Ysoac Feltrack:
Painted Elf, Druid - Played by Dino Starineri, Todd Jordan, now an NPC.

The party knows very little about Ysoac (pronounced So-Ack (the Y is silent)). He was first encountered at the 640 a Dwarven fortification currently inhabited by a clan of exiled Duergar. He was there with another adventurer; Khurshel. They were both employed as guards by the Duergar at 640. Everyone needs help fighting the tainted creatures plaguing the surrounding communities. After concluding an adventure inside Firestorm Peak, Ysoac decided to join the new S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S. where he continues his adventures.

Physical Description
Ysoac is a Painted Elve, a rather uncommon type of Elve. More closely related to Wild Elves than High Elves, Painted Elves commonly dwell in ruined landscapes—which in ages past, they claim, were their ancestral homes. The Painted Elves take their name from the nature of the wastes in which they dwell, but also from their habit of camouflaging themselves with pigments derived from the mineral deposits found in such places. Though they rarely see visitors—since painted desert and petrified forests offer little in the way of treasure—Painted Elves are extremely distrustful of outsiders, and can turn on guests at the slightest provocation.

A description from Dynnera's journal: Ysoac is a Painted Elve druid.  He has a celestial wolf companion named “Scorch”.  He indicates he’s from a desert climate, and finds the temperature here very inhospitable.  He seems to use staff and shield, and has an ion stone floating around his head.  He displays his ability to transform into an eagle when he momentarily perches on Grenco’s shoulder.

Homeland (Country/City)
Ysoac hails from Raurin, the Dust Desert. This land was once the center of a great empire. Battles against it's neighbors and their 'Deities' ended in the destruction of their homeland, and the survivors moved west. Now Raurin is a wasteland of stone, sand, and dust. Inhabited by dragons, a handful of rogues, and the Muahti - A tribe of Desert Elves. Ysoac's ancestors hail from the elves that once inhabited a forest in this now destroyed empire. They feared the Humans and civilized lands to the west, so they chose to eke out a meager but secure existence in the ruins of this once mighty nation. As the land became more and more desert like, the Elves adapted to the harsh climatic conditions. Eventually, these adaptations were passed on from generation to generation, creating this new evolved race of Elves. Supremely adapted to life in desert conditions, Ysoac comes from a long line of survivors. The Muahti - 'Survivors' in the local Elven dialect, refuse to surrender without putting up a fierce resistance. They owe their existence to that ethic, and it is the bond that holds their tribe together. Thousands of years old, the tribe has managed to adapt to this harsh desert waste-land.

Accompanying Ysoac is a medium sized Wolf. This wolf is no ordinary animal. This companion is a celestial wolf. Hardier, smarter, faster and stronger. This is a highly effective warrior, devoted to his master's defense and assistance. Linked to the druid, it can share in the affect of some spells cast by the druid. A celestial creature is capable of smiting evil with it's bite.

Note: Dino had to leave our campaign in Jul of 2008. Todd Jordan ran Ysoac until our players reformed their adventuring group. He is now an NPC member of the adventuring group known as the S.C.R.E.W.O.F.F.S.


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