is his slight physical prowess. Even more so than other spell casters, Khurshel is very standoffish and awkward when physical tasks are assigned to him. While not physically weak, the intense focus required in his cerebral studies leaves him with little confidence in manual work; he simply doesn’t know where or how to place himself, in order to use his strength efficiently.

Hearing about a collection of magical gateways in Firestorm peak, Khurshel joined a party heading there. Along the way, the party was set upon by a murderous monster. Only Khurshel and Ysoac the druid escaped with their lives. Realizing that the gates of Firestorm Peak presented a huge opportunity for his goal of security research, Khurshel felt adamant about delving into the heart of that accursed mountain. For a short period of time, Khurshel joined forces with yet another group of adventurers. This group of SCREWOFFS was set on a goal which took them into the mountain, and Khurshel was back on track to achieve his goal. Unfortunately, once the party found it necessary to destroy the gates that Khurshel hoped to study, Khurshel's association with this group was strained. Upon completion of their quest, Khurshel and the SCREWOFFS parted company. While the rest of the SCREWOFFS headed back to Whillip. Khurshel remained behind in the city of Silverymoon. He hopes to use this fair city as a base for further explorations and study.

Accompanying Khurshel is his familiar, a tiny black bat. This bat is Khurshel's familiar. Slow on foot, it's fly speed is 40 feet/round. While it's physical prowess is of no significance, it's ability to share and deliver spells makes it far more useful than your typical flying rodent. Esma shares an empathic link, and the ability to communicate, with it's master. Esma usually hangs out on a little perch inside Khurshel's stove pipe hat. [Top]


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